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About this Tutorial

New Tool for you: Fast FAQs. Create a quick 10 question FAQ for any new product or new feature you want. Even great for topics and theories. 
Sheet uses your own API Key from Open AI to power an AI FAQ generator. Then you answer the questions in the sheet. 

Once you've written the proper answers you can publish directly to Ghost, along with FAQpage schema structured data that is optimized for Google.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hey in this video we're gonna go over a new tool that I just created right now It's called better facts, but I think we're gonna rename it to fast facts and we're gonna rename it in this video But I'm also going to redo this blog post In this video to show you how to use it.
00:15 So what is it? What is this thing that I made? I made in a Google Sheet a fact maker a frequently asked question Make sure where you have some new product that you launched or a new feature or a new tool anything that you want to create a frequently asked questions page for or This is also useful if
00:34 you want to add a frequently asked questions section to a landing page or for any kind of blog post where you're introducing different types of ideas or theories.
00:45 You can even do not a product but a theory or an idea if you're doing SEO work and you found some keywords where many times the keywords are questions and people are literally asking questions into Google.
00:59 This is going to help. Incredibly what I have found this incredibly helpful for is the fact that when I create a product or I create a thing or a tool or a sheet or a template I, I'm so deeply ingrained in it.
01:13 I'm so deeply inside of it that I don't necessarily know what beginners will ask about it. So I really have to like put it out there, start gathering.
01:21 Questions and then create this FAQ. But if I could, you know, take myself and the creator out of the FAQ making process, process then I could get actually, some questions that people would actually ask that don't know what the product is like and don't know how it works.
01:40 So there are three really cool things that this sheet does. And this sheet is all based in a Google sheet.
01:48 It works with AI. So I'm using the open AI API, but here's what it does. You have something, some topic it's going to generate up to 10 questions that beginners or people.
02:01 Who don't know that thing and don't know you might ask. So that's the first thing it does. The second thing it does is it publishes directly to ghost.
02:10 So this blog post right here that you're watching now, this is on ghost, but I didn't copy and paste these questions.
02:17 I published directly from inside of the Google sheet. To ghost and it got all of the questions are in H2.
02:26 All of the answers are paragraph text. But here's the third thing. The third thing is the most magical part of this is that this question and answer FAQ page has FAQ page schema.
02:39 This is directly from Google. And you can see it here when I do a rich results test. If people are asking this question on Google and they, and my this article will rank may rank or get indexed for it.
02:54 It will provide a rich result, which takes up more space on the page on the search results page. This is very good for optimizing your search.
03:02 And your search engine, right? What it does is it really takes literally the entire question. Tags it as a question, takes the entire answer, tags it as the appropriate answer, and then creates the entire schema for the entire 10 questions.
03:18 And it injects this into the the blog post. On ghost. So we can see now that I just tested this with the search.google.com rich results test.
03:31 It, we can see, we'll preview the results in a second, but it successfully crawled. It has articles and it has FAQ.
03:38 This is really cool, right? Like this will, we'll see the preview results. There it is. So this is a much more intricate answer on the search results page.
03:49 This is pretty insane that this is possible. I haven't necessarily seen this talked about much. So I'm not exactly sure.
03:57 Truly, you know, the, the greatest results are going to definitely be if you're if you have a product that has like a product name and then you create an FAQ page and then you put the schema in there properly and people ask, you know, like, for instance, better sheets.
04:12 And, and if people are ever Googling for what is better sheets or what does better sheets do. And I have that exact question.
04:18 This will have a rich result. So they're much, much more likely to click on it. See it to interact with it.
04:26 And sure, there might be some zero click issues with this because it will have much more information than just, you know, a page.
04:33 But it's really interesting to be able to do this very fast as well. So what we're going to do in this video to show you the power of this again, you can see this blog post, this is a publicly available blog post.
04:46 I published it already and I got it within a day to be indexed on Google and it has rich results already.
04:53 But I'm going to rename it. I don't necessarily think better facts is a good name for one reason. It clashes with better.
05:03 Better sheets. I already went through this process before when I created Better Letters, the tool that now Better Sheets offers as a tool within it.
05:12 It's very confusing. Do I buy better letters or do I buy better sheets or do I buy better letters first or better sheets?
05:18 Better is a really funny brand name and probably good for, you know, better help, better diet for other brands. But I think for this particular tool, I want it to be alliterative.
05:32 I want it to be like faster facts or fast facts or I was even thinking of not alliterative but quick facts to have those two cues in there, but I'm not sure that people actually, actually will Google quick or do facts quickly.
05:49 So I'm gonna go right now with fast facts, fast facts, the fact maker. The frequently asked question maker. So this is gonna be, we're going to literally create the facts for fast facts.
06:05 So we're gonna call this fast facts. That's the topic. We're gonna do the fact maker as well in the title.
06:14 You'll see this again soon. This could be also any topic, any theory, any you know, spreadsheet formulas, googushi formulas. It could.
06:24 Be anything. It could be surfing lessons, you know, frequently asked questions about surfing lessons or surfing or very like surfing lessons in Bali surfing lessons in Miami, right?
06:34 It could be anything, any sort of idea topic or the title of some thing you're making. If you don't have any discerning like words in the.
06:45 Like if it's a really unique title, I'm also offering this note section where this note section will allow the AI to know more about the thing, but it's not going to explicitly use exactly the words in the notes in the questions or it shouldn't.
07:03 Obviously if you repeat if you if. This is about FAQs frequently asked questions. So if I say FAQ in the notes, it will use FAQ because it's also in the name.
07:13 But the FAQ fast facts, fast facts is a tool built inside of a Google sheet. It's made. By better sheets fast facts is available to all better sheet sheets members.
07:38 And so I'm going to write a little bit more here, some notes here. Okay. So I've now written some notes here about fast facts about.
07:45 How it can be used, how it what it does. I might come back and add some more if the questions are not necessarily that great, but let's see, let's see what happens.
07:54 So I have already on the API key page. I've added my open AI API key and I also have ghost admin API key and the ghost admin URL.
08:04 You will need those if you want the. Full complete usage of this. If you are not publishing on ghost and you just want the questions, you'll only need the API key from open AI.
08:14 So on the questions page, we've filled out on the topic page, the topic or the title, the notes about it.
08:20 And on the questions page at the very top, it's going to first create fast facts, the fact, make sure that the title and then it will add frequently asked questions.
08:29 This will be the title of the page, the ultimate page. If you are looking for technical walkthrough of this product, I will be doing that separately.
08:38 This video is strictly just how to use it and what it is. So if you're a better sheets member and you're watching this then what and you want to.
08:46 You'd literally like all of these formulas and how I've sort of design this and stuff, then watch that other walkthrough technical walkthrough and probably a design walkthrough as well.
08:58 Maybe that'll be a separate video. So the first thing we want to do is we want to generate a question, right?
09:04 For fast facts. This is about. Fast facts. So it's a little meta, but all we have to do is go here and be free this checkbox, check off this box and it says loading.
09:13 How many questions can fast facts generate about a product that people who do not know the product would ask? Great.
09:19 So this is a really long question and perhaps you might end up editing it later. But here's a cool thing.
09:25 You do not have to. Who let AI write the answer. Someone asked you this question ideally. And then you, you literally answer it here.
09:34 So you can generate up to 10 questions per topic in fast. And I might come here and edit this later, but you actually answer the answer the question.
09:53 So that's one key thing about this that sure, if you really, really want to answer the question with AI, I think you can, but I wouldn't necessarily do that.
10:02 I would really, truly suggest you actually write the real answer with your experience. It's with your expertise. All right, we're going to go about down to B six and check off the checkbox next to it.
10:12 And I just asking another question. It is supposed to, and it has been so far up up all the tests that I've been running.
10:21 It will generate a new, unique question. I've been able to do that because I, in each of these, I'm probably.
10:27 I'm thinking it with the questions I've already asked and asking it for a unique one. So again, in the technical walkthrough, I'll walk through that and how I do it.
10:34 You can probably see it up here. There's a little bit of text here. There's a little bit more text in the prompts and how I do that.
10:40 But you can see here that makes sure that it is not a unique question, not including this list previous questions include the one above it because we haven't.
10:48 Generated more. So we know, okay, the one above it is the only one we have. All right. Is there a tutorial or guide?
10:54 Yes. There is a video available to all better sheets members that walks through walks through how. To use fast facts.
11:12 Cool. Edit a little thing there. Okay. Now next to the next question. Let's see here. Again, it should generate is fast facts.
11:22 The fact we are only available to better sheets members. So actually this, this question I cannot answer this moment. I.
11:28 I think it is at this time it is only available to members monthly and lifetime members. That is the answer right now.
11:41 I can always in the ghost post later edit this if it changes at all. I do not think right now I will be.
11:48 These creating says a separate product, but maybe in the future I will ask another question. And now this, that's a pretty interesting question that I would not necessarily have thought of to ask.
12:00 Right. What are the benefits of using fast facts or generate? This is exactly the kind of question you probably do think of.
12:07 What are the benefits of this thing? Like, what? What does it do? I'll come back and answer that later off camera.
12:13 Here's another one. How do I use fast facts to generate fact pages for keywords in my niche? Yeah. I probably would have thought of this.
12:21 How do I use fast facts? But this is an interesting question because it adds for keywords in my niche. I think it's using the notes there, but it's also might be.
12:29 Using its its knowledge about FAQ pages. All right. Again, let's get another question. We're going to do this end up 10 times.
12:38 Can fast facts be used for creating fast for blogs or websites outside of the ghost? Wow. Like this is a question that someone else would have had and I might not have literally answered it even though explicit.
12:49 Instantly I do say, oh, it's for ghost, but like, can I use it without ghost? Yes. The answer is yes.
12:54 Yes. You can generate FAQ pages actually questions and answers. And then you can just copy and paste it to your, you know, WordPress or whatever else you have.
13:08 You have all these questions. I'm not sure what the answer is here. AI is generating these. It goes really, really fast.
13:12 It's really fast. How does FastFacts generate FAQ schema? Well, how does it that's cool. I don't know. I mean, I, I mean, I know, but I don't know if I want to answer it like explicitly or like say, Oh, it takes the schema and inserts a.
13:30 Question inserts the answer. How do I access if I'm not a member of better sheets? Become a member. That's it.
13:39 Become a member. And you can answer these questions much more. Actually, if you look at some of these answers here, there was a lot more answer I put into these particular questions here.
13:49 What is. Is the process for injecting structured schema. So that was a much different question than this one. Let's keep going because I want to see all of them, right?
14:00 You want to see all 10? What are the three things that fast FAQs excels at doing? I love it. The word excels.
14:06 Yeah, so this is in the notes. I even have this here. So I can just take this. Should be able to take this and just copy and paste it here.
14:18 And that's pretty cool, right? Like it is asking me a question that I sort of let let lent it some hints to to ask me, right in the notes without.
14:30 Explicitly saying ask me this question. How can fast facts be used for product launches or creating FAQ pages? What I might do is edit this down to just one of them.
14:41 How can fast facts be used for product launches? And then it may be in the answer, but I don't know.
14:45 This is an interesting question, right? And now we're at the end. Okay, so I'm gonna answer 10 here. I'm just gonna put some answers here.
14:55 This is answer eight or something just to show you that these are distinctly different answers. What are the benefits benefits create generate actually generate fast questions.
15:09 You might not have. Known to ask yourself. Publish directly to ghost. Cool. How do I use fast to generate keywords in my niche?
15:22 Write the topic and some notes about your niche. That's all we need. Right. Okay. Thank you. I got all of them answered in some way, even if I have answer eight just to show you differently, different things.
15:37 So now if I answer all my questions, I want to go to publish to ghost. There's a custom menu I've added here and we can send a draft to ghost.
15:45 If you have your ghost API admin API and your ghost URL, what it, what does it do when it. Ends it adds this draft to edit link here for you.
15:54 So we have a link to the ghost post already. It is a draft. So it's not published right away. I can add a featured image and you can see the title is the title that we saw at the top.
16:07 It has each question as an H two and has each each of the answers here. It also has already injected the schema with these answers.
16:19 So there is one issue like this answer eight. I'm going to come in here and I'm going to answer. I'm going to edit this.
16:24 Unfortunately, it's pretty hard right now to figure out how to edit the schema once it's in because it's of embedded.
16:33 The JavaScript. So if we go to, actually, let's see if we can preview it. It should be here. But I'm still figuring out how to edit it once FAQ page.
16:46 Here it is. So this is the. LD JSON that has been injected. It's a script and it says, you know, schema.org type FAQ page.
16:59 It has main entity question and the answer, the, how many questions the answer you can generate up all of this stuff.
17:06 It's the text we did. So that is one thing. If you do end up editing it in Go. Post and you want to edit the schema, that is something sort of left out.
17:18 I, I don't know. But what I would recommend is maybe going back and just doing it here, editing it here and then publishing a new draft right away.
17:29 Again, also published, it goes now. I wouldn't recommend. And that but that's something if you do want to go very quick, much quicker, right?
17:37 If you don't want to edit these things, if you don't want to add you can add up here a featured image and post it and publish it or schedule it for a certain date, much better, in my opinion, much more used to send a draft.
17:50 But now we did that. I'm going to clear the questions and answers and it's going to just delete everything here.
17:57 All the answers and all these checkboxes. So the formulas are still there. And this topic, I'm going to go back up here and clear topics and notes and it's just going to clear them.
18:05 And now we have a fresh new page to create. We can create another FAQ very, very fast. Now this video has been 18 minutes so far.
18:13 And we've gotten an entire FAQ all the, all 10 questions generated. We have the answers answered I could have spent, you know, another five to 10 minutes answer, maybe 30 minutes or an hour answering those questions more deliberately, which I probably will.
18:29 And we've posted it to a draft to ghost and inside is already injected. Did the schema which is really, really cool.
18:38 And I hope now that you see FAQ fast FAQs, you can use this, right? You can use this for creating ghost posts.
18:46 You can use this for WordPress. If you want to just take the questions that it generates, if you just want to generate a few questions, go ahead.
18:54 And that's a really cool part of it. But also, you know, I'm, I'm releasing this to all better sheets members.
19:01 Do you now watching this? Please tell me how you're using it. Show me how you're using it. If you are posting it, it goes, let me see your ghost posts.
19:09 Let me see the rich results test or at least it may be an index page of it. Let's let me.
19:14 Know if you're ranking and the rich results show up. Let me know if you found a different use case for this.
19:20 Maybe you have multiple features of your, your app that you're adding to adding FAQ pages. Maybe you're adding FAQ sections to posts.
19:30 Let me know what you're up to, what you're doing. And I'm really excited to see. The, this in action out there.
19:36 So again, starting from the top use fast facts, make a copy of this, either make a copy of this or get it through gum road depending on who, when you're watching this change your API keys over here, your open AI API key, get your ghost admin API key and your ghost admin, your, L, you 
19:55 will need those and get started creating facts. Thanks for watching.


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