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BetterSheets.co Tour for Lifetime Members

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Find out all that Better Sheets has to offer you. Learn where to learn. Find out the features available to lifetime members at BetterSheets.co

Video Transcript

00:00 Hello, better Sheets members, lifetime members specifically. Thanks for watching this video. There's been a lot of changes at Better sheets.co on the website, so I wanted to put together this little tour to show you around what is available in Better Sheets, two lifetime members to you.
00:20 And so we're gonna get started. First things first, the things you see on the main page, blog tutorials, formulas, tool that's not everything.
00:29 So let's get started. And you might be wondering what's that formula? So member log in, you can log in here.
00:36 If you are a lifetime member and you have never logged in before, you will have to click sign up. And when you do that, you'll need your code.
00:46 So either you've purchased directly from AppSumo within the since April 2022. If you purchase before April, 2022, then you'll get a code from Gum Road, right?
01:03 If you bought on AppSumo before 2022 what that process was was that you were deemed on Gum Road first and got access to a Loom folder that is no longer the most update to date place.
01:16 So you'll wanna sign up here. Again, you'll need the code, the license key from Gum Road. I did email that to everyone.
01:24 So if you don't have an email in your inbox from me, maybe it has the word license key in it, or gum, maybe from Gum Road.
01:33 You can actually go to Gum Road and you can find your license key there. And that's the same code when you sign up.
01:40 So if you sign up, it looks like this you'll sign up first, then you'll add the code in. There should be instructions as well in the in your inbox.
01:53 Essentially it's just better sheets.co/gum road. So we can go there and you'll see better sheets.com road, better sheets.co/come road. That's probably better to sign up there.
02:06 Or if you are coming directly from AppSumo with since April, 2022 it'll look like this. Same thing better sheets.co/appsumo. But once you enter that code, it is $0.
02:24 So we will first sign in, we'll log in you've already signed up. We'll log in, you'll be taken to your dashboard here.
02:32 You will be able to see your last completed video. If you've already watched a video and marked it as complete, it'll show up here.
02:38 The last one you did that helps you to re, it helps to remind you where you've left off. If you've not come back for a while.
02:46 All the topics are here for you to easily access them at any time. They're sort of groups of videos and we'll get into that soon.
02:54 If you are enrolled in any courses, all lifetime members get all the courses for free. So you'll just have to click enroll And you'll be able to track your progress here.
03:02 You'll see a little progress bar here and how many videos you've watched of them. And you can also unenroll if, for instance for any particular reason, if you've redeemed any products, they'll show up here as well.
03:14 So you can get them again or grab them from the link. You'll get go here. You can view the product there, and you've probably already marked them redeemed.
03:24 Now, let's go back up to tutorials. As I said the stuff at the top, the headers there's more than once you log in.
03:34 So we have tutorials here and we'll get through all of these. Well, we'll skip one because that's a future update.
03:40 On the tutorials page, you can filter tutorials by their name. So add any keyword you want here, click enter, and you'll be able to see, you'll see any free ones too.
03:50 This is to help you share if you have any friends or family who you're like, oh, you should check out this video, any of the free ones, they will be able to see as well.
04:01 Type in any keyword here. Find any videos that have that keyword in the title. If you also want to search by these tags, you can also face it, which means you'll get less results than 278 right now.
04:14 Tutorials, there's three for data validation. Here's the most popular. If you click over here on the right, most popular, you'll see the 13 most popular videos.
04:22 Eventually, there it goes. Also, I've tagged a beginner, intermediate, and advanced videos. But you might be looking not just for sort of general videos, you might be looking for something specific.
04:36 So I've created this list of formulas, and this is, if the formula is featured in the video, we'll mark it as that on creating that video here.
04:47 So if you click on if you'll be able to see all the videos, 20 tutorials here that include the if function.
04:54 They're not necessarily about the if function or F formula rather. But they will include it and they will feature the if formula being used discussed in some way.
05:05 So you'll see a lot of use cases for it. Speaking of formulas, if you click up here on formulas and you do like to, like view based on formula, or you're like, what is this formula that I am trying to use?
05:16 I can't figure out the syntax. This is the most comprehensive database of Google Sheet formulas that exist. And I will tell you why, because when you go to this page, there's 501 pages here.
05:29 If you click on one, it will show you the syntax. Once, once it loads up, it'll show you a description of it, the syntax of how to use it.
05:37 It'll give you a link to the Google Docs, which has some of this information. But what the Google Docs does not have are videos.
05:46 So now you can watch the videos that include this formula and it'll be all of them. So if we click on this video and we go to say, and And, and we're like, oh, <laugh>, now there's none here.
06:00 One second. All right. So if you are looking for, actually, I'll show you a better way to do this. If you are looking for a specific formula, literally all you have to do is go to better sheets.co/formula/and then type that formula name.
06:14 So if or if a and d for, and, and if you do this right, it will bring you to this page.
06:20 What we're doing, and we're updating this constantly, is we're adding new videos, and they'll be, once a new video comes in and it features this, it'll be show, it'll show up here, but will also include external links, which means blog posts, YouTube videos, anywhere we find some great information about these formulas, we're gonna add them here.
06:40 So this is gonna be even better than it is now. And right now it is the most comprehensive database of formulas, even including, I mean, even including in this Google Doc's own help docs here.
06:55 This does help a little bit, and it's how I've learned, but it doesn't show you how to use these formulas.
07:02 At least I show you all these videos how to use this formula, but sometimes you're not necessarily looking for one formula.
07:09 You're trying to do stuff. So I have developed some courses, and these courses are gonna be videos, groups of videos that you should watch in a particular order.
07:17 You can enroll in them and then watch in that particular order. The one that I would recommend is the newest course here called Spreadsheet Automation 1 0 1.
07:25 It is 31 videos. Now, actually, I keep saying 29 videos, and I keep forgetting that I added some more, like think like a programmer.
07:33 This is actually a really good video to help you develop the mindset of a coder. If you haven't ever coded, coded before, it can be very confusing complex.
07:44 You can feel very insecure when you're trying to code and trying to learn to code. But this video right here, the mindset of an app script coder will help you turn around and, and say, you know, everybody is uncertain will always have to constantly be working, so let's just get to it, right?
08:01 And then in this course, I walk you through literally knowing nothing to knowing how to create automatic processes in your Google Sheets.
08:11 So it's really fun. I highly recommend it enroll. You're a Lifetime member, it's absolutely free. Enroll in it and it'll show up on your dashboard.
08:21 Yeah, courses that you were enroll in will show up on your dashboard. So, moving on. Again, I'm skipping that snippets because it's a it's actually really cool and I'm excited about it, but it's not yet ready.
08:31 All right, topics. These are more general use cases of how you use Google Sheets. So you might wanna be building your own tools.
08:41 You might be doing data analysis, data management, or you do some automation. And these are groups of videos that I think are great for that.
08:48 Or if you wanna do better design in your videos, check these out. These are on your dashboard already, and you Can can access them through topics.
08:57 You won't, you can track how many you get through by just completing the video and, and marking as complete. So if you go to a video, my favorite font, and you mark this as complete and we come back here, it will have a checkbox check mark, non checkbox.
09:17 It'll have a checkbox so that you will know, I watched this already, but it will also give you the opportunity to watch it again if you're like, in this particular context, how is this video useful, right?
09:31 So it it allows you to still watch them even though it says, Hey, you've already watched this. A very soft little late way to tell you you've watched this.
09:39 Alright, the last thing we're gonna talk about, actually no, the second to last thing, sorry, is tools. These are tools and templates.
09:47 These are all available externally on outside of better sheets. But because you are a Google Sheet, Google Sheet user and a Better Member Lifetime member, you get 'em all for free.
09:57 So all you have to do is go to the page, click Buy now, and once you've bought, click this button mark as redeemed, and that will then say you've redeemed it, but you can always still go see it again.
10:11 You can always get that product again, don't worry about it. You're not killing yourself, you're not stopping yourself from getting it again.
10:18 But yeah, go ahead, get that products, get these, download 'em, use 'em. There might be some videos on how to use 'em.
10:24 You'll get a sheet. Yes, most videos that exist will have a sheet here down below somewhere. If there is a sheet available, they'll, I'll give you the sheet.
10:40 But the tools are predominantly more tutorial sorry, templates and things that have a little bit more videos around it. So check 'em out.
10:51 The last thing is if you want notifications on what's new, what are the new videos? I want to show you where to do that.
10:57 So you can click over here and click settings. You can also go to your dashboard if you go to your dashboard, and then you click settings.
11:05 And then we'll scroll down. So you scroll down to the bottom of your settings. Again, you can get that by going to your dashboard or going in the upper right corner.
11:13 And clicking settings down on the bottom is email preferences. This allows you to say, how often and what do you want sent to you?
11:22 Emails will be sometimes a digest of all the videos added, or if you only want every week, you can say, Hey, send me updates only every week.
11:33 I gotta fix this <laugh>. So you can change this to weekly, or there it is. That actually is what it should look like.
11:40 You can have daily, or you can have weekly. Those are the two most popular right now. And whenever I add a video, it'll show up in a little digest.
11:48 So if I add maybe four or five videos in one day, you'll get only one email that says, Hey, today We added this, these videos, if I add four or five videos in a or 10 videos in a week, you'll get an email that says, here's all 10 videos we added this week.
12:02 So make sure you either choose daily or weekly. That's probably the most popular. I'm not adding a massive amount of videos at the moment.
12:11 I did at the end of December, add 29 videos in one day, but that was an entire course. And so you would get that email and say, Hey, here's a new course as well.
12:21 I'm excited to that you are able to use all this stuff. I hope that Better Sheets does really help you build confidence in Google Sheets and that you can get better at Google Sheets.
12:34 If you have any questions whatsoever, email me, Andrew Better sheets.co. I'm happy to help. Happy to help you. Also log in and sign up.
12:40 If you're watching this video and you're like, excited to get in here and you're like, I can't sign up, email me.
12:45 I'm happy to get you that code if the code exists. Again, you can probably find that on AppSumo or Gum Road and just go to Better sheets.co/gum road or slash AppSumo and sign up yourself.
12:57 I'm really excited also about this new snippets feature. It's literally already changing the way that I'm coding inside of Google Sheets.
13:05 It's, that's a little hint of what it does and how it does it and what the outcome is. So thanks for watching Bite.