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Consider Labels as Opposed to Headers

About this Tutorial

A quick video to share with you this theory. Consider repositioning your headers as labels in a dashboard.

Video Transcript

 Hey, sheet checkers. It's big sheet head here, Andrew. This is more of a design style video We're looking at headers or what to do as opposed to headers. And what I would like to show you is something interesting about labels. Consider labels instead of headers. Typically we'll have, some kind of information up here, but the information we actually want to.

Give to someone is usually not the header, it's the data involved. And so how we would read this and again, this is totally normal absolutely normal to have a label at the top and then data underneath, but in a dashboard there's not really like a list of information. It's more. Single number and how we would read this right, is, oh, this is the number of subscribers.

There's 12,403. But in reality, we actually say something like, oh, there's 12,403 subscribers. And how we would read that is in our minds, we flip it, right? So sometimes we can do things like put this on the side. And this makes it more interesting or at least visually more interesting. It makes everything on one line.

We can do this with multiple Things here. See, we can do this across, across horizontally. And that looks a lot interesting, a lot more interesting than the typical dashboard will look like a header and then the number. But we can also go a little one, one more further and put it on the bottom.

And what this does is it draws our attention first, right? We read from the. Down. And so we read this as if we were reading this in our head. We have 12,403 subscribers. This is very different than I would ever say. Putting like a list of information together. If you were had a list, there would be a completely different Visual way you wanna do this, but sometimes this actually will let people, obviously the first time people see this, they'll be weirded out.

But if you consistently do this and consistently create your dashboards like this it might actually get people to read the data faster, right? 12,000 subscribers, $1,000 in revenue, $45 in sale, or 45 sales, right? This is how we read. Data from top to bottom. And this is actually the most important information at the top we have 45 sales, we have 12,000 subscribers or followers or whatever we're tracking in our dashboard.

And if you want to continue that horizontal we can put it on the side but on the right side so we can put it right here. And see what that looks like. That looks like a nice label, right? Instead of a hitter this actually reads like a dashboard. And we can actually we can do that here as well.

Give it a little more white space, or in this case, green space, right? And we do have to organize our sheet a little bit differently, right? We have to give it different places, different white space in different places. We need to add in a little bit of white space on the right. Which is fine. It takes a little bit of time, just like a moment to do this.

But now we have, we are reading not top to bottom and left to we are just reading left to 12,403 subscribers, $1,000 and $401,400 in revenue, $45 in sales. And this kind of dashboard as a label allows us to read it as we do, as nor as normal humans read in the English. Obviously there's other cultures and other languages that we'll read differently we'll read it left right to left, but this allows you to read it as English.

Hope you can find some really cool use cases for this bite.


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