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Learn how to Integrate Google Sheets with External Applications

Learn the fundamental concepts of using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Google Apps Scripts. Extend the functionality of Google Sheets into other Google Workspace applications and automate data tasks – No More Copy Pasting!

Streamline sheets so that your work flows better, faster, and your operations are more effective.  Optimize Google Sheets to improve workflow efficiency and effectiveness. Discover methods to make your spreadsheet-related tasks more streamlined and less time-consuming.

Explore how to integrate Google Sheets with various Google Workspace applications such as Docs, Slides, Tasks, Gmail, and Calendar.

Go beyond theory. This course Includes practical applications and real-world examples of complex integrations.

Topics Covered

Supercharged by Integrations
Integrate Sheets with Gmail, Drive, Tasks, Calendar, and the whole Google Workspace
Discover how to connect Google Sheets seamlessly with various Google Workspace applications. Facilitate data exchange and automation.

API Fundamentals
Gain a foundational understanding of APIs, including how to interact with them, the basics of data retrieval, and the essential concepts required for successful integration. 

Import Data Into Sheets
Learn how to Import external data sources into Google Sheets, such as OpenSea and Stripe data. Participants will learn how to structure and utilize this data effectively.

Send Data to External Apps
Explore methods for sending data from Google Sheets to external applications like Ghost, WordPress, and Gumroad. Automate tasks such as creating coupon codes.

Transform Data in Sheets with APIs
Learn how to use APIs to manipulate data within Google Sheets, enabling them to clean, reshape, or prepare data for integration with other systems. In this section we’ll focus on using Open AI’s API to transform text in our sheets.


Add visual flair to your Google Sheets when sharing company domain information. You’ll learn how to use an undocumented Google API. ( Easier than you think!)
See how you can create your own API using Google Sheets' Web App feature. Deploy a web app and write doGet() to enable others to use an API you create yourself.
Get floor prices into your spreadsheet with URLFETCHAPP. Accessing OpenSea's API directly from google sheets. Get any data you want. from Market Cap to One Hour Volume
Add labels to gmail emails you get from email addresses you put in a Google Sheet list. Great for tagging members, subscribers, users, when you want to prioritize them in your Gmail. Great to see a function laid out that interacts with Gmail inside of Google Sheets Apps Script.
We’re getting data on movies and getting it into Google Sheets. Let’s create some magic inside Google Sheets!
 I will show you how to validate email addresses using the Mailboxlayer API and Google Sheets Apps Script.

I will guide you through the process of checking MX records, SMTP checks, and other cool features.

By the end of the video, you will be able to validate up to a thousand email addresses per month.

get your free apikey and 1,000 requests at
Use any URL to scrape the web or access an API and get that info into your Google Sheet.
Capture data from OMDb in our Google Sheets with a free API Key. It’s easier than it sounds. Let’s do this!
Get more things than just the poster and movie title by changing our script a bit. By creating different functions, we can get other data such as movie posters or directors.
Use getData and UrlFetchApp functions, as well as Logger to get OMDb API data in our Google Sheet. Learn how to access an API outside of Google Sheets.
Learn how we get information out of a JSON response. I’ll even show you how you can bring in some cool images in Google Sheets!
Use the power of OpenAI's GPT-3 inside of Google Sheets. In this quick start tutorial I show you how to take OpenAI's curl commands and change them into Apps Script to use GPT-3 inside of sheets. We write a tweet, we ask questions. And now you can use this power for greater good!
I will introduce you to the power of AI writing in Google Sheets using a tool called Shaman. If you're a blogger looking to take your writing to the next level, this is the video for you. With Shaman, you can unleash your blogging potential by incorporating AI into your writing process.
In this tutorial, learn how to create a ChatGPT-like interface using Google Sheets and Apps Script. Record your questions and get answers from OpenAI's GPT-3 API. Follow this step-by-step guide to build your own interactive GPT-3 interface.

  • Style a sheet like ChatGPT. Use the correct colors and interface design.
  • Add new rows to record the questions/prompts.
  • Add rows for the responses, and answers we get from OpenAI API.
We fix the problem of OpenAI's API not remembering our last questions. And we label the text as Human and AI. I also add an archive Chat and new Chat function to create a new chat fresh.
Learn how to set up a Stripe web hook in a Google sheet and Stripe to track new customers, payments, and cancellations with ease! Get the script and code on GitHub, available for everyone. No need to be a Better Sheets member. 
Learn how to use a free Google API to create QR codes in sheet to any URL. And we'll learn how to make them magically appear as you enter domains.