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Great Sheets! Corona Hiring Sheet

About this Tutorial

Reviewing a Corona hiring sheet. A great example of using Google Sheets. I have high praise for the design and the use of forms for data validation. The sheet makes great use of white space, circular image, and icons instead of text. While I suggest other ways to monetize the job board, I acknowledge the creator's decision to avoid exploiting the situation.

Video Transcript

 Hey y'all. It's Andrew from Better Sheets. I'm going over this Corona hiring sheet cuz it is a great example of a great sheet. It encompasses a lot of design that you can do yourself in Google Sheets and also just expands the usage of Google Sheets in.  in many, many ways. We're gonna dive deep into it, but first I wanna explain who is behind this.

Florian is here and there's a link to his LinkedIn as well. But if you go to scroll down to the bottom, it was, this was created by Florian and designed by Paula. Give them a big shout out on LinkedIn or here Florian has his telegram and also I will go into this much deeper, but you can buy them a beer.

And it's just a PayPal link. This is absolutely like a really useful thing and really useful and done extremely well and very, seems very quick too. But don't let that quickness fool you into thinking this is done. Rough shot. This was very well thought out and I will share with you a lot of the things that make this beyond a doubt an amazing Google sheet.

So first off Absolut.  greatness in hiding the grid lines, making this great big header just like you would see on a website. It is a hiring sheet, meaning you are here for seeking a job or listing a job if you're a company right away. Without going too much into details with literally just three.

Text lines. Here are the actions you can take. I want to point out that this sheet is comment only. So if you are trying to edit this Florian and Paula made a very good decision here of creating these forms that you can fill in data. So your data, their data is not compromised. . Meaning essentially there's the idea of garbage and garbage out.

If you allow someone to say, fill in. Cells cross the sheet. You can't validate that they're filling in the right URL or the right email address. But with forms, you can do a lot of data validation, and you can also do a lot of discussion or like cajoling or explanation o on each item in much more in depth than you can do in a sheet or a table.

So this use of.  forms is fantastic and I just wanna point out there, they use not just this. One is they use great amount of white space. That's great. Introduce this circular image, obviously that was done in Photoshop and then added in here as an image in a cell. And really nice to cut up. The Google Sheet's normal arose and columns.

These like squares, rectangles, flat lines. Very, very, very great choice here to cut that up and also bring attention to that photo. If you notice also whenever he could use an icon, he did so instead of the word share here it is a share icon instead.  add, or in addition to add here, you also put a plus sign and instead of bullet points or numbers here, a a plus sign, right?

So there's two ways you can tell that. Oh, this is where I add stuff. As we go down. Really nice little highlight here for the, for the quote unquote button of my LinkedIn. And then after all of these actions, is him him actually explaining what's going on here or what you should need to. This is very good.

It doesn't, it doesn't hurt the eye. And on this change here, like we go right into action from, Hey, this is a hiring sheet. Here's what I do here. And then, oh, here's some more information. Very, very good. Design choice there. Nice way to use this. Like sort of column. Make this nice, a nice column on the right side.

Resources fantastic to keep these on the bottom. And I wanna point out here, there is a button for buy me a buy us a beer. This is a great way to monetize a.  A resource that you don't necessarily know, you know, if people are going to be able to pay. This is a job board, so you know, there are two varieties of people you can get pay to pay, right?

A job seeker can pay, but they don't really have any money, and it's a bit exploitative. And a lot of job boards are monetized because the companies pay to put their, their Hire job up. That is a great way to monetize. But this is a Corona hiring sheet and, and it is a bit exploited of to make money off of that.

I will just note that absolutely these five buttons could have gone through something like a coffee, links like pay $3 to post.  And he didn't choose to do that, which is great. I mean, in this situation, you don't necessarily want to reap all of the ways to monetize here. But if you were say, doing this for a job board yourself trying to put together, like job board one is, you can add here, you can use this as a sort of landing page and then make the job boards or job the, the company's looking.

Work workers, you can ask them to pay two posts, do something like coffee links even funny know if you can use a type. I think type Formm has an ability to accept a payment. And also there's one other way you can do it, which is a little less techy, is you can just say have a dropdown menu in a Google doc.

A Google form, and says like, I want a featured spot. And like, we'll invoice you later. You can have everyone fill in a job posting and then literally say, talk about hey, for $50 more, we'll invoice you later and you can get a featured spot. You can have them check that off and then invoice them later cuz you have their email address, right?

There's some kind of contact person here. Absolutely. Another way to monetize this it is really clunky and it's not necessarily the best way, but it is way. And so this Bios beer is really nice. And then I want to mention before we go on to the tabs, I wanna mention this here, this total entries, this is a really nice touch and it's really just a sum of all of the count ifs on all of the forms or on all of the tabs.

This is a really good touch because somebody is new to this and they're wondering like, is this being. Like how, how much do I want to go into, like I'm a job seeker, how much do I really want to like jump in and go here? This number, almost no matter what the number is, it 50 a hundred, 205,000. This number helps me realize like, oh, there's entries here.

I should go in and so I will read this and jump over to the tabs knowing that there's something here. It's a, it's almost like social proof or just proof in, in, in fact that, okay, there's entries here. And also it's a really nice touch to be able to come here as like a creator of this and just. , maybe take a screenshot of this or copy this into another sheet and just keep track of how many entries you're getting day by day or week by week.

Really nice touch here. So I wanna show you one more thing, and it's on the tabs here. Blue, sort of easy play would've to keep all of the action buttons here to the forms. You could have just left that here and had people, if I, if I goers see what's there, and I wanna add a job. Job, I wanna be a job seeker.

I have to go back and click here. He did really, or he, and she did. Both of 'em did really amazingly is add this little header here on rows two through five. They kept row one as the actual header of the bottom. And what, and you're gonna see something magical happen here when I don't care about this, these four rows, and I just start looking through these.

This it hides it, right? This. Now the action I could have taken here is,  and I am getting all of the information I need in my entire view port. So everything here is what I want to do. So one of the principles that I talk about a lot in my tutorials is, is just show the user or reader what they need to know right at that moment.

This is an amazing example of this and really truly a creative decision to be able to have this make it easier for someone to. , right? If they come to here, they don't have to add two clicks to get here. Now it's one click, but to also have it. You know, the, I think the normal tendency here is to put this information above the first thing here and maybe move this holding bar down here.

And so keeping that showing that all the time, but it limits the view port here, down to here. So this is a really, really creative decision. And it's on a single tab, it's the same. So here's AD recruiter, but if I don't wanna add a recruiter, I just wanna read through it really, really, really. Fantastic creative idea there.

And then also just putting those useful resources again down here, given giving people a couple ways to find this information, and actually there's a lot more stuff here than on the front, front page. You know, put a curated, nice, nice thing here on the instructions, but then adding more, you know, if somebody goes through all of these tabs is over here.

And it's like, okay, what else can I do? This is a really, really nice touch to put that here. Instead of having them come over here and only see this curated. So big, big props to Florian and Paula. I'm actually gonna be buying them a beer right here.

So I hope you two is. Check out better sheets.co if you are just interested in learning how to build something similar to this. Big disclaimer. These two did not go through any of my tutorials. I'm just sharing their great sheet as a amazing creative example of what is a what you're able to do in Google Sheets.

So check out better sheets.co for free tutorials right now. There's four free videos right at that site for you. Better sheets.co. Thanks. Bye.


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