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Formula Generator, creates Google Sheets formulas for any use case you can imagine in Google Sheets. Most formulas also work in Excel.

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Google Sheets Formula Examples

Sheet formulas can be frustrating. Let me show you how formula generator can help you!


Sum Based on Value

I want to lookup in column A for the value "John" and return the value in column B all summed up


Get Average

I want to get the average of the cells in column A.


Highest Number

Can you show which number is highest in column C?


Add Up

How to sum a column in google sheets. I want to add up all the values when they are actaully numbers. Not when the cell is text.

Formula Directory

Google Sheets Formula List with video examples of each formula as it's used in Google sheets.

Learn how to use each Google sheets formula. Watch a video example of each formula in action. See formula combinations in action like INDEX/MATCH, IF/ISBLANK. Watch as hard to understand formulas are used with ease in complex situations to solve hard problems.

  • Unlock the potential of VLOOKUP - A dynamic formula perfect for creating summaries and managing inventory.
  • Discover the versatility of SUMIF - Ideal for filtering data and calculating totals based on specific criteria.
  • Dive into advanced formulas like COUNTIF and IFS - Build skills in data manipulation and analysis.

Better Sheets Vs AI Formula Generators

Our AI Formula Generator is just one part of an entire platform dedicated to empowering your spreadsheet skills.


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Better Sheets provides you with an entire formula directory to help you understand how to use each Google Sheets formula. Watch a video example of each formula in action.


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Better Sheets provides deep courses that go beyond formulas. Learn how to automate sheets, create dashboards, and integrate AI into your sheets easily. If you get stuck you can ask me anything.


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Embed more than just the whole Google Sheet in your site. Embed a single cell's value, or embed a form, or embed headline text.


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Learn how to automate your sheets with Better Sheets. Create dashboards, integrate AI, and connect to API's across the web in your Sheets.

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