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Choose Your Anonymous Avatar

About this Tutorial

Now you can choose your avatar here on Better Sheets. Enjoy choosing between every available animal from Alligator to Wombat. You can choose Nyancat or Kraken too!

Video Transcript

0:00 Hello, welcome. This is probably the most exciting update to Better sheets.co the website that I have ever done. Exciting, fun, fancy, funky, whatever you wanna call it.
0:12 Okay, so here's the thing, right in Google Sheets, you know that when you have anonymous people, when you share Google Sheet with anonymous people and they sign in, they are assigned an anonymous avatar, right?
0:25 There's a bunch of them available. Now, when you sign in, if you are a member of Better Sheets, you can be a free member, you can be a paid monthly member at $19 a month, you can be a Lifetime member no matter what.
0:34 Once you sign in, you can choose your avatar. All right, I just signed in a free account. And look at this.
0:42 I am Neen Kat. Up here on the top or right? If you go up to your name, you sign in settings right here on the top, you can change your avatar to alligator, duck, frog, giraffe, grizzly, hedgehog, iguana, koala krak.
1:02 You can even choose your background color. You hit save. And right there I am. Now a Kraken. Free members can do this, monthly.
1:12 Members can do this. Lifetime members can do this. This is really exciting. Nowhere ever on Earth online, on the internet, have you ever been able to choose your avatar, but now you can.
1:24 You can choose your designation. If you are watching this video and you have access to Better sheets.co two thumbs up, go change your avatar.
1:35 Let me know what you change it to. If you're watching this on YouTube, which I'll probably be posting this on YouTube as well.
1:43 Then to comment down below, the choice of avatar. You have so many avatars to choose from. We've tried to include all of them that exist actually on Google Sheets and Google Docs, you have Manatee Llama, liger Leopard, you have Nawal, you have Neen Cat if you wish.
2:00 That's like my personal favorite. Platypus, pumpkin, even Quagga Rabbit, Wolf, Wolverine, wombat. What's the wombat? I think the coolest thing also is that you can change your color if you wish.
2:13 Also, you can just leave it as Google Sheets Green, which is like my personal, like brand color. But if you want, you know, background color purple.
2:22 Go ahead, make it purple Kit save. And there we go. We are now a wombat. Pretty cool, really fun. Just a fun way to experience better sheets.
2:34 You get to choose your anonymous avatar, so it's not anonymous anymore. You get to choose your avatar, your Google Sheets avatar here on Better sheets.co.
2:42 If you are not a member yet become a member totally free. You have access to like 80 plus videos. If you are a monthly member, you have access to like 280 videos.
2:53 And if you're a Lifetime member, you can purchase that on AppSumo right now. You get access to every video, Every sheet, every template, every tool, everything that I create and release.
3:06 You can go check 'em out at Tools. You can check out also the new formulas tab, which is very, very new, where I list all 500 formulas that exist in Google Sheets and show you some examples.
3:16 And if there's any videos about them, they'll be here listed. Some of them are locked. If you're not a member yet, become a member again.
3:24 Go to Better sheets.co and check it out. Sign in and enjoy non-anonymous avatars now. Bye.