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Big Year - a Whole Year in One Google Sheets Tab

About this Tutorial

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Get perspective on your 2024 plan with this full year calendar template in Google Sheets.

All-Year-in-One Overview

Imagine having the entire year's schedule on one single page. BIG YEAR offers a comprehensive 12-month display, providing an at-a-glance view of your whole year. This holistic perspective makes it easier to plan long-term projects, vacations, and personal milestones, ensuring you never miss out on life's big events.

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Video Transcript

0:00 This is your sign, you can make 2024 a big year. It is not over yet 2023, that is. We got a few days left and even if you're watching this in 2024, go ahead and make the rest of 2024 a big year.
0:16 Why I say that is because I created this template called Big Year. It is a single tab calendar of the entire year.
0:26 All of the months are laid out horizontally. All of the days are in each of the months. We have of slots over here on the right that are blank because you know, we have a leap year in 2024 and so we have two days left out of the 31.
0:46 So we have 31 sort of columns here. 12 rows, but actually it's much more complicated than that because it's a Google Sheet template.
0:55 So, before I go on about how I made this and why I made this and all the sort of interesting stuff on how to make spreadsheets, I want you to go get it.
1:04 I'll put- a link in the description. Better Sheet members already got an email about this. If you're not a Better Sheets member yet, become one today for $9 a month or lifetime deal.
1:14 I always have a lifetime deal. You can buy one payment and get everything like this for free and first notice.
1:21 I sent an email to lifetime members first, umm, and then everyone else later and also publicly shared this with everyone later.
1:31 So, they had a few weeks with this already, I think. Couple weeks. Yeah, down below, there'll be a link to this.
1:40 It's absolutely free, by the way. It's a free template. Go grab it. Plan your 2024 all in one page. So, I made this available to download and to as a PDF.
1:53 You go over to download PDF. Gonna make, have to make a couple of edits here, if you wish. So, on the big tab, you can use landscape and fit to page.
2:04 But over, let's go back to the sheet, but over on the tall page. I made a different version, and if you go to file, download PDF, you'll have to change it to portrait.
2:17 And it will all be on one exact page. Also make sure you're using tabloid. I did make this for tabloid ratio.
2:25 If want a different one, like letter, it's going to look different, but you can still print it if you wish as a letter one.
2:30 But I did make it as tabloid. I tried to make as best use of that big sort of ratio. Again fit to page as well.
2:40 Let's cancel that. I also have two other versions on this same template. One is called the checkbox, where I added three checkboxes for each and every single day, even weekends, because you can plan epic stuff in little three parts.
2:53 And I also have a tiny version. I sort of squared up each of the blog. It's called and changed the days, like, Sunday to just S-U-N or Monday to M-O-N, and this might be really good for things like doing streaks, like, X-ing out for habit tracking, for d- if you wanna track bad habits, or the lack of
3:16 them, if you wanna kick a bad habit, I have some other trackers that I made, like, track anything that's free, and dark habits I do sell, and those are to track bad habits, track anything as like automated tracker, but if you just wanna do things once a day, but this might be really- really good for 
3:30 printing out, and doing something like the Seinfeld method, where you just do one X every single day, Seinfeld used to write one joke a day, every single day, without fail, and he would cross out the day if he wrote a joke, and he- and the point was to never break the chain.
3:46 Do not break the streak. So, this is a really good printoutable version.