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Great for those commited to learning spreadsheets this year.

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554 tutorials

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Academy + Formula Generator



Watch, Learn, and Generate Unlimited Formulas.


554 tutorials

34 courses

Download each spreadsheet featured in tutorials

Unlimited Formula Generators

New tutorials every month

How much does this cost?

When normally buying tools, or courses you have to buy each one seperately. One formula bot subscription, 1 ChatGPT, A course or two for a few hundred bucks. But with Better Sheets you get everything. You, actually, get more than everything because all lifetime members get future updates free.

Google Sheets Tutorials $856 Value
Spreadsheet Automation 101 $199
Selling Spreadsheets $199
Integrate AI into Spreadsheets $199
How to Publish Google Sheets Add-ons $199
Learn to Code $20
Better Dashboards $20
Make a Progress Bar $20
Formula Generators $540 Value
Google Sheets Formula Generator
Sparkline Generator
RegexReplace Generator
Conditional Formatting Generator
Bonus Google Sheets Tools $318 Value
OnlySheets $30
Better Letters $99
Coupon Code Maker $30
Sell Daily $30
Atomic Sheets Pro $20
Plus more tools.
Total Value $1,714
Lifetime Deal Price $275

Unlimited Better Sheets.

One-time Payment.

Never pay again.

Unlock a lifetime of value with Better Sheets. Pay once and immediately gain lifetime access to Better Sheets tools, templates, and tutorials. Lifetime membership gets you, not just instant access to everything, but also early notification of new courses and new tools.

  • Better Sheets Academy (Value: $540)
  • Formula Generators (Value: $557)
  • Bonus Tools (Value: $318)
  • Email Access to Ask Anything (Value: priceless)
  • Every future update (Value: $???)
  • Never pay again. Learn forever.




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