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Set Up OnlySheets with Gumroad

About this Tutorial

I'll guide you through the process of setting up Only Sheets with Gumroad.

If you're new to Only Sheets, make sure to watch the "How to Set Up Only Sheets" video first. 

In this video, I'll cover why you should use Only Sheets, how to integrate payments with Gumroad, and the step-by-step setup process. 
I'll also provide important tips and instructions along the way. 

By the end of this video, you'll have a clear understanding of how to set up Only Sheets with Gumroad and start accepting payments seamlessly.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, this video is to set up only sheets with Gumroad. If you have not yet seen what only sheets is, how to do anything with the only sheets, go watch the how to set up only sheets video.
0:12 I go through a bunch of stuff here, why you use it, why not to use it, and hopefully you watched that already and now come to integrate payments with Gumroad and you want to see how to set it up.
0:20 It's only going to take a few minutes, we're going to talk through it all. What I'm going to do first, before you've done anything else, make sure you have a copy of only sheets.
0:28 I'm going to make a copy here, I'm going to call it Gumroad copy, Gumroad, just so we know this is the Gumroad version, but it's going to be in, it has to be in your Google drive.
0:40 Next thing you're going to do, is make sure, I'm actually going to close this stuff, other stuff. I'm going to open this, go to extensions, app script.
0:50 Make sure you do this step, it is the most important step. Go up to deploy, new deployment, hit that, make sure you have execute as me, that's you, not me, you.
1:00 But it'll say me, me. Click anyone who has access, anyone, make sure this is, select type is webapp, those three things, make sure those three things are correct.
1:10 Hit deploy, we need this url, we're going to use this url in a couple of places, one place, one place very in particular.
1:21 Let it deploy, let it deploy, you might need to authorize access. Okay, this might take a few minutes, not a few minutes, no, a few seconds.
1:30 Hopefully you've clicked allow on those and you get now, there it is, a webapp url. Save this anywhere you want.
1:39 What I like to do is, Save it somewhere in settings. Let's do that. Make sure you have a url for a Google Sheet.
1:50 Let's do this one, Google Sheet URL, make sure you edit, delete all this stuff after the edit. Keep the slash, access level is gonna be viewer.
1:59 Permalink, I will show you where to get the permalink soon. Email notification, yes. In every other step, when you do, in every other, when you do Stripe, Zapier, or any webhook, you're going to create the permalink, but in the case of in the case of Comroad, you're going to get the permalink.
2:20 We're gonna select spreadsheet. Make sure that is filled out. We'll come back to permalink soon. Over on Gumroad we will need to find, so this is 100 Twitter templates that I'm doing.
2:32 Twitter templates, there it is. So in the URL of the product is the permalink YJ LCN. But you can also go to edit product and I think you can edit the permalink if you wish somewhere.
2:52 One second, where is that? Hmmm. Okay, here it is. It was very hard to find. Gummer has a new interface.
4:22 That's the permalink. But if you change it here, because you can edit these URLs from Gumroad, like if we say Twitter templates here, that now is your permalink.
4:34 So if you do not edit it, it's going to be YJLCN. So that's going to be the permalink we set on the settings page.
4:44 YJLCN. Is that correct? Y? And it's also YJLCN. Yeah, it's right here. Make sure I, what I like to do is copy and paste it.
4:52 I don't like to rely on me typing it just in case there's I's, there's lowercase L's, zeros, O's, all that kind of thing.
4:59 Extra spaces, whatever. I just like copy and pasting it. That's your permalink and now we're going to go to Gumroad.
5:07 We're going to go to our settings go to advanced, scroll down to ping and the web app URL that we got before.
5:18 We're going to copy it and we're going to paste it into the ping. Okay. We're going to click update settings.
5:26 So it saves. Now I can go to the page. So this is a good test to do. I can go to the page of YJLCN, click share, copy URL.
5:38 If I'm logged into Gumroad, I can Thanks for watching! Buy this for free. Essentially, it's a test freebie. So I'm just gonna, I am the owner of this.
5:49 It has edit product up here. I'm gonna click on I want this. You can put any Email you want. I'm gonna put camphi at gmail.com a different one just to test it.
6:00 I'm gonna say pay it's a totally test account. So now your purchase was successful. Go back to only sheets. Go to log and let's see if it worked.
6:16 We will see if it worked. Let's see. Make sure we have our setting s. Gum road. Yep. Log. Where's the log?
6:26 Is it? Hmm. All right. It just took a moment more than I expected. There we go. We have now kempfi at gmail.com is the email.
6:47 We have the permalink. We have the sheet. We can go check the sheet. Let's open it and see shared with one person.
6:54 It is shared with that exact user. Now I'm going to show you one extra feature now that Gumroad works. If you want to revoke access for any reason whatsoever or no reason, go up to only sheets menu.
7:07 Make sure this is selected like the user that you want to revoke access to and then make sure the sheet that you want to revoke access for them is also that line is selected.
7:17 Make sure that it's your active cursor. Go to only sheets, revoke active range user. Run the script. It's finished the script and let's go back to our sheet and see it is now not shared with anyone.
7:31 Done. So now it's a restricted account restricted sheet. You've revoked access from that one person who was the only other person shared and that's Gumroad.
7:39 So again, just to reiterate, you want to make sure you have a copy, you make sure you have the web deployed.
7:46 You want to put all the settings, properly settings there. Get the permalink from Gumroad. Add the web app URL that you deployed into Gumroad.
7:56 Ping, save it and test it. Go ahead and test it. Get another account and get another email account that you want to test it with.
8:03 And check it out. Make sure your select processor is Gumroad. If you have another sheet on another payment processor, just copy only sheets again.
8:12 Make sure I call this Gumroad only sheets. You can call it Stripe only sheets or Gumroad 2.0. You can have as many sheet URLs and different permalinks as you want here.
8:22 Don't worry, it'll search through it. Find the right permalink for the right sheet and share it with the right person.
8:27 Thanks for watching. Bye.