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Sheet Styles A Free Google Sheet Add-on by Better Sheets

About this Tutorial

Install Sheet Styles now: https://sheet-styles.bettersheets.co/

Video Transcript

0:00 So the point of better sheets is to make your life in Google Sheets better. Quite specifically, you should enjoy your time in Google Sheets.
0:11 You should feel confident, you should feel like you have control over Google Sheets in that you don't get lost inside of Google Sheets.
0:21 But I wanted to introduce you to Sheet Styles by Better Sheets as a completely free Google sheet add-on, and it's available right now.
0:28 You can go download it if you go check out better sheets.co/products as it is right now. You can go find sheet styles on a link there or go to sheets styles.better.co.
0:42 And I'll have a link in description here. I wanted to introduce this to you because it's like completely free Google Sheets add-on.
0:50 All you have to do once you install it is go to sheet styles, go to extensions, sheet styles and show sidebar, and you'll show this sidebar.
0:57 It comes with some presets already and what it does in one click, it will change the background color, the font and the font color to less contrast immediately.
1:10 But it, we have a few different styles here. Paper style is this sort of a beige paper, almost paper background with Carla Font and a bit of a less black text color.
1:23 We have papyrus if you want it a little bit darker, a little bit more browner grayer if you're looking for a way to see different lines and see the different rows.
1:35 We have data management style, which makes it alternating colors as you see there. And if you're really into the dark mode, we have dark style as well.
1:44 Now, if you are working in a Google sheet and you have work and you're working on this and you, and you're using sheet styles and you're like, but I don't want my boss to see this.
1:56 I don't want someone else, my collaborator or co colleague or coworker to have to like work this way. I wanna work in my way and they need to work in their way.
2:05 So I'm gonna leave it as default. You can always reset to default and that returns it to aerial font, the whitest white background and the blackest black text.
2:14 Now, if you don't like those presets, go over to this custom one here and you will be able to change the font as you wish.
2:24 Now you get to select your background color. Let's say it's a bit of a dark reddish and your font color.
2:29 Let's say it's a bit of a light green. Maybe you want to make a Christmasy festive color, click set custom style, and everything is changed for you.
2:42 It's also changes it to a Carla font because I really like Carla Font. It's much, much better font than aeriel, at least in my book.
2:50 So hope you use sheet styles. Install it for it's absolutely free. Again, reset to default if you wish.  Let me know what you think.
3:01 You're more than welcome to email me and let me know what you think about or comment down below. And check it out.
3:08 Sheet styles by better sheets. You can find it at extensions add-ons. Get add-ons and search for sheet styles. If you wish, that's probably the fastest way.
3:16 Go to any sheet sheet.new. Go to extensions. Go to extensions add-ons, get add-ons, and it'll be there. Thanks for watching.