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Going beyond PRIDE, to show you some undocumented google sheets hacks that you might call "Easter Eggs"
It's a common problem: combining two lists of scores to identify top performers using Google Sheets. We demonstrate how to sort data from two different ranges using the VSTACK function and also using curly brackets. Learn the step-by-step process to create a single, vertically stacked dataset that can be sorted effectively.
Learn how to add multiple rows to your google sheets by hand, and automatically. 
Check out this fun onEdit() counting you can do with checkboxes in a fun sheet with 1 Million Checkboxes.
Anyone can log into google sheets and go here: https://bettersheets.co/checkboxes
A few tips to make your Google Sheets look better.
Create a simple script to open a particular tab. In this case we're opening to a random motivational quote each time.
Create an automation that runs whenver we check off a checklist item the past stages also check.
Automatically create a timestamp when a certain cell is marked as Done. I show you how to customize this scrip and where to get the script. I hope this is simple enough for beginners to start automating you sheets. If you want to see more automations and dive deeper into apps script enroll in Spreadsheet Automation 101
and see more examples of Apps Script at BetterSheets.co/snippets
Find out how many people attended each event even if they are double counted in attendee lists.
Introduction to creating a filter so that you can bill for a certain time period of hours. Great sheet for Freelancers or Gig Workers.
Use Google Sheets to quickly find pages we can optimize. Using data directly from Google Search Console. Also check out the simple formula combination: AND() with IF()
Quickly make a daily email to myself with a motivational quote.
Move a range, or a set of cells, to a new area with a simple formula that's just "curly brackets". Very easy and simple to use once you know it.
Check out a CRM built inside of Google Sheets called SheetifyCRM.com
A master class on merging cells. How to merge two cells. How to merge multiple cells. How to merge horizontally, vertically, and why.  Create groups. Create headers. And how to merge automatically. Members get the sheet and the apps script down below.
How to turn a spreadsheet in your Google Drive into a sellable product. Step-by-step, I will show you exactly how I do it. If you're selling a sheet you use, then you must do this!
Set up automated email notifications based on Google Sheets data. Super simple apps script to start this. Learn how to automate this for users very easily with a custom menu and programmable Triggers.
A brief description of types of automation. I go way more in depth in “Master Spreadsheet Automation” on Udemy and “Spreadsheet Automation 101” on Better Sheets
- Built-in Formulas that seem like automation IF()
- Custom Functions in Apps Script
- Time Driven Triggers
- Event Driven Triggers
Create custom scripts to make your spreadsheets more like tools.
How to imbue your sheets with a little bit of magic to delight your customers without learning Apps Script. Using the IF/ISBLANK formula combination.

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