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Meet Asa: Ask Sheets Anything

About this Tutorial

GPT3 Powered Answers to your spreadsheet questions. Ask sheets anything, literally any question about Google Sheets! This might put me out of a job as a Google Sheets Expert.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hello, welcome. Let me introduce you to Assa. Please meet Assa, ask Sheets, anything. This is a free Google Sheet add-on that you can get and use a open AI API key to ask sheets, anything.
0:15 I will walk you through how to put it into your sheet, how to get the API key and also what it does, and also some drawbacks and some issues with it moving forward.
0:26 And also how you can improve it, how you can help improve it, how you can use it inside of your sheets.
0:31 I'm literally excited to get to fire myself. So this is one of those things where AI is taking over a job.
0:41 AI is taking over the job of a Google Sheet wizard or expert or guru. You can ask a Google Sheet guru a question about Google Sheets inside of Google Sheet.
0:52 So let's get started. So this is what it ends up being. You're gonna be able to ask a question like, what's a formula for getting the sum of all of the column B of Rose with New York and column A?
1:00 And it will give you this answer, you'll can use some if, some if function. Formula was one of those answers to a question someone member had over the last couple weeks.
1:10 And also it's one of the most Googled formulas for some reason it's very hard to remember it. Or someone like someone said to me when I ask them, oh, what kind of questions do you always have a have about Google Sheets?
1:23 And they're like, well, I don't remember the exact formula. Like, how to convert miles to kilometers. And Asa will do this for you.
1:29 Okay, here's what we do. We're gonna create a new spreadsheet within a different account. This is like a at Gmail account.
1:37 Go up to extensions add-ons, get add-ons, and literally all you have to do is search aa, a, s a, Assa, ask sheets, anything.
1:48 If you search for that, the very first thing that'll come up so far is ask sheets. Anything. Click on that.
1:54 Click install. It's going to ask you for permissions. You're gonna have to give it permission to like use an external service.
2:03 It needs to edit, create, and delete your spreadsheets. Click allow, and then it will install continue. Click done. Great. There's one more step you need to do.
2:16 We go up to extensions and there's Assa Ask sheets, anything. There's two things we can do. We can ask a ask a question, or we can save the API key.
2:25 The very first thing you need to do is save the API key. Where do you get the API key from?
2:31 You're gonna go to platform.openai.com. You're gonna go to slash accounts slash API keys. If you just Google for open AI API key, you can get it, create a new secret key.
2:44 This one will be deleted by the time you watch this video. Just copy it. This is the last time you'll see it when you hit, okay, you cannot get that secret key back, so just create a new one if you forget it.
2:55 All right, we go back to our sheet, we're gonna paste it right in here, and we're gonna click Okay. Now what happens?
3:04 Well, we can ask a question. So how do I convert miles to kilometers? Let's see what is going to happen.
3:12 Isa will write the answer inside of the cell that you've selected. So don't ha don't be on a cell that you think you actually have to need.
3:20 Go create a new sheet, create a new tab. Create a new row or column where you want the answer to be.
3:26 But we're gonna go to Assa. We're gonna ask Assa a question. We're gonna paste, I'm you gonna write this question here anywhere?
3:33 And it'll remind you here. If you have data in that cell, it'll be overwritten. Is that okay? Click okay. You're gonna ask the question here, click okay, and it's gonna work and it's gonna tell you the answer.
3:45 Use the formula convert there. Let's how do I create a new sheet? Let's ask that. So again, I can delete that.
3:52 I can go up to extensions, ask sheets, anything asa again, just paste any question you want or write the question here.
4:00 Click okay, and it'll, it'll write the answer here. You can create a new sheet by clicking the plus icon next to the existing sheet tabs.
4:07 There it is. Down the bottom, add a sheet. Cool. Do you have harder questions? You probably have a harder question for it.
4:13 Go ahead and try it. Here's one other way to use ASSA or to ask Assa a question is if you type in equals assa, you can ask the same question and what it will do, it will write the answer here.
4:29 But here's the key. This is something you must, must, must know. Do not leave this inside of your sheet because it will call the API every 10 minutes.
4:37 I'm still working on a little bit of this, the machinations of this, still trying to improve it, but as you can see, the answer is here.
4:45 But what I recommend is just copy and then paste the values. So edit, paste, special paste values. What I do is I, I just recommend that because it will just charge your API key every 10 minutes as a, as as an external request, as an API call, please, <laugh>, don't use ASSA unless you know that
5:07 . But if you go up to extensions, if you go here, go up to extensions Assa, ask Assa a question, and you do it this way, do not worry about the values or if it's a function or not.
5:19 This one how do I write the sum IF formula? Let's ask that question. Gonna ask short questions or long questions.
5:28 This you can see here in D six does not have a formula, so you're totally fine. So go ahead, use asca asa, ask asa questions, ask sheets, anything, and let me know how it goes.
5:42 Right? This is the first version of assa, maybe even version zero. You're gonna be using your own API key. If you cannot use your API key or you can't get an API key, let me know.
5:53 I'm sort of happy to figure out some other path and, And code up more versions of this and, and make it more robust.
6:01 Also, let me know if, if it doesn't answer your question or if it answers the wrong way. I have a few example questions here, like, how can I optimize a heavy if else formula?
6:13 Someone add that question. It seems like a very vague question, and honestly it came up with the best answer, which was switch.
6:20 And, and when it's an answer, I would a answer myself. So yeah, I'm a actually a little scared if <laugh>, if you wanna ask me what I'm feeling, I'm excited that this exists, that you can get Assa.
6:33 You can go to assa dot better sheets.co. You can also go to better sheets.co/tools, and it'll be there as well a link there.
6:42 But assa asa dot better sheets.co right now and install it for free. It's, it's a free installation for members and also non-members actually, so you can use your own API key.
6:55 But I'm m letting members know about this. First, you're the first ones to find out if you wanna become a member and you're watching this video and you wanna become a member, go to better sheets.com and become a member.
7:04 So you get first notification of upgrades, first notification of tools like this. And I hope members, you are excited about this, as excited about this as I am.
7:14 This is really cool. It's easy to install, cheap to run and answers anytime, and it's gonna be inside your sheet.
7:20 You can ask sheets, anything. All right, thanks so much for watching. Go get Assa, go meet Assa, use Assa, ask, ask Assa some questions.