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Great Sheets! Community Information Board by Seedtable.com

About this Tutorial

Incredible design and inspiration for us in our sheets.

Video Transcript

 It's Andrew from Better Sheets here. Gonna do a breakdown of this seat table, Google Sheet that I think is just absolutely excellent. Gonna share with you what I think is good about it. Cuz it's just a fantastic example using Google Sheets to get something out really quick, but also do it in a beautiful way.

So this is made by Goz who runs Seed Table. And the first thing I'll point out is that he uses a darker background in white or light text. And this darker background is actually this as his his normal website. I'll also point out that it does use the same color palette, so blue and white with this black and this up here is a button.

And what he does here so perfectly is this thing you're supposed to. Is a black button. But he doesn't do it. How he does this is, it's just a link here, but he just fills it in. The fill color is black and everything else is blue. He uses a great little thing here where he just puts us in gray.

This is, yes, it's a big text, like a headline, smaller text, but it also grays out so that your eye quickly can glance over it cuz the headlines, it's a headline and a SubT title. Very good way to let the eye have some hierarchy really great design here. As you scroll down, notice that it does split and it becomes a white background.

That's good because this is actually where the person is going to be like spending most of their time reading. And something very simple here that he did that is really useful when you have something like this. So he wants people to. A cha like cha changes in amounts from left to and this could have easily been a separate this could have been a headline and then these listed underneath it.

But he had a lot of like different things going on here. He had images here. A little bit of examples, impact specific changes. He had these four sections, right? So this could have been separate sheets, it could have been a lot of different things, but he beautifully finds a way to fit it all in one sort of view port, right?

Fit this broad change, specific change. A little bit less or more detailed information, but less space. And then companies here on the right, and as you scroll down, there's different categories. And again, it could have made the choice. And we usually make the choice here of making different tabs for these check out.

The people travel less, check out people go out less. He absolutely could have, and our normal intuition here is to do different tabs, but he knows, as a web designer, That any amount of clicks you have the user do is going to lessen the amount of people. Like it's a funnel, right? And every single click is less amount of people will go there.

So he puts it all into one spreadsheet, one, one sheet, and you just have to scroll down. And if you, no, and one imperceptible difference is really cool here is these broad changes are well cell, he emerges those cells and then also colors them differently. So he's use, he's letting color here signify good and bad, but he has a very subtle difference Just to cut.

Eye space and give this a little bit more room to breathe. Really good job here and really ingenious way. I wanted to share this example with you cause I think this is just those most ingenious ways I've ever seen a spreadsheet laid out and hold a little bit out of this. He uses the bottom of the like a little line here.

Really cool. Uses. Here. Things are like an emoji here. Really nice. And then the last thing I will mention of this amazing sheet, and I'll put a link to this sheet, obviously the loom video here in the just go to the Loom video if it's embedded, just click on the Loom video watching Loom and you'll get a link to this.

It's also actually up here if you want to take a look. It's dot com 19 spreadsheet with some hs there. That'll take you directly. One last thing that I will say. He did this really amazing thing of when you wanna have interaction, you want people to submit something. The normal idea is to use a form, right?

A Google form. Hey, go to this Google form, fill out your stuff. It's a very good way to get information from people quickly. But he knows, again, that if someone's on this sheet, they have to go to a. And fill it out blindly. But he wants to also show like other people's examples and let people see the edits, right?

So what he does is he actually makes this a public document. You could get this as a public document. You can ask for edit access and we'll grant it to you and then you add your information here, you. Down. How does he do that? And still save This is he uses the protect sheet button, which is in this down arrow.

If you ever get to a sheet and you have access to it, you can protect it. So he allows you to edit this. Even if you have edited, you will still only be able to edit this page. So this page is safe. And this page you can add. Really cool way to keep this an interactive and community led endeavor.

Let people see what other people submit. And absolutely there are, you're still susceptible to spam, you're still susceptible to someone coming in and deleting everything on this sheet. But if you have a small c. And you still wanna make an open sheet, but you wanna save some data or some, save some formulas or something, put it here.

What he could do as well, just, and a couple extra things, is like he could have a summary page where he shows like a, maybe a dashboard that shows like the number of submissions and he, even, the collaborator even has a little ticker of the top collaborators. You can create that on a summary page, take a unique and.

Formula here. Put that together. Get a nice little leaderboard. Put that on a summary page or a leaderboard page. If this was something like how many, articles can you submit to our company or something? Or how many articles have you written kind of thing. If you have a gamemanship or gamify, this kind of thing.

But really cool spreadsheet. I wanted to share this with everyone. Please take a look also@seattable.com and if you're want to make better sheets, make sheets like this learn from me@bettersheets.co. I have free tutorials and also pay for full access to all of the videos I make about how to make cool Google Sheets.

Disclaimer guns here is a friend but did not take my classes, but I'm just sharing this as a great example of spreadsheets with you. Bye. Thanks so much for watching.


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