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Export Your Google Sheets to PDF with a URL

About this Tutorial

I want to show you a fantastic new tool that I created called bettersheets.co/pdf

It allows you to easily generate a URL to download your Google Sheet as a PDF. 

I'll walk you through the process step by step, showing you all the options you can choose from, such as portrait or landscape orientation, grid lines, sheet size, and more. 

It's super convenient and completely free for everyone. So, let's dive in and explore this awesome tool together!

Video Transcript

0:01 Welcome BetterSheets members and non-members alike. This video is to show you a brand new free tool like created bettersheets.co slash PDF.
0:10 What this does is it easily makes a URL for you to download your Google Sheet as a PDF. I will show you.
0:17 So AtomicSheets.com is a Google Sheet. It is a freely open available Google Sheet and this is what you get. You get 30 UI templates, elements that you can add to your Google Sheet immediately.
0:30 And there's also a pro version with 100. It is a, it's an open and free Google Sheet with a URL.
0:37 Your URLs, you can actually do this for yourself even if you don't share your link with anyone with the link if it's just restricted but you have access to it, you can still do this.
0:47 But you can take any URL, look at this. So I'm just copying this exact URL up here of this Google Sheet.
0:52 I'm going here to bettersheets.co.pdf and what I want to do is I want to get a PDF of this. Now what we normally would do, right, is go up to file, download, as PDF.
1:05 There and we'd have all these options over here on the right and you have to like select them. But I've already made these easy for you to select these options and it will configure the URL for you.
1:15 So you can select either a portrait or landscape. In my case, I'm going to choose landscape. You can show grid lines or not show grid lines if you don't.
1:21 You can even select your sheet size, anything from letter, Dabloid, A4, B4. I'm going to keep that at letter and show you the differences.
1:30 I'm going to not show the grid lines and I'm not going to print the title in the PDF. But if I wanted to print the title in the PDF, I could click this.
1:37 I will also will click fit in window. Actually, I'll first do it actual size which is not fit in window.
1:46 I will not show page numbers. I will not repeat row headers and not show sheet names. And I'll show you this version and then we'll do another one.
1:53 So all I have to do is click get URL. Immediately it copies this URL to my clipboard or I can just click here down below and it's downloading already there.
2:03 It goes up in the top right and I will open it and show you here. This is what it looks like.
2:08 It does not have page numbers. It does not have page titles and has no grid lines, right? All the way through.
2:15 So it is a real PDF and downloads it immediately without having to go to the Google Sheet. But now I'm going to show grid lines which you might not want to do.
2:24 I'm going to print the title. I'm going to use actually I'm going going to show it for A4. I am going to show page numbers and I'm going to fit in window and show sheet names as well. So I'm going to select all those, get URL, it gets the URL, same URL but it has all of its all of these options
2:42 selected. So I'm going to click this, again it's going to download the PDF and I will open it here and see we get all of the, we get the page each of the pages show the tab.
2:58 It shows the title in the, the title of the entire Google Sheet here. It has page numbers down here and it's fitting it all into a sheet.
3:07 So and yeah, get, get a comic sheets while you're at it. But yeah BetterSheets.com. Go slash PDF. And then what you can also do is share this URL with others if they're like, hey, I want to download this as a PDF, but here are the options.
3:23 Or you know already the options for like a bunch of, of sheets you want to download. Go get this. Use it.
3:31 And let me know how it goes. Totally free and open to everyone. BetterSheets.co slash PDF. If you want to know more about these PDF options, I have an article on the blog about it.
3:42 There's a link down here. And also check out all the other free tools. There's I'll see you next time. Support as a CSV file.
3:48 You can add copy to the end of your URL. There's also a free daily tracker. If you haven't gotten it yet, get, get track anything in a Google sheet.
3:56 It's a free daily tracker. Also free Google sheet add-ons that I made for you. But yeah, I thought this was really cool.
4:03 Bettersheets.co slash PDF. Bye.