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Turn your Google Sheets into sellable products

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After taking this course you’ll be able to
✅ Craft your Google Sheets into sellable products.
✅ Write a sales page to convert readers to buyers.
✅ Do marketing to find users who want to buy, now!

Selling Spreadsheets is a new course from to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to sell your Google Sheets.  Create digital products that people actually want to buy because they solve their problems, pronto. 

Avoid high development costs without having to build customized online multi-user software - Leverage Google Sheets!

Reduce the chance someone steals your sheet and sells it on their own - Protect Your Sheets!

Eliminate the need to hire product designers by using online software businesses already use every day - 2 Billion Users!

Instead of spending countless hours figuring out what works through trial and error, Selling Spreadsheets provides you with proven strategies and techniques for creating, marketing, and selling digital products - That just happen to be spreadsheets.

Who is this course for?
Creators who manage projects - Create your next side hustle!
Freelancers who track their clients - Diversify your offerings!
Consultants who are sheet geeks - Turn your services to Products!
Agencies who use sheets every day - Create lead magnets!
Coaches who create planners for clients - Help others at scale!
Small Business Owners  - Generate additional revenue!
Serial Entrepreneurs - Validate business ideas rapidly!

Prerequisites for taking this course:
👍 Use Google Sheets: Familiarity with Google Sheets is a must, because we’re making Google Sheets.
👍 Basic Business Acumen: Some understanding of business concepts, particularly those related to product development, marketing, and sales, would be beneficial.
👍 Problem Solving Mindset: An inclination towards solving problems and creating solutions, which is key to developing useful and sellable spreadsheet products.
👍 Communication Skills: Basic skills in effectively communicating ideas, as this will be important in marketing and selling your spreadsheets.
👍 Access to a Google Account: Since the course revolves around Google Sheets, access to a Google account is necessary to use Google Drive and Google Sheets. 
👍 Willingness to Learn and Experiment: Openness to learning new concepts and techniques, and willingness to experiment with different spreadsheet functionalities and designs.


Let's go sell great spreadsheet products.
Selling Spreadsheets Section 1: You are the Sheet Introduction

Over the course of this section of selling spreadsheets, I'm going to share with you some theories that I have of how to bring your entire self into the world. To the spreadsheet that you're selling. Not just the idea, and not just the sheet itself, and not just your time, not just your energy, not just your experience, but everything holistically.
Update to Coupon Code Maker
Available for free for lifetime members. Buy via Gumroad if you're not yet a member.
Watch the video because there are discount codes I show you in the video to get Coupon Code Maker for less than $30.  
Yes I use Coupon Code Maker myself. It's how I put products from Gumroad onto AppSumo Marketplace.
Create nice colorful sheets (contrasting colors) that look and feel like an extension of your site. Add some padding around text. Decrease text and make your sheets awesome.
Curated sites, articles, and more web resources super easily into a Google Sheet. Create a bookmarklet automatically with this apps script tool.
- Template
- Custom Formulas
- Custom Functions - Apps Script
- Google Sheet Add-ons
There are two types of people who will take this course. Those who have a sheet made, and those who don’t. Both groups share this one thing, they probably have a spreadsheet within them.
Bring your whole self to make a sellable spreadsheet. You want to be a reseller, not a seller.
Consider selling spreadsheets as selling your process. How you think matters just as much as what you know.

Later in this course I’ll have a key insight about what to put on your sales page, and it will revolve around your own journey, your own problem you’re solving in your Google Sheets. Take the time now, to reflect on why you’re using the sheets you’re using and what problems you solved, for yourself. Truly knowing your why will help guide you to build a better spreadsheet, and will also help you understand which spreadsheet features you use to solve the problem you’re solving.

A few things that surprised me when I started selling sheets. From landing page copy that converts, to what people want to know after they buy.
- Adding videos to onboard helps immensely.
- Landing page copy should agitate, not solve everything.
- Sheets aren’t sold, they’re bought.
- Selling a great sheet is selling a great process.
- You can Launch, again and again… seemingly forever.
Figure out the framework to consistently come up with spreadsheet-able ideas and make them super easy to execute from your laptop.
In my video, I talk about how common problems are and how Google Sheets can help solve many of them in business. I discuss the different ways Google Sheets can be used, from simple to complex tasks, and plan to share five specific ways to use it effectively in future videos for better planning, tracking, and managing tasks.
Scope down from an existing problem to a sheet that still solves a juicy problem. If you can solve something in 10x less time, you win. Find out how lack of specificity is the #1 mistake. I’ll share with you a quick way to figure out if you’re really saving people time.
How to think about the context, psychological state, of your customer, so that you can sell them a solution.
Tips, tricks, and techniques to turn templates into tools.
- Custom Menu
- Custom Functions
Find out how to turn some data you can copy/paste from the web into a branded lead magnet for yourself.

Check out Josh's Tweet about the sheet.
and check out his Podia.
The video shows the importance of adding personal touches to a Google Sheet to connect better with users. It explains how to analyze the sheet's data to find trends and best practices for website content. Lastly, it discusses ways to share the sheet widely while still giving credit to its creator.
Tactics to build different kinds of trackers you can sell as digital products.
Crafting High-Demand Sheets from Scratch. Turn templates into tools to make sellable spreadsheets.
Process qualitative data into a sellable sheet (Google Forms)
How to curate data easily and quickly into a sheet (Bookmarklet)
How to let your end users find what they want. Use the FILTER() function to create views.
How to imbue your sheets with a little bit of magic to delight your customers without learning Apps Script. Using the IF/ISBLANK formula combination.
Create custom scripts to make your spreadsheets more like tools.
Set up automated email notifications based on Google Sheets data. Super simple apps script to start this. Learn how to automate this for users very easily with a custom menu and programmable Triggers.
How to turn a spreadsheet in your Google Drive into a sellable product. Step-by-step, I will show you exactly how I do it. If you're selling a sheet you use, then you must do this!
A brief description of types of automation. I go way more in depth in “Master Spreadsheet Automation” on Udemy and “Spreadsheet Automation 101” on Better Sheets
- Built-in Formulas that seem like automation IF()
- Custom Functions in Apps Script
- Time Driven Triggers
- Event Driven Triggers
A video I did summarizing the 3 things you can do to help people who share your sheet, not do it, or at least get some value from it.

More info on the course:

Get OnlySheets

Turn Google Sheets into Revenue Streams with a simple sales page. Tell the story your users want to buy into.
How to write a great sales page, that solves problems, and happens to mention it’s a Google Sheet.
Don’t sell a spreadsheet. Feature the problem and solution, not the sheet itself. It just so happens to be a spreadsheet.
Why “Free” sucks and how to make something people will buy. Sure I’m going to make a whole other course about freebies and lead magnets but for us, right now, right here, free sucks.

But in some instances you will need to make a Free version for people to see, smell, tire-kick. Give’em a little taste. It summons the influential power of “Reciprocity”.
Pricing is an art. Learn to balance affordability with profitability, understand market expectations, and apply different pricing models to maximize revenue.
Know what to add, what to take away, and ultimately how to create a spreadsheet anyone can buy at any price.  For example you can create a free template, add in custom formulas and automations into a Pro version.
You can also create an ideal version first at a higher price and release simpler versions for a lower price later.
Reasons you may want to avoid the tiered approach, if you’re looking to sell your first spreadsheet. A tiered version can cause more confusion than you can ever imagine. You’re so familiar with your sheet, you know the ins and outs. Buyers and potential customers do not.  You can almost always change just about everything at nearly any time.
Promote and Profit from Your Google Sheets
Understand the perks and nuances of marketplaces like Etsy, Gumroad Discover, and AppSumo Marketplace. How to sell the same sheet on any online marketplace.
You’d be surprised about the questions you get asked once you start selling a Google Sheet. Take each and every one of those and turn them into marketing materials. Turn any and all questions into FAQ’s. Update your FAQ’s and your marketing frequently.
Repliers are buyers. Regularly build an email list with freebies, and giveaways so that you can resell later. This email list is a secret that I think only the six figure sellers selling spreadsheets actually do well. There are two known examples of Etsy sellers making 6 figures. Both of them mention email lists in their interviews.
Get this tool: Coupon Code Maker to make it insanely easy to launch and sell on marketplaces like AppSumo Marketplace.

Tips and tricks to make sure people don’t resell your sheet. Or if they do, catch them. 
- Brand the heck out of your Awesome Useful sheets
- Add your business info everywhere (I mean everywhere!)
- Consider selling more than the sheet (advice/consulting/onboarding/auto email series/videos)
Understand what you can do, if you use OnlySheets between your payment processor and the buyer.
Learn how to import DropCatch data with 100,000 domains into a Google Sheet. Find out how to get a filtered list of domains with sheet in them. And how to generate ideas of what to build based on these found domains.

Leveraging Expired Domain Names for Google Sheets Business: The speaker discusses using expired domain names to create and sell Google Sheets templates or tools. He demonstrates how to find domain names related to 'sheets' and suggests creative business ideas around them.

Importing and Analyzing Data in Google Sheets: The process of importing CSV data into Google Sheets and manipulating it to find specific information (like domains containing the word 'sheet') is showcased. This highlights the versatility of Google Sheets in handling and analyzing data.

Idea Generation and Business Opportunities in Google Sheets: The speaker, Andrew Kamphey, provides several examples of how to generate business ideas using Google Sheets. He suggests various niches like WordPress-related spreadsheets, balance sheets for accountants, and even educational tools like math workbooks, demonstrating the wide range of potential applications for Google Sheets in various domains.
Walk through real life examples of landing pages of spreadsheets for sale, and the actual spreadsheets.
A Review of Gary's AARRR Tracker and Landing Page Strategies that you can employ if you're selling templates, spreadsheets, and google sheets to Startups.

Explore how to enhance a spreadsheet landing page's appeal and effectiveness. Discover innovative strategies for crafting compelling landing pages, learn the art of selling solutions (not just spreadsheets), and get tips on leveraging Google Sheets to create digital products that truly resonate with your audience. 

Whether you're a seasoned spreadsheet seller or just starting out, this video is packed with actionable advice to elevate your sales game. Tune in and transform your spreadsheet into a sellable sensation.

3 Key Takeaways
  • Market spreadsheets as problem-solving solutions, not just as templates or tools.
  • Design landing pages that tell a compelling story and focus on the benefits and solutions offered by the spreadsheet.
  • Utilize Google Sheets' advanced features and automations to enhance functionality and add value to your spreadsheet product.

If you want to automate your spreadsheets more, take the course: Spreadsheet Automation 101.
Check out a CRM built inside of Google Sheets called
Learn how to make better lead magnets from Google Sheet checklists. Great for marketers and solo operators trying to get more leads, more customers, more clients.
I got this lead magnet via twitter. It's simply a list of faceless youtube channel from a Faceless Youtube Academy. But I think it could have been a lot better. Let's explore ways to make this particular lead magnet into an Epic one.
I'm breaking down the landing page of titlecraft master nonfiction book titles. It's by two people I know on Twitter, and they send this to me and it's free, it's zero dollars