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Find out in this quick experiment if a tab name can be alerted to the owner of the spreadsheet. Great for owners and operators who want to know if someone is changing the sheet.
A few tips to make your Google Sheets look better.
I'll show you how to get text from one spreadsheet file to another with Apps Script. Yes you can do this by Importrange() but you might want another way to do it.
The entire process to create and publish a Google Sheets Add-on internally to your own domain.
Count the number of cells or rows in a merged cell. This is a quick little code you can add to your sheets with the onOpen code.
How to sync different sections on different tabs. In this case we're taking data from multiple tabs putting into one, and syncing between those.
Sync more than two tabs with Apps Script
Create a simple script to open a particular tab. In this case we're opening to a random motivational quote each time.
Create an automation that runs whenver we check off a checklist item the past stages also check.
Apps Script function to move all blank rows if a certain column is not filled in. Learn how to automate this script →Here
There's something wrong with PROPER() the google sheets function. Let's fix it by customizing our own TitleCase() function inside of Apps Script.
Step by step tutorial to update random quote site to show both Quote and Author separately.  Example site: https://todayquote.carrd.co/

Quick tutorial to show you how to build a random quote site  →Here
Automate formatting cells to align top. Either by a time-based trigger or every time you edit cells.
Create an embeddable NPS system on a web page.
Create your own AI writer with these google sheets tips and tricks and code.
Automatically create a timestamp when a certain cell is marked as Done. I show you how to customize this scrip and where to get the script. I hope this is simple enough for beginners to start automating you sheets. If you want to see more automations and dive deeper into apps script enroll in Spreadsheet Automation 101
and see more examples of Apps Script at BetterSheets.co/snippets
Make a copy and rename to BACKUP plus the Date of the backup. Execute this automatically via Triggers in your Apps Script. Two are shown here. to back up a tab or back up a spreadsheet file.
Find out how many people attended each event even if they are double counted in attendee lists.
Introduction to creating a filter so that you can bill for a certain time period of hours. Great sheet for Freelancers or Gig Workers.

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