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Courses are a great way to develop and learn new skills. Learn how to use the tools you need to create Better Sheets.

40 Tutorials

3 hours and 56 minutes

This is all about designing better within sheets. where info goes, how it is displayed, fonts, colors, borders, etc.

54 Tutorials

5 hours and 44 minutes

how to set up web apps, how to create APIs in sheets. How to access APIs in google sheets without plugins/add-ons. 

5 Tutorials

43 minutes

Every keyboard shortcut I use, every way I can think of that others don't do when using sheets. making data manageable, as well as useful without fluff. how to abstract away work (put it on a tab and hide it). Also I'll include simple errors I made in the past that caused sheets to go slow (lots of conditional formatting)

31 Tutorials

0 seconds

Dive into Google Apps Script so that you can automate your business processes. Learn how to automatically send emails to yourself and others with data from inside your sheets.

11 Tutorials

2 hours and 49 minutes

Everything I've learned on how to create and sell info products in google sheets. What we've gone over in this workshop. And translating the guide I wrote into 5 minute videos and introducing new concepts of making sheets, dealing with different information, more examples, and promotions.

5 Tutorials

0 seconds

Transform Your Spreadsheets with OpenAI API and Apps Script.

5 Tutorials

44 minutes

Learn the principles of a great dashboard Discover unique features of Google Sheets that help you build better dashboards. Build an example dashboard step by step

10 Tutorials

30 minutes

Learn how to create automations inside of Google Sheets. Better productivity of day to day tasks.

4 Tutorials

34 minutes

In this mini course from Better Sheets, we're gonna make a Progress Bar. Sounds simple right? Not so simple for everyone. Progress Bars aren't just for Democrats to drink at. They serve as a visual aid to our data. They can bring gamification to your sheets. And make your data look neat. In 33 minutes across 4 videos, walk with me as we create Progress Bars both horizontally and vertically.

3 Tutorials


Everyone and their sister asks me about plugins and addons all the time. I'm asked about glide and spreadsimple and sheet 2 sites. So I might as well test those out and show off fun things to do with extra stuff, that goes far beyond what I focus on.