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Better Sheets Updates: New Features, Tools, Templates, and Announcements

Are you a Google Sheets power user? If so, you’re probably always looking for new tools, templates, and features to help you get the most out of the platform. Fortunately, Better Sheets is constantly updating its platform to make it even better for its members. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the latest updates from Better Sheets and explore everything the platform has to offer.

What is Better Sheets?
Better Sheets is a platform for Google Sheets users who are looking to take their productivity to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Better Sheets has something for you. With a range of tools, templates, and tutorials, Better Sheets makes it easy to get the most out of Google Sheets.

Better Sheets Updates

Let's explore the latest updates to Better Sheets. Tour for Lifetime Members
If you’re a lifetime member of Better Sheets, you’ll want to take the Tour. This tour is a great way to learn about all the features available to you as a lifetime member. You’ll get an overview of the platform and learn where to find all the resources you need to become a Google Sheets expert.

Get More Sheets Help
Sometimes, even the most experienced Google Sheets users need a little help. If you’re a Better Sheets member, you can get help by asking questions on the platform. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to ask questions and get the help you need to solve any problem you encounter.

Choose Your Anonymous Avatar
One of the newest updates to Better Sheets is the ability to choose your anonymous avatar. Now, you can choose from a range of animals and creatures, including alligators, wombats, nyancats, and krakens. This feature is a fun way to personalize your Better Sheets experience.

Announcing Button Styles | A Free Google Sheet Add-On
Better Sheets has released a new free Google Sheets Add-On called Button Styles. This Add-On makes it easy to create drop shadow buttons inside your sheets. It’s free for everyone, and it was announced to members first. With Button Styles, you can add a touch of style to your Google Sheets.

100 Tweet Starters
If you’re looking for inspiration for your next tweet, Better Sheets has you covered. The platform has created a simple tweet starter sheet that you can use to generate tweet ideas. Plus, you can even tweet directly from the Google Sheet. This feature is free for members.

More LinkInBio Templates for Google Sheets | SheetInBio
Better Sheets has released a range of LinkInBio templates that you can use to improve your social media bio. With these templates, you can easily add your own links and customize your bio. Best of all, they’re free.

Sheet Styles A Free Google Sheet Add-on by Better Sheets
Sheet Styles is a free Google Sheet Add-On created by Better Sheets. With Sheet Styles, you can easily customize the look and feel of your Google Sheets. Install it now at

Meet Asa: Ask Sheets Anything
Asa is a GPT3-powered tool that can answer any question you have about Google Sheets. With Asa, you can get quick and accurate answers to your most pressing spreadsheet questions. It’s like having a Google Sheets expert at your fingertips.

Visicalc 2023 Quick Walkthrough
On April 1st, 2023 Better Sheets released a fun template called Visicalc 2023. This template takes you on a quick walkthrough of the features of Google Sheets. It’s a fun way to explore the platform and get a better understanding of what it can do.


Find out all that Better Sheets has to offer you. Learn where to learn. Find out the features available to lifetime members at
I will guide you through the process of setting up Stripe with Only Sheets. I will show you how to make a copy of Only Sheets in your Google Drive, configure the necessary settings in Stripe, and deploy a web app.

Additionally, I will explain how to create a payment link in Stripe and set up webhooks.

Finally, I will demonstrate how to revoke access to the sheet and answer any questions you may have. Please make sure to follow along and take notes as needed.

Watch the 1st set up video:

I want to show you a fantastic new tool that I created called

It allows you to easily generate a URL to download your Google Sheet as a PDF. 

I'll walk you through the process step by step, showing you all the options you can choose from, such as portrait or landscape orientation, grid lines, sheet size, and more. 

It's super convenient and completely free for everyone. So, let's dive in and explore this awesome tool together!
I will guide you through the process of setting up Only Sheets with Zapier.

First, we will make a copy of OnlySheets in your Google Drive and set up the necessary access levels.

Then, we will configure the trigger and action in Zapier, ensuring that we capture the customer's email. Finally, we will deploy a web app and obtain the URL to complete the setup.

Watch the original how to set up OnlySheets video before this one:
Now you can choose your avatar here on Better Sheets. Enjoy choosing between every available animal from Alligator to Wombat. You can choose Nyancat or Kraken too!
I will introduce you to the power of AI writing in Google Sheets using a tool called Shaman. If you're a blogger looking to take your writing to the next level, this is the video for you. With Shaman, you can unleash your blogging potential by incorporating AI into your writing process.
In this exclusive video, I will explain the benefits of using Only Sheets and why it exists.

I'll also show you how to set up Only Sheets 2.0 and how it can be used to sell templates and other info products.

Throughout the video, I'll address common issues and provide tips for maximizing the potential of Only Sheets.

Stay tuned for Payment Process step-by-step instructions.

Get OnlySheets 2.0 here:
Lifetime members get it free
Anyone else can purchase OnlySheets for $30 via gumroad here:
I'll guide you through the process of setting up Only Sheets with Gumroad.

If you're new to Only Sheets, make sure to watch the "How to Set Up Only Sheets" video first. 

In this video, I'll cover why you should use Only Sheets, how to integrate payments with Gumroad, and the step-by-step setup process. 
I'll also provide important tips and instructions along the way. 

By the end of this video, you'll have a clear understanding of how to set up Only Sheets with Gumroad and start accepting payments seamlessly.
How To Ask Questions as a Better Sheets Member
Add one more feature to the 100 Twitter Templates tool.
You can now generate 100% off unique 1 time use Gumroad Coupon codes from a Google Sheet.
It's $30, available now.
Lifetime members get it for free

What does Coupon Code Maker do?
Coupon Code Maker is designed for generating coupon codes, particularly useful for sellers on Gumroad. The tool, simplifies the process of creating large quantities of unique, single-use coupon codes.

The tool leverages Google Apps Script for its functionality, indicating a strong reliance on automation and API interactions. It's particularly noted for its ability to generate a high volume of codes quickly and efficiently, which can be exported as CSV files for use on platforms like AppSumo and others. This is important for marketing and selling products effectively on various online marketplaces.

There will be continuous updates to Coupon Code Maker. Get it now for a 1-time payment and you'll get all future upgrades for free.

If you're wondering how to build something like this check out Spreadsheet Automation 101 and Supercharge Your Sheets, two courses available for monthly members and lifetime members alike.
In this tutorial I go from raw data to a full formed dashboard. In this particular case we're looking at the number of weeks someone might have left to live. A bit of stoic motivation, part baroque style. You'll see how I look for inspiration in the Memento Mori medallion and also in images representative of  "Memento Mori" then I use those colors in the images to make this dashboard.  

In addition to that we build an hour glass for the number of weeks we've lived and have left to live. This Hourglass of Life might be something you can incorporate into other kinds of dashboards. Don't be afraid to build visual representations of your data to easily see what's going on.
I created a weight loss tracker template for myself and thought you, and all members would like it. So get it, copy it, and start your weight loss journey today. Comes with a nice chart already so all you have to do is add your numbers every day.
Update to Coupon Code Maker
Available for free for lifetime members. Buy via Gumroad if you're not yet a member.
Watch the video because there are discount codes I show you in the video to get Coupon Code Maker for less than $30.  
Yes I use Coupon Code Maker myself. It's how I put products from Gumroad onto AppSumo Marketplace.
Revolutionize the way you handle data with the BetterSheets REGEXMATCHER! Imagine having the ability to effortlessly validate text patterns, ensuring the integrity of your data. Whether you're searching for specific mentions, cleaning up unwanted content, or filtering out irrelevant information, our REGEXMATCHER is your go-to solution.

Error-Free Data: 
Experience precise data validation ensuring your information is accurate and error-free.
Effortless Pattern Recognition: 
Easily identify and eliminate unwanted data patterns, guaranteeing a clean and organized dataset.
Tailored Data Classification: 
Classify your data based on specific patterns, streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency.

Get "Big Year" for free via Gumroad.

Get perspective on your 2024 plan with this full year calendar template in Google Sheets.

All-Year-in-One Overview

Imagine having the entire year's schedule on one single page. BIG YEAR offers a comprehensive 12-month display, providing an at-a-glance view of your whole year. This holistic perspective makes it easier to plan long-term projects, vacations, and personal milestones, ensuring you never miss out on life's big events.

More info on the Gumroad page
A new free Google Sheets Add-On to make drop shadow buttons inside your sheets. Free for everyone. Announced to members first.
Introductng a new tool from Better Sheets. A free Google Sheets™️ Add-On to parse spin syntax content.

Revolutionize Your Google Sheets writing with Spin Tax Content Spinner! Say Goodbye to Tedious Editing. Get All the Variations You Need. 

  • Spin randomly to get one variation
  • Spin text for all variations
  • Spin text for all variations including duplicates

Spintax is written with pipes separating content you want to randomly select. {Hi|Hello|Hey} would either be Hi, or Hello, or Hey.
GPT3 Powered Answers to your spreadsheet questions. Ask sheets anything, literally any question about Google Sheets! This might put me out of a job as a Google Sheets Expert.
Updated the Spintax tool to allow you to generate Spintax. Instead of having to come up with it all yourself, you can let AI generate the Spintax for you. Create variations on headlines, or phrases, or emails.
Created a simple tweet starter sheet. Tweet directly from this Google Sheet. Free for Members.
You can easily add your own links and improve your bio for free.
We're gonna create another virtual mall, and in this one we're gonna make it for newsletters
Install Sheet Styles now:
This is a fun template I created for April 1st. Take a quick walk through the features here. And get yourself a copy of the sheet below.
Learn how to automate spreadsheets with Apps Script. The pre-course videos equip you with the fundamentals of coding before you start.
Introducing OnlySheets, the paywall for Google Sheets.
Send daily emails to yourself to master sales every single day. 100% completely free for Better Sheet members.
Transform your Google Sheets game with Better Sheets tutorials! Learn how to create dynamic databases, design-friendly sheets, and more. Discover hidden formulas and tools, and even build your own. Don't miss out on leveling up your productivity. Create dynamic tools, revamp your skillset, and ultimately master Google Sheets like never before. Better Sheets platform offers more than just tutorials. There is a deep directory of every Google Sheets formula with links to step-by-step tutorials as well as blog posts and youtube videos. It's the ultimate resources to learn how to use formulas in Google Sheets. Every tutorial has listed categories and courses it's a part of. In addition to that any formula featured is listed. And you can click on any formula to see that formula in action in other tutorials on the Better Sheets platform. Watch this walkthrough of the Better Sheets platform.
How to create a video checklist. Create a sheet with check boxes that you check off to mark the videos as seen. Great for those creating lead magnets or checklist digital products. Enables you to create a video course without having to download/upload any videos. Your users can keep track of their progress and get all the benefit of your knowledge.
This tool will allows you to share multiple links on your social media.
Build a habit tracker in dark mode. Learn how to use emojis and checkboxes effectively.
This video covers how a user would use Smarket to list items to be sold and then unlist those items to be sold. It uses two different forms for the listing and the unlisting. The key connection is that you use a unique number, or a unique text when entering the item to be sold. Then use that item to delist it once it's been sold. Also you can wait 7 days, and the item will be unlisted.
Add one more feature to our Photo search inside of Google Sheets.