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Coupon Code Maker makes selling on marketplaces (with coupon coes) super easy. Generate hundreds and thousands of 1 time use coupon codes for Gumroad in moments. Export them and sell them on marketplaces like AppSumo Marketplace. 

I used to do this by hand it took days. Then I coded it up in terminal but could only generate the coupons, not save them to a CSV file for easy upload. Ultimately I made a SaaS in 2021, and then I figured out in 2023, it's far easier to do this in a Google Sheet. 

When you buy Coupon Code Maker, you get a google sheet, and step-by-step instructions on how to use it with Gumroad.

Make Bulk Coupon Creation Easy

The tool enables the generation of thousands of coupon codes with a single click. This is particularly useful for sellers who need to distribute a large number of coupons for promotions or special offers, saving them a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual generation.

Single-Use Coupons for Greater Control

It allows for the creation of single-use, 100% off coupons. This feature is essential for exclusive promotions and prevents the same coupon from being used multiple times, ensuring better control over sales and promotional campaigns.

Seamless Integration with Multiple Platforms

The tool is designed to work with platforms like AppSumo Marketplace. The flexibility to export coupon codes in a CSV format tailored to the requirements of different platforms enhances its utility across various digital marketplaces. Generate multiple lists of codes and sell on multiple marketplaces. Also use it for your own social channels and email lists.

Potential for Expanded Marketing and Sales Channels

By generating coupons that can be distributed through social media and email, the tool opens up new channels for marketing and sales. This feature allows sellers to reach a wider audience, including potential customers on platforms like Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram. Generate excitement and customers by giving away coupon codes to FB Groups, Discord Channels, Slack Communities, and more.

Future-Proof with Ongoing Updates and Features

Purchasing the tool grants lifetime access to all future updates and features without additional costs. This ensures that users benefit from continuous improvements and new functionalities, keeping the tool relevant and valuable over time. Make sure to watch the videos provided when you purchase Coupon Code Maker. I made it super easy for you to email me about the tool, give me feedback, and request more features.

Lifetime Members get Coupon Code Maker for free.