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Intro Video - Make Better Sheets

About this Tutorial

Transform your Google Sheets game with Better Sheets tutorials! Learn how to create dynamic databases, design-friendly sheets, and more. Discover hidden formulas and tools, and even build your own. Don't miss out on leveling up your productivity. Create dynamic tools, revamp your skillset, and ultimately master Google Sheets like never before. Better Sheets platform offers more than just tutorials. There is a deep directory of every Google Sheets formula with links to step-by-step tutorials as well as blog posts and youtube videos. It's the ultimate resources to learn how to use formulas in Google Sheets. Every tutorial has listed categories and courses it's a part of. In addition to that any formula featured is listed. And you can click on any formula to see that formula in action in other tutorials on the Better Sheets platform. Watch this walkthrough of the Better Sheets platform.

Video Transcript

 Hi. So thankful that you have decided to make better sheets. I'm, uh, Andrew Kamphey and I'm gonna be creating some tutorials for you. And I wanna walk through right now very quickly, some of the topics and ideas. And I'm gonna ask you one question at the end. So, um, be prepared. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna do some projects.

I have some videos set up to do business models. Databases, collections, a lot of things that I've done over the last five years, um, that I wanna do consistently again and again. And every time that I do it, I find something new and I wanna share with you, um, how to do these properly from the beginning, but also how to make them really interesting and really easy and useful for you to come back to again and again.

I'm also gonna go through very individual tools, um, really, really. , not just formulas, but we will talk about some really interesting formulas that I've used a lot that like some people don't even know about. Um, some I'm gonna create better formulas for you, sort of, um, combinations of formulas and also tools beyond formulas.

Actually, I probably should have said, um, tool formulas here, like these data validation, these dropdowns, we'll build those anesthetics. I'm gonna share with you how to very quickly and simply make your sheets much more read. Design friendly. Actually, I probably should have said aesthetics and design there.

Make better grid lines, do alternating colors like this chart, pick out the faucet are gonna be really super readable. And then we're also gonna be building your own tools. I've made Bookmarklets that actually extend Google sheets and Google forms to make it incredibly easy to add information to databases, collections, I mean, I've done things like collected a hundred websites all within, you know, a couple hours ba using sort of this bookmark that I'm gonna share with you.

I'm gonna share with you some very simple scripting that you can create really, uh, dynamic things that happen without your intervention. Um, Really, really simple scripting. None of this is gonna go beyond like a sort of an intermediate level, I hope, and you're gonna be able to do things. Um, almost every video you're gonna learn a new skill.

But honestly, right now, what I want to learn from you is what do you wanna know? What are some formulas or honestly, what are the projects you're working on that you want to do better? What day-to-day tasks do you do? What's. Job, who are you and what do you do day to day? And I wanna help you, uh, do better.

So here, email me, email, uh me at and uh, Andrew Campi approved, P H E Y a, APR, r o v e d.com. Andrew campy approved.com. Email me on tell me who you are and what do you wanna get out of these tutorials. I've made a bunch of assumptions, but I really wanna know who you are and what you're trying to get out of this.

Thanks so much.