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100 Tweet Starters

About this Tutorial

Created a simple tweet starter sheet. Tweet directly from this Google Sheet. Free for Members.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hey, better sheet members. Thanks so much for taking a look at this video. So this video is going to actually be pretty strange because I'm sharing with you a sheet, that one you get for free as a member.
00:14 Uh, but also it's, um, more about deleting, more about getting smaller and getting closer and closer. I would say getting faster to production, to release, to making the sheet and getting it out there.
00:32 Um, this is 100 tweets starters. I literally started this thing this morning. Within one hour, I had it on Gumroad and people were able to buy it.
00:42 And then actually a few people bought it for a buck. I mean, I have a Christ at $10, but today I'm selling it for 90% off and also giving it away for better sheets members.
00:53 Uh, I'm making this video in order to sort of describe to you how I built it, which was pretty simple.
00:59 I'll go through it right now within the next minute is I have this sheet 100 Twitter templates, which again, better sheets members get for free.
01:07 And I just deleted everything except for the format that this one tweak here. This one column here, the column to click to tweet, and I actually deleted a whole bunch of other, uh, sheets or tabs what's left is a pretty stripped down sheet.
01:27 If we think about it in comparison or relative to the 100 Twitter templates, which was quite convoluted or complicated, this click to tweet is, is, is a very simple eight hyperlink it's twitter.com/intent/tweet with a question mark text equals and then just an and sign over to B the B column.
01:50 So now when you use this sheet, you can click on this and it will tweet this two words or two for this phrase.
01:59 Um, it will go, it'll open Twitter and it'll start that tweet for you. Um, that is it. That is the whole sheet I left the randomizer here, um, which is a pretty funky little fun thing you can add to your sheets, which on any edit, what happens is it will search through all the rows on the starters tab.
02:23 And it'll find an index of one I'm here to round. There's just random times 101, and it's rounding it. And then this, uh, C column is just taking whatever that number is B two, and saying, go to that row index, right?
02:41 That this index is of starters on this starters sheet columns, a and B go to row. Whatever's in B to go to column.
02:52 We want everything, we don't put anything there. So we get everything. Um, and now upon any edit on page, your randomizer will change.
03:02 So I made this, um, drop down menu here. It's available. It's acting super slow because I'm recording this video. If I just click to something else, anything else, and it changes this and that is it.
03:16 I actually have to change this and even delete this column here. And again, this is really about deleting stuff and taking our sheets and making them much, much more streamlined and getting them out into the world.
03:33 I have, um, extra was talking to someone this week about a sheet we're building, and it's getting quite sort of complicated, which is good.
03:40 Like it's good to like add stuff to your sheets, but it's also good to delete and get it out there.
03:45 Um, and so I thought of this this morning within an hour, it was out, I just took this template and now I can think, I think there is an opportunity here for everyone watching this.
03:57 If you work for a company, uh, and you want people to tweet, right? Uh, you can write tweets for them and, and, and share this amongst your colleagues.
04:06 If you, uh, run your own company, if you create your own product and you want to promote it, um, you can write a bunch of stuff in here and then just tweet out when you want, if you don't want to pay for something like <inaudible> or buffer, which schedules your tweets, um, you could just write them in here.
04:23 And then someone just remind yourself every day at 2:00 PM, I'm going to go in and tweet something out of here.
04:29 Um, but I also think though that some use cases, right, where you use it internally, I think you could sell this sheet yourself.
04:39 I think there's some opportunities here. Um, Let me get to my, there you go. Here's a few ideas. So if you were like a copywriter, a ghost writer or a marketer, and you're like, I know something about like, I know how to promote something, but I don't have a product to promote.
05:02 You could create, you can copy this sheet. I'm giving every better sheets member, the full permission to copy the sheet and write your own stuff and sell it.
05:11 Um, I think if you do that, let me know. And I'm happy to like retweet it. If you're writing tweets for bootstrappers, if you're creating, you know, tweets for hoteliers, right.
05:24 Hotels are in a bind right now. And if you are in the hotel, hospitality, marketing industry, um, you're just grasping for air.
05:34 But if you write, say a hundred tweets that hotels can promote, uh, tweets that are just killer, right? You know, this stuff just here's the sheet to go and sell it and put it on.
05:46 Gumroad sell a product. You could even sell it on AppSumo. You could sell it on places where like marketplaces like sheets, uh, that's sheets for eas.com.
05:57 Um, and if you're like a ghost writer and you're like, Hey, I wanna, I, I already worked with a bunch of novels.
06:04 Like people haven't like long form writing. This is tweets for novelists. Um, break down their tons of knowledge, not knowledge novels, take, break it down into tweets, formats templates for them.
06:20 I, you could sell this if you sell for people who aren't good at writing real estate agents, mark, um, not marketers, but people who make products, bootstrappers solo founders, uh, anyone who's trying to pitch raise money, um, make treats for startups, right?
06:39 I think there's a really large little cottage industry here where you can create this info product that lives, it lives in someone's Google drive.
06:48 It's it saves them time because they're already starting their tweets. You can start with this one. Um, I think I have a belief that the 100 Twitter templates was a little hard to grow up, like hard to copy and hard to like, figure out how to, what to, what to change for the 100 tweet starters.
07:06 The only thing you have to with a hundred percent, you could delete every other, uh, sheet on here and just make it starters.
07:14 And you just have to edit this column that isn't I do recommend you put a nice little video here. How do you use the sheet?
07:25 Um, put here, I would put here a link to the sheet, uh, the loom. I put a link, a link as well to copy it, like just have the Google sheet link slash templates slash preview.
07:41 Surely you could use the randomizer. I'm not going to Sue anyone who uses this. This is two lines of code, right?
07:48 This is the round brand and index. That is it. Um, and also this dropdown menu, um, I would also recommend you have a share.
07:58 So in case you want to give it away for free as a lead magnet. Absolutely. I ask people to share, if you are watching this and you get a free, please share it.
08:06 I will retweet anyone who shares these kinds of tweets or writes their own tweet. And tags me, tag me at campy or tag me at better sheets.
08:14 I'm happy to retweet whatever you're tweeting almost. Um, and I do promote better sheets here for people who are buying this for a buck or $10.
08:24 Um, and they want to build sheets like this. I do promote in here. So I think that's a good thing.
08:31 You can, obviously, if you're using the sheet and you're going to promote your own thing, maybe you don't want to have this tab.
08:37 So just go here to this down arrow and the leap. Um, obviously don't delete it on mine. Delete it on your big copy first.
08:45 Um, but yeah, I think this is a really cool opportunity for everyone in better sheets. If you're, you're struggling with a product to put on Gumroad, maybe this is your first product, and if you are selling it and solver, I would price it at five bucks, $10, $20.
09:02 If you're going to admit, maybe it's a thousand, I have this great, uh, document here. Think it's here. I close it.
09:10 It's like a lazy for lazy copywriters. And it is, um, 200 pages of a PDF with tons of templates. It's crazy long.
09:21 And it's one of the best resources I've ever used. Um, if you're creating more than a hundred, like go ahead, charge 99 bucks charge $299.
09:30 If you're a really good writer, copywriter, ghost writer, you have templates that work that work without a doubt saga 300 bucks.
09:39 Like I think there's some really cool opportunities and, and get really specific, um, make sure people know who you're thinking this for.
09:48 Thanks so much for watching sheets members. I'm going to close it here. I hope you got to use the sheet and got a little background into just how I deleted everything.
09:56 And really it's just this one line main core use of this at this one line, which is a hyperlink to a Twitter intent URL.
10:07 That is pretty simple sheet. Um, hopefully if you have any questions, write them in the comments below. I'm happy to answer on loom.
10:16 I'm happy to answer by email email me and I'm, I'm glad you're using this. And I look forward to seeing what people do with it.
10:23 Like.