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Better Header Fonts - Best Fonts To Use In Google Sheets

About this Tutorial

Find out what fonts to use to make your headers better.

Video Transcript

00:01 Hey welcome. So we want to create a better header. Uh, we want better header font in this particular video. We're going to go over it because basically our data, it looks something like this, right?
00:14 We start with black and white data where the header row and everything else looks exactly the same. I bet. This is what you do normally is you probably freeze this row.
00:26 You probably go over to the header. You might bold it at minimum. If you do any change whatsoever, you might bold it.
00:33 And you might add a background color, probably this yellow. I've seen this yellow countless times, maybe a balloon or something like that.
00:44 So what we're going to do is in this video, I'll show you a few different ways that we can change this, not necessarily everything, but I want to give you the tools, uh, that allow you to make changes you want.
00:59 And you'll be able to play around with this. Um, and hopefully get at least one key insight from this. I have five things we can do, um, to make better headers.
01:11 And most of it has to do with font, but not all of it. So first thing we can do is absolutely we can change the font.
01:21 We can say, uh, I have actually a whole nother video about my favorite fund, which is Oswaldo, which you can change it to Oswald here.
01:31 You got to scroll down to the O's. You might not ever scroll down very far. There's Oswald. I really like Oswald change the size a little bit.
01:42 I love it. I think it's a great header. It, why, why? I think it's a great header font is because it smushes up the, uh, the width a little bit.
01:53 So sometimes I get a little crazy with the, uh, words up in the header and this sort of fixes that problem, but also I've been recently very in love with Carla.
02:08 Carla is pretty awesome. And across the whole board, you can do Carla, right? And it looks always, it always looks nice for now.
02:17 Um, console us I've used, I don't even know how to pronounce that console us. I've used that only when there's mainly when there's numbers, but some people might like this, uh, look so you can definitely change the font.
02:30 You can definitely change also the color. Okay? So I like this, uh, four for, for right, for text. But if everything is black, then your font color, um, then your header might be better off something else.
02:46 Now, if we get some fruity colors, it's very hard to read. We need to change that background. And even if we change the background a lot, which is number three, um, it's still pretty hard to read.
03:00 So we need to definitely like figure out our contrast, like green and red, but this always looks Christmasy, but understand also these shades changing the font color is not always about just changing the hue, the actual color green, red, but it could be about changing the shade.
03:22 So we can do like a dark green and instead of a white background, which is going to give you the highest contrast.
03:31 Definitely, which is okay, but we can do a little bit better or we can do a light green. Now why I like this is because in design, it's a little nicer on the eyes.
03:44 Um, the background, isn't such a high contrast. So changing the background to something that is like, let's say the shade of red, not so good, but actually this is sort of a counter-intuitive you want to change the background to the same hue, so green, but just the lightest shade can also go a little bit closer here too.
04:08 Um, it gets a little unreadable, right? The closer you get. But we like right in that middle, let's do the lowest shade of green and the darkest shade of green and see this looks nice.
04:29 And then, uh, what we can do is changed the row and column size. Now this is probably something that you do very quickly, right?
04:39 You might increase the size of the header. You might do that and then never touch it again. But what I think is this actually adds a lot of nuance and good design.
04:52 Give your, the width a little more space. You can absolutely double select all your headers and you can double click and it'll go to the smallest size available for each and every row for each and every column.
05:10 But once we do this, check this out, let's do this, let's move the header to the middle. We're all vertically aligned and center align.
05:20 And then we give it a little more room. And this looks really nice. Now this really looks like a header.
05:27 So let's look at this original. Actually, this is still Carla. Um, everything is to the right. Everything is to the bottom and here's our original or here's our original.
05:39 And then here's our new one. So huge difference, right? We can even now delete this a column and it still looks really nice, right?
05:49 Not so plain black and white. We can even change everything over to co uh, not Carla, but default and wow, huge difference.
05:58 So far, one principle that I talk about in another video actually is about making your headers smaller or less intensive.
06:07 We have a tendency for our headers to be massive, right? We think this is the most important part because it's at the top.
06:16 But in fact, if we are using Google sheets, every single day, we're using the same table every single day, we don't care about the header because that is the same every single day, we care about the data.
06:27 So you might want to actually decrease the size of your header even less than your data. So we're going to move this up to 12.
06:37 Now you can still read it. There's no trouble reading this header 100, 203 here, but it is less intensive and takes up less room.
06:53 And with this new coloring, right, we can, it really pops a little bit. We can always actually decrease this even more.
07:01 We can get a custom green. That is way, way, way less, almost nothing but a little tiny bit of color.
07:12 There we go. Pet peeve of mine is that there's extra columns and extra rows. We can delete those as well.
07:23 Now this looks nice, even though the header still pops, we still got this console us. Let's go back to as world.
07:31 Nice. We can even unbold as well. We don't even need as well. Bolded. We can increase those size a little bit if it's a little hard to read with as well.
07:44 But as we look at this first, this was the first one original actually with Ariel here and then here with our, well, the last thing we're going to talk about is the parent.
07:59 And I think this is one of the most important parts because it goes on done. This is something you might not consider is that the header font, you might just use bold.
08:12 You might just use Ariel. You might use something big, like black on Sans, um, or Ariel black, but consider that pairing the correct header and the font of the data does matter a lot.
08:27 They help each other tell a good story. So what I do is I usually will search for, go onto Google and search for Google font pairs.
08:39 And this is one of the ways that I actually originally found and figured out that I liked as Walt it pairs nicely with Montas month Surat.
08:49 So here let's go to our head or we have it as Oswald. And our data is Carla, but we're going to change that to search for J K a L Montserrat.
09:01 Now the data is thick. We like thick data and our header is thin. So again, it goes to the principle of, yeah, we might want to pop out that header and we might have something like a Baloo and even it can change it to white.
09:21 Great. That's okay. But then how our header looks good. It doesn't pop out too much. It's not intrusive. Our data is bigger than our header in a way in which the font size actually could be the exact same.
09:39 So we can say 14 here and 14 here, still our header because it's Oswald and it's thin with, and our font is thicker Montserrat.
09:51 It actually makes our data look easier to see, right? But there are so many different, uh, parents. And I really love seeing these together.
10:02 I like seeing these designs and then bringing all of the good designs into Google sheets because why I specifically looked for Google font pairs is because we're in Google sheets.
10:12 These are all Google funds. And let's look at this one. I was looking at this one. I wanted to test this out Elsie with Roboto.
10:20 So we're going to change everything. Let's actually duplicate this on a checkout Elsie. So we use Roboto to find it OPQ, R S Roboto 14, and then we're going to use Elsie.
10:40 We don't have it here. Right? If we go to E what we need to do is go to more fonts, Elsie, and okay, now we have it.
10:53 Ooh, this is cool. I think this is better as all caps. This is probably, Hmm. Yes and no, not necessarily all caps, but it's great to play around with.
11:11 We might even need a little more contrast, um, or not have this background be green. Maybe not. It's great. That's green looks the same.
11:22 Looks good. Give it a little more room. Oh, that's nice. It's a little weird, but isn't weird. Fun. What I like about this, uh, one dancing script with Josephine sense is that this Josephine sands looks weird.
11:41 If you compare it to something like, uh, area, but compared to dancing script, it looks perfectly fine. So let's look at this.
11:49 Let's see what it looks like. We're going to go and we're going to use this. Let's see if we have it here.
12:00 Probably not. We have nothing in the DS. Ooh, that looks cool. But even cooler. Sweet. This is, we can even make this bigger.
12:26 I wonder what this looks like. Oh, this is not good as all caps, but there you go. There's dancing, dancing script.
12:35 And just fi this Josephine would look so weird. Just Josephine sands would look so weird compared to something like Ariel, right?
12:45 Almost Josephine can send, looks like the header and Ariel as the base, but now we have it flipped all from this pairing dancing script Josephine since April fat face.
12:56 I've used this before. I like, I just love the name fat face. I can. It's hilarious. I've used that a few times.
13:03 Uh, Corbyn, woof, this looks funky. Like if you really want that old seventies vibe, But yeah, we can play around with this again.
13:14 I would just recommend you search for Google font pairing. There are a ton of these sites, bunch of Ooh, Ballou, a wow suite a and they show you literally right next to each other.
13:28 And that really makes a huge difference. It makes a huge difference in the base script and the top ones, six caps.
13:34 Oh, that was a fun. This is very similar to, um, as all, but like even more extreme because it's all, uh, it's, it's uppercase.
13:44 Very cool. Very sweet. If you need something that is very thin in your, uh, header can as well. This is where I ended up getting as well and love.
13:56 I love this. This is as well didn't QUATRA center, but I do love Oswald and Montserrat. Same idea as well as thin bald.
14:03 And this QUATRA center is a little wider, but yeah, definitely go check it out. So in this video, we changed the font.
14:10 You can change the color. Uh, that means like the actual color of the text, the background, we can change that.
14:17 And I would recommend something that is similar color as the color, but different shade. Uh, we can change the row in the height.
14:24 We can make it, give it a lot of space. And sometimes we want to give it a lot of space.
14:28 Sometimes we want to give it a little space. So it depends on your header. Like this one probably needs a little bit more.
14:35 It's just this dancing needs some space. There we go. That's nice. And then also the big key part of this video for you.
14:46 I hope you take away from this is a good pairing. Find a good pairing. Find the pairing, you buying the pairing that fits the style.
14:54 You're looking for. If you're looking for a little fun, if you're looking for something that's a little, just slightly different, there are tons of them, right?
15:04 That you don't have to go too far. You don't have to use automatic. You don't have to use a comic Sans display.
15:10 Fare to display is great. I love Oswald. As I said before, um, lot of options, once you start looking at Google font parents specifically, because Google sheets has more funds.
15:23 You can have a ton of stuff here. Actually, you can even going through this. I would recommend not necessarily just scrolling through this, cause that is the number one thing that we always do.
15:36 And you've probably done it before is you just scroll through this, pick a font and be done. But seeing those pairings, we just don't have enough time to scroll through select, to look at them, look at them in different, with different, uh, parents, but somebody has done this and has selected the best parents.
15:57 So I oh, that looks fun. So hopefully you gain something from this video and if you haven't yet, do you have another video about, um, my, my best thoughts, my favorite fonts, which is includes Oswald and from members, there are tons of more videos about, uh, headers and doing better headers, different styles of headers, not just the text, but we put the headers as frozen.
16:25 Sometimes you put it underneath. We do big headers, small headers, lots of cool videos about headers. Check it out.


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