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Announcing AtomicSheets.com

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00:00 Hello. I'm so happy to announce atomic sheets pro is available, available for download and access for all members of better sheets today.
00:12 Uh, if you're watching this after July 19th, then you're probably, uh, still available. It's um, wanted to share with you first, how to get it.
00:25 So before we get into anything about what it is, let me share with you how to get it. So you go to better sheets.co/products you'll be signed in, uh, as a lifetime membership or, um, and you can get atomic sheets.
00:40 Only lifetime members are, uh, available to get this for free. If you are not a lifetime member, then you must pay.
00:48 Uh, so I will show you how so first off you will go to here and you can click on buy.
00:55 Now, if you are a lifetime member, your coupon code will be included in the link. If you're not, it'll go to Gumroad.
01:02 And currently today, or actually this week, it's available for $20. Uh, I will have a discount for anyone getting it during the launch.
01:14 Uh, so check any descriptions of these videos for, um, uh, coupon codes. That's how you get it. That's how you get to atomic sheets.
01:23 You can also actually go to atomic sheets.com and@atomicsheets.com. It'll redirect you to a Google sheet and there for free for every single person on earth, uh, that can get to atomic sheets.
01:35 Dot com is 10 available elements. If you want to give your email address up for free, you can also get 30 atomic elements, atomic sheets, 30 for free as well.
01:47 And then 100 elements will be $20. You have to pay for that. That is available on Gumroad. Alright, so I got that out of the way.
01:54 That is how you get access to atomic sheet. So what is atomic sheets? It's elements, it's components of Google sheets that you can get immediately into your Google sheets.
02:05 So what do I mean by elements? Um, first, before we go into this, I want to show you how to get those.
02:12 So here's a first one. This is an index. This is a table of contents that I designed a actually mountain.
02:18 I didn't design it actually. Uh, Zoe of batch bay helped a lot with this. Let me get that out of the way.
02:24 Um, 50, 50, shout out, not 50 50 shot, a shout out full shout out to Zoe of bachelor.co.uk. She helped with a lot of the designs here, um, and really, really splendid.
02:37 A lot of work has been put into, uh, doing these by hand so that you don't have to. Um, and so what you can do, if you like this kind of thing, this element, or this component for your Google sheet, you want to create a table of contents.
02:50 Perhaps all you have to do is go to the bottom, uh, tab where it says the name of the tab, click on the down arrow, go to copy To, and here you have two options.
03:01 One, you can add it immediately to an existing spreadsheet that will, if you click on existing spreadsheet, that will open a model.
03:08 It'll, you'll have to pick from your Google drive, which sheet you want to add it to you click new spreadsheet and it will create a brand new spreadsheet in your drive based on this exact tab.
03:20 So you can even start your sheets with these elements or add them to existing sheets. And all of these are available for you.
03:27 Once you get access to Automic sheets, 100, all 100 elements are available for you. You can copy the tab, but also I will get to the end of this.
03:36 And I will share with you some things that you might want to copy and paste absolutely 100% you can copy and paste them into your especially, or use them as inspiration and do it yourself.
03:47 A lot of better sheets members, uh, love, uh, doing it themselves, learning how to do it. If you're not, if you're watching this and you are not a member yet, then you can get atomic sheets for free.
03:59 I'll repeat that at the end, but you can just go to a better sheets.co sign up for a lifetime membership, and you get all products for free, including atomic sheets that you see here that we're announcing today.
04:09 All right, next, we're going to go into a few of the elements. Uh, I want to answer a question right now are in these templates.
04:17 What I see as existing in Google sheets, template gallery are templates that you can start a sheet on, and they are just not that many.
04:29 Honestly, there are just not that many in the Google sheets template gallery. Uh, and I just kept designing my own, designing my own.
04:36 And one of the reasons I made atomic sheets is because I would design sheets for other people. And then I wouldn't have that parts of those sheets that I really liked designing and making them I wouldn't have available for myself.
04:49 So I wanted to put them all together, put them in a single place so that I could draw from that.
04:54 And I could also draw from it, uh, inspiration for other things, just to see it right. I remember in the back of my head, oh, a couple of years I go, I made that cool sheet put like, how did I really make it?
05:06 Like if we make enough sheets, we forget how we did it. So I'm giving this away, uh, giving this away for members and everyone else has to pay for it.
05:14 But I created this so that you would one have inspiration to see what kinds of things you can do in Google sheets, but too, so you can immediately get it so you can turn your s**t sheet into a sweet sheet.
05:26 And, uh, how do you use it? Well, you get to this, this is the atomic sheets 100. This is the paid one that I'm showing you.
05:33 Now the 30 has 30% of this and the ten@atomicsheets.com has, uh, 10 of them. So you can get them here.
05:44 If you are a member and you cannot access this at all, email me, Andrew, a better sheet stucco, and I'll help you out getting it, but you should be able to get it again@abettersheets.co slash products.
05:57 Thanks. Okay, let's get into it. We have a bunch of cool stuff. We have landing pages to do lists. We have quadrants priority quadrants, which I will explain in a second, we have a, at least one dashboard actually, and we have Instagram posts and we have more than that.
06:13 You have available a blue index of black index. You can add as many more columns as you wish anymore, as many more rows as you wish, just copy and paste them, insert some rows, insert some columns.
06:23 You know, the drill. You can add more to this as you want. These were very difficult to actually make. These are just borders and text, but it's pretty hard to do.
06:31 This is a fun parking lot that I created for our newsletter virtual mall. But you can use it if you have any kind of storefront or anything, um, or even if you create your own mall, you can use this as a great landing page brick wall for if you're creating your own virtual dollar store.
06:46 This is like a dollar store thing I made really cool little brick pattern. I thought this was pretty difficult to make.
06:51 So you can use it, make a brick pattern, make a cool little house. Maybe if you're making like a children's book or something with, um, the three little pigs, maybe you want to use that.
07:00 Here's a simple landing page I made with growth butter. I'd made growth, butter.com and made it in 60 minutes with a Google sheet.
07:07 Great little simple landing page. If you're just trying to make a little MVP product in a Google sheet, redirect a URL to a Google sheet.
07:15 Um, navigation sidebar is what I used in tsheets.com. So this is a vertical navigation we'll get into. You'll see, at the end, uh, I have a menu header, which is a horizontal navigation, and I always thought that Google sheets navigation is pretty hard to manage.
07:31 Like just tabs here on the bottom is pretty much the only way you can navigate plus links. And so I made a vertical one and this one in tsheets.com.
07:39 If you ever go there, if you can go there, it's a marketplace to buy and sell Google sheets. Uh, this P this part of it, the a and B column exists on all of the pages.
07:50 So I copied and pasted this on every single page. And so you can click around and you get a little sidebar navigation to it, uh, right there in the sheet, pearly matrices are for like, uh, figuring out what's important.
08:03 What's urgent. You're probably remember this is like an Eisenhower matrix. There's also a dark mode. If you're into that, there's also a couple more options from batch bay.
08:13 So in batch, we created a couple more versions of this. I wanted to also share with you what else Zoe made, which is a weekly planner.
08:22 These, this is great. It's a well-designed I love the design of this. It's so natural and it feels so much better than just Google sheets, Google sheets, you have these check boxes and then your stuff to the right.
08:35 You usually do this. One makes a Pacifica make a little handwriting. Uh, you can also change that font if you don't like the Pacific code, but I just really loved this layout with a lot of stuff to do on the right.
08:49 This is very printable. You can create a PDF with this, print it out very easily. Uh, you also have the two dues Alone and the planner alone it's well, if you want to just separate those two, there's also a monthly version.
09:01 Again, just a slightly different design, uh, with a little bit more notes on the bottom. There's also a live version.
09:08 Again. I really like design very quick to create your own colors here. This is all merged. This is all merged merged.
09:15 So we really only have 13 things to change. If you want to change your color, uh, here, uh, very well done.
09:22 I love this vertical, uh, text here. All right, now this is the big thing. This is a really cool, what I thought about adding elements to sheets that I share a lot, or at least I sell when I sell them is I need some social shares.
09:40 So here's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and a bunch of versions for you to grab, copy and paste. Also, if you, instead of like sharing something on social, you actually just say, Hey, follow me.
09:54 And you create maybe lead magnets, free lead. Magnets are giving away. Here's some great bars of, you can put it in the footer of sheets and you can just link directly to your Twitter, to your Facebook and all kinds of things.
10:07 Again, this was done by batch, but I love all of these. Here's some that are in the color of the colors of the website that they are, except I don't know where that Instagram came from.
10:16 Maybe we should be purple-ish or something. Pinterest, Reddit. These are awesome. And then there's also this menu header. Now, if you're wondering, how do I use this?
10:26 How do I put this all together? What, where would I ever use this? We've created a landing page mock up here for you.
10:33 So we have a header at the top and a footer here for social. Now you can take this entire thing, copy it, to create a page, a spreadsheet from it.
10:43 And now you can copy and paste these directly into this and mock up anything you want. This is really cool design.
10:50 I like it really feels like a website. If you are just creating a link list or a list of links that you are sharing within a sheet.
10:59 I also have this sort of Lincoln bio version. Um, lot of new designs, uh, I did release this. I think it's a, if it still exists, it's Lincoln bio dot <inaudible> dot co.
11:10 I released a lot of these for free, like this one, but we added a few more templates to this, a few more versions and a few more styles, uh, including this one that looks like sort of post-it notes.
11:21 Really lovely thing. If you want a dark version, or if you just want simple white, Alan's add this to your Google sheet, add some links.
11:28 And now if you again, create any kind of lead magnets, you can add these and immediately get great outbound out bound links to anything you want.
11:40 So members of better sheets do get atomic sheets for free. 100% free. Just go to better sheets.co/products, and you'll get it for free.
11:49 If you're not a member yet, uh, you can obviously get and Purchase atomic sheets. You have two versions for free to go to atomic tsheets.com.
11:58 You get 10 for free. If you sign up with your email, you get 30 for free. Now, if you are wondering what else is available in better sheets, uh, you can go to better sheets.co and check it out.
12:10 We have only sheets. If you ever want to sell your own sheets, we have for 200 tutorial videos, uh, to do more tips and tricks and hacks of Google sheets.