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Spreadsheet Automation 101

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Online library of tutorials for mastering Google Sheets to solve a variety of real-world problems.
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That is magic and amazing and you are a genius. Can you solve all of my problems and issues?


Executive Dirctor

Before this, I merely used spreadsheets to sort from A to Z and maybe some basic SUM formulas. Now, I've saved so much time with all the different techniques and everyone at my work thinks I'm some sort of advanced guru. I've learned about so many things that can be done in Google Sheets that I didn't consider before, even how to make our sheets look more presentable.



When you buy the Better Sheets course, you will get this awesome course plus all the bell and whistles. Anytime I've had a problem or a question (I've had a few) Andrew has always been super accessible and quick with solutions. Sometimes, I've had replies in a couple of minutes. He always goes WAY above and beyond.



I had no idea how much I could really do with Google Sheets. I already learned a bunch of new stuff! - very cool, my mind is buzzing with ideas on how to implement this.



I always knew Google Sheets had great potential but I didn't have the knowledge to unlock it. Andrew's videos have been very helpful towards that and he's been super responsive to all queries.



Outstanding value for a public school teacher This is a marvelous resource for learning to leverage sheets and expand possibilities. Andrew is doing a fantastic job of creating practical, actionable skills. I've been diligently trying out these tools each week and there is still so much to learn. I'm particularly impressed with his customer service and friendly, welcoming demeanor.



Better Sheets

The most comprehensive Google Sheets course, ever. The Better Sheets platform features Tools, Templates and Tutorials. Th best Google Sheets Course ever.

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