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Learn how to use Formulas in Google Sheets. Use the Equal sign "=" to unlock a magical portal of over 500 functions and formulas. Learn one cool trick that even experts might not know about formulas.
A raw, 1 shot take of figuring out how to automatically delete all sheets not named on a whitelist of sheet names. Using the on Change Installable trigger. This video was tough to make!
Tips to help improve the look, feel, branding of Better Sheets Member’s Free Lead Magnet. A free Google Sheet of ChatGPT Templates that just gets better by the end of the video.


Find out all that Better Sheets has to offer you. Learn where to learn. Find out the features available to lifetime members at BetterSheets.co
One more function beyond Concatenate and Join that is useful in so many different ways. Concat can be used to quickly create unique columns of data. But watch out for dates!


Create a sequence of numbers that magically appears as you type in each row. Put this in A1 and start typing in column B: =SEQUENCE(COUNTA(B:B),1,1,1)
It's healthy programming. I'll show you some common errors you will encounter when you first start programming in Apps Script
Install Sheet Styles now: https://sheet-styles.bettersheets.co/


One weird way to learn more about what Google Sheets can do. https://bettersheets.co/formulas


4 formulas that make your sheets feel automated. Start with user-started actions, and get automated data flowing in other parts of your sheet.
Get more things than just the poster and movie title by changing our script a bit. By creating different functions, we can get other data such as movie posters or directors.
Learn how we get information out of a JSON response. I’ll even show you how you can bring in some cool images in Google Sheets!
Use getData and UrlFetchApp functions, as well as Logger to get OMDb API data in our Google Sheet. Learn how to access an API outside of Google Sheets.
Capture data from OMDb in our Google Sheets with a free API Key. It’s easier than it sounds. Let’s do this!
Use any URL to scrape the web or access an API and get that info into your Google Sheet.
We’re getting data on movies and getting it into Google Sheets. Let’s create some magic inside Google Sheets!
Send the same email to different people by using the same Four Loop to figure out which ones we’re sending. Do cool things with this Mail App and email system.

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