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Announcing Button Styles | A Free Google Sheet Add-On

About this Tutorial

A new free Google Sheets Add-On to make drop shadow buttons inside your sheets. Free for everyone. Announced to members first.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hello, welcome Better Sheet members. Thank you so much for watching this video. I'm so excited to announce Button styles is brand new Google Sheet add-on.
0:09 Third one from you might know, sheet styles, you might know. Tiny Sheets. Now comes button styles go up to extension.
0:18 Well here, what are we gonna do? It creates these buttons. These buttons are hard to make. It's a button style that I sort of recommend in some past videos about two years ago.
0:28 And how you do these is you have to merge the top four cells. It's sort of a three by three cells structure.
0:36 Merge the top four cells and then create the shadows with a different color. You also have to align the top row and the bottom row to be sort of the same height and the left column and the right column to be the same height.
0:51 So it gets a little bit difficult. Sorry, it's not difficult. It's just complicated to set these up. Now I've made it in one click.
1:01 So let's get into how to use button styles. And I wanna show you some really special part of button styles that allows you to save your settings across your user, across many sheets.
1:13 It's really, really cool. All right, first off, let's go to a brand new sheet. There's a few ways you can find better.
1:19 Button sheets. Button sheets. Button styles is this. There is a direct link to workspace or you can just search for button styles on Workspace Marketplace.
1:30 And you'll find it, it's right there. If you go to button styles dot better sheets.co, that will give you an install button right there.
1:38 If you're already inside of a Google sheet, go to up to extensions add-ons. Get add-ons. This will bring up the workplace marketplace.
1:48 Again, button styles. Type that in. Hit enter. And it's the first one here on the left. Right now we have the zero users.
1:56 This literally just came out today, yesterday, last night. Yeah. You can choose admin, install, or individual install. Up to you in your own personal choices.
2:07 Here's all of the rights. You're granting it, but you'll see what we need. You'll see it work. All right. Let it install.
2:18 Hit continue. Hit done button. The add-on button needs your permission. All right, continue. Gotta do this once and only once.
2:28 Thought I did that already. There we go. Now it should be installed. Yeah, just go up to extensions and button styles is right there.
2:37 The first thing you have to do to use it is click on show sidebar. Over here we'll open a sidebar, little html for you to choose from.
2:46 You have a few choices. You can create a custom style or presets. If we go to any three by three cell structure.
2:55 So means nine cells and we hit one of these presets. It's going to automatically one click create it. It's gonna create a yellow neon button here.
3:05 The text is black, just like the button here. Button here. If we take a three by three selection here, we need a three by three selection of our cursor.
3:17 We hit neon blue. There we go. Now you're wondering what happens if we don't have a three by three. Well, it'll give you a error, not an error.
3:27 I'll tell you a message. Actually, please select the three by three cell error. So this will remind me. Don't worry.
3:31 You don't have to remember. It will remind you. You have one last preset here, but the custom one is probably the most incredible part of this.
3:40 All the sizes are always gonna be the same, so I would always double check that these are the sizes that you want and then you can edit them as you wish.
3:47 As I say in my videos about creating these styles, you want the columns to be the same. Width B and D and you can select it by holding down b and d by holding down the command button.
4:01 We can resize selected rows if you want 'em bigger, you can go here. 20. There you go. Right? You can change them, edit them as you wish.
4:09 There's no hard and fast rule. But this custom styles is really cool. So let's do this. Let's, we're gonna select a three by three cell series.
4:18 We're gonna change the background color to let's say this sort of darker red. Very dark red. The shadow color is gonna be even a darker red, but red nonetheless.
4:29 Fun color. We do want white, but maybe a gray. And hitting set custom style will change this to a button.
4:36 Okay, done. Now if we want to use this custom style, maybe these are your brand colors and you don't wanna remember them each and every time you use this add-on.
4:47 You can hit save custom style and it'll give you a little message here. Save your style. This is cool. What this does now is I can close button styles, I can come back to it, button sells show sidebar, and it will have saved that style.
5:05 Even if I change this to something else, as long as I don't save this style, I can restore the style.
5:14 Okay, so that save style's still there. If I save the custom style, it'll overwrite whatever is saved. But here's even cooler.
5:23 If I go to a new sheet, a brand new sheet sheet.new, this is something, a brand new untitled sheet that I haven't done.
5:31 This is the sheet that I'm working on and I'm the same user and I'm on a brand new sheet. I go up to my extensions let it load.
5:38 It takes a moment to load, go to button styles, show sidebar again. Now I'm opening it. The same extension, same add-on in a different sheet.
5:47 These custom style is still here, so you can use your brand colors once set them, save them, and then It will, will propagate to anytime you use this app.
6:00 So you don't have to create, say this and have to copy and paste it into another sheet that you're using.
6:07 You can just open up this extension, this add-on, and your saved style will be there. I think this is pretty cool.
6:15 I hope you enjoy this. Let me know how you en how you use it, if you need any more features.
6:22 I'm announcing this. Obviously it has zero users, so I'm announcing this first to members. Thanks for becoming, being a member of better sheets, and I hope you enjoy this.
6:31 Bye.