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Fab Sheets

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This is all about designing better within sheets. where info goes, how it is displayed, fonts, colors, borders, etc.


Turning an infographic into a useful Copy Writing cheat sheet


Learn about "Oswald" the best font for headers. You might fall in love with this font as much as I've fallen in love with Karla (the font). It helps your headers stand out without having to do much coloring or more. A little change to your header font and your sheets will look better.
Quick intro to a better experience of using Google Sheets


This lead magnet by the folks at Lemon.io is incredibly useful. 150 active VCs. I checked out their page and was like WHOA, what a site! In this video I turned their google sheet into an extension of their branding.


Learn to set text wrap, overflow, or clip. Great for designing better text in your sheets.
A calendar template designed like early Craigslist. A brutalism minimalist style calendar.


Made this really quick dark mode click button. And I wanted to show you how I did it because it's dead simple, super simple. It's literally just using conditional formatting
to make better Dashboards consider merging cells.


While this advice and all well and good, try out Sheet Styles, a free Google Sheets Add-on that enables you to do this less contrast style in one click. https://sheet-styles.bettersheets.co/


Create a PDF from your Google Sheet.
Add visual flair to your Google Sheets when sharing company domain information. You’ll learn how to use an undocumented Google API. ( Easier than you think!)


Use neon blue to show where someone needs to enter data.


Reviewing a Corona hiring sheet. A great example of using Google Sheets. I have high praise for the design and the use of forms for data validation. The sheet makes great use of white space, circular image, and icons instead of text. While I suggest other ways to monetize the job board, I acknowledge the creator's decision to avoid exploiting the situation.


Find out what fonts to use to make your headers better.
Set a different default font for each sheet you open.


An optical illusion in Google Sheets and how to fix it.
you might actually find something new and interesting about it. We're just changing the column width.


Let's figure out how a sheet is structured.


we're gonna be talking about how to communicate better with grid lines, border styles, and border colors. Really interesting thing happens when you hide grid lines. You lose the grid, and I'll show you how to add that in. And some really interesting things you can do with different styles of border.
Very quick interesting little keyboard shortcut where you might not even know it exists. Repeat what you're doing, over and over again.


how to create an auto-updating sales chart that displays the trailing 12 months of data in Google Sheets. The tutorial uses a sample dataset to demonstrate how to build a dynamic chart that updates automatically as new data is added.
Let's start at the basics of Google Sheets. Where every beginner spreadsheet expert starts!


tactics on how to keep your sheets secure.


Autofill inside of google sheets is possible with Dropdowns.
Track your goals with a thermometer.
Create fun funky bullet points to get your point across better. Put emojis in your sheets to bring them to life.


Having trouble with ppl filling in cells before other cells?
This video covers how a user would use Smarket to list items to be sold and then unlist those items to be sold. It uses two different forms for the listing and the unlisting. The key connection is that you use a unique number, or a unique text when entering the item to be sold. Then use that item to delist it once it's been sold. Also you can wait 7 days, and the item will be unlisted.