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Learn the best Google Sheets formulas and spreadsheet automation techniques to supercharge your workflow. Discover how to automate repetitive tasks effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.

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Master Google Sheets formulas to ensure your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

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Delve into the world of Google Apps Script. Automate reporting. Automate your data. Automate your business

See where to find errors in your apps script and how to fix them. You will either get syntax errors ( the way the code is written) or runtime errors (when you actually run the code).
How to update your add-on when you update your code for fixes or add functionality. 
Find out how to email all the form entries each time your form is filled out.
Explore how to use AI for task categorization in Google Sheets, from setting up the environment to using a pre-made code template. Watch as we walk through the process, from generating an API key to fine-tuning the prompt for effective categorization of work and home tasks.

Final code is available in the sheet below. And the original template code is available here:
Create multiple functions that run with the result of other functions.
Add a Custom Menu
Create Native-like Functions
Get URL and Sheet ID's via Apps Script
A Few things to know about Developing Google Sheet Add-ons
Create automatic notifications when a project is assigned, a project needs review. And move a project from one tab to another tab.
Going beyond PRIDE, to show you some undocumented google sheets hacks that you might call "Easter Eggs"
It's a common problem: combining two lists of scores to identify top performers using Google Sheets. We demonstrate how to sort data from two different ranges using the VSTACK function and also using curly brackets. Learn the step-by-step process to create a single, vertically stacked dataset that can be sorted effectively.
Learn how to add multiple rows to your google sheets by hand, and automatically. 
Check out this fun onEdit() counting you can do with checkboxes in a fun sheet with 1 Million Checkboxes.
Anyone can log into google sheets and go here: https://bettersheets.co/checkboxes
3 add-ons you can install right now and your Google Sheets life is better!
Tiny Sheets makes it simple to delete excess blank rows and columns.
Sheet Styles makes for less headaches and better text colors.
Button Styles makes awesome buttons for your users to click.
Find out in this quick experiment if a tab name can be alerted to the owner of the spreadsheet. Great for owners and operators who want to know if someone is changing the sheet.
A few tips to make your Google Sheets look better.
I'll show you how to get text from one spreadsheet file to another with Apps Script. Yes you can do this by Importrange() but you might want another way to do it.
The entire process to create and publish a Google Sheets Add-on internally to your own domain.
Count the number of cells or rows in a merged cell. This is a quick little code you can add to your sheets with the onOpen code.
How to sync different sections on different tabs. In this case we're taking data from multiple tabs putting into one, and syncing between those.
Sync more than two tabs with Apps Script
Create a simple script to open a particular tab. In this case we're opening to a random motivational quote each time.

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