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Add a Checkbox to Turn on Dark Mode

About this Tutorial

Get ready to shake things up, formula fanatics! Learn how to add a dark mode button to your Google Sheets with this dead simple trick. Using conditional formatting and a custom formula, you can turn on dark mode with just one click. Don't miss out on this cool feature! Made this really quick dark mode click button. And I wanted to show you how I did it because it's dead simple, super simple. It's literally just using conditional formatting

Video Transcript

 Hey, sheet shakers, formula fanatics, still working on the name for ya. Made this really quick dark mode click button. And I wanted to show you how I did it because it's dead simple, super simple. It's literally just using conditional formatting and it's, it's really doing a little trick. And I wanna show you that trick.

So I'll show you what happens. So I can just click this box if I want to turn.

I can even even message to dark mode. Say dark mode is on. So now turn on dark mode.

Dark mode. So I did, this is with conditional formatting. This is a if statement just to do the text that all this if statement is saying is true. Say dark mode is on if false, turn on dark mode. That's it. Everything else is a conditional formatting and I'll show you right now so I, I can let's do this format.

Additional formatting.  and all I say here is I use a custom formula and if you don't know my other, if you haven't watched any of the other conditional formatting videos, I talk about custom formula. This first equal sign is a little confusing. This first equal sign is, this word is so really custom formula is, and now we're gonna put the cus the formula.

And what I did is dollar sign, B dollar sign three equals. . And what that does is it says in B3 is the checkbox. So every single one of these cells, this is applying to the entire range of this entire sheet. Every these cells is like b3. This custom formula is actually relative, but I put these dollar signs to say no, no matter where you are on the sheet, whatever cell you're.

Look at b3. Okay? That self to have start. What happens if I take off this dollar sign? Let's do this.

So now turn mode and. Changes A one. Why is that? Well, because it's relative. So this b3, if I don't put in the dollar sign, like dollar sign holds the B, it holds a three and it doesn't change it. It's very much like a formula. If I wanna do equals. Let's show you this

equals b3 and that'll be true. And if I move this down, this formula will mo move to B four. Okay? So if I, but if I hold equals and equal, And I move it down, it, it doesn't change. I can copy paste this all the way down and see, this is funny because this is relative. Every single one of these cells is looking two one to the right and then down to for true.

And it's saying if it's true, every single one of these cells is looking down towards b3. So if I now.

you can see it working. It's, it's now, okay, now every single cell is gonna go over here to b3. Done. Now they're ignoring every other cell. Here's one challenge I will tell you about that I experience when using a lot of conditional formatting. We were sort of using conditional formatting to.  change the status color.

So we had like a CRM in the STA and in a status column, we wanted to change the color. And so we had this incredibly long, it was a, I think about 20 conditional formats to say, okay, if it's this, change it here. If it's this, change it to this. And you know, a lot of statuses, well, what happened is, We sort of got to a point where every single edit and change it was looking at that conditional formatting and then taking a lot of time, like everyone's Chrome browser was getting really slow.

Every single time you would edit, that will happen. So that is just one thing to look out for if you are using conditional format overboard. Turn. Wanted to add this really cool little, really, really turn on dark mode button for people. How you do it? Just conditional form. Then you get a little bit, I wouldn't, I wouldn't use this all the time, but it's a fun thing to add to your Google sheets.



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