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Announcing Sell Daily and How I Built Sell Daily

About this Tutorial

Send daily emails to yourself to master sales every single day. 100% completely free for Better Sheet members.

Video Transcript

00:01 Welcome Better Sheet members. This is an exclusive video for better sheet members about Sell Daily. I'm announcing the product release.
00:10 It is 100% completely free for Better Sheet members. I hope you enjoy this video in particular one. We're gonna get you the sheet, so watch the first part of this video.
00:23 Two, I am going to walk step by step over all of the functionality. But however, I'm not necessarily gonna show you really how to use the sheet.
00:34 I will leave that up to the other video I just created and it is available to you once you get the sheet.
00:40 So this video is only for better sheet members that you're watching right now. It's not for public consumption. This is not gonna go on YouTube as far as I know, and well, let's get you the sheet.
00:53 So a little teaser before we get you the sheet. It is, it is literally 366 words that are he, that are to help you sell.
01:04 They can be used in tweets, in emails, in promotional stunts, promotional ways Facebook ads. They are just single words. And then I give you an example and I give you a way to tweet that word.
01:16 So to start a draft in a Twitter account, if you are already logged into Twitter, you can click to tweet and get this exact word into your Twitter account.
01:25 You will be able to create your own tweets if you, if you wish, set these dates. You can say you can focus on one exact tweet word every day.
01:35 You can also randomize if you wanna go through them randomly. And I think this is a really cool feature, which will go into how I built it, is it allows you to set up a daily email to yourself with that one word so you don't have to check this sheet.
01:52 I thought this was pretty cool. It's very much in the vein and the idea of a daily task that you might do or a daily read, like something like Daily Stoic is a book that's written for reading one page a day.
02:06 This sheet and this set of words is meant to be used one a day just to get that promotional muscle going.
02:15 It's not meant to sell everything you have. Okay let's get you the sheet. You've already watched this for two minutes.
02:24 By minute three, we're gonna get you the sheet. All right, go log into better sheets.co with your account, go to Better sheets.co/products.
02:33 Scroll down and click on Sell Daily. Once you click on that, click on Buy. Now. Once you click on that, that'll take you to gum Road.
02:43 Now, gum Road is gonna offer this to you for $0, and all you have to do is put in your email address and click, I want this, or I no click on it.
02:50 I want this. And then it'll, I think because I'm logged in, it's gets it to me. Oh no, this is it.
02:56 $30 minus, $30 $0 for you. So get it with your email address and you'll get access. So here we go.
03:06 Click on view content you now have Sell Daily. You can one copy the sheet, you can preview the sheet. I would recommend copying the sheet to your Google Drive and watch this video on how to use it.
03:19 Now you can always pause the video you're watching right now, go watch how to use it and start using it or continue watching this video.
03:26 And we're not really gonna cover how to use Cell Daily. I'm just gonna cover how I built it. Okay? So just letting you know, spoil our alert.
03:34 The video you're watching now doesn't show you how to use it, but I'll show you how I made it. All right, thanks.
03:40 Go. Enjoy, sell Daily for free. Thanks for becoming a member. Right? Let's get back to our sheet. All right, sell the first things first.
03:49 It's a single word, it's a power sell word. And we want to get into Twitter. Twitter's like a, a main thing of like daily stuff.
03:55 We want to tweet daily and you wanna tweet a daily like promotional thing. This is great. Give you a little example over here on the right of using this word in a sentence for promotional services.
04:08 The Clicktotweet button, how this works is it's literally a Twitter intent url and this Twitter intent url, we can actually put this into Chrome and write in any word we want.
04:25 And what that does is it opens Twitter and opens this draft with this particular word. And we can tweet this word.
04:35 We can tweet tweeting about selling, right? And we can tweet right there, hit tweet and this would tweet, this would publish this tweet.
04:44 So that is it, that is the only thing I did for this Click to tweet other than adding a hyperlink with the name click to tweet, and a little bit of styling here, right?
04:55 Made it a little different than the the other parts of this page. Now, next the create tab. So what I did is I said, okay, well maybe people wanna write a tweet in a sheet and publish that to like a scheduler.
05:13 Maybe you wanna batch tweet like 10, 20 at a time or 30 at a time. Write the tweets and then batch them.
05:19 So I needed to have the word, the tweet that you're gonna write, and then a date, right? For scheduling, you need a date to say what day to put it in.
05:28 And this date on C two is literally equals today. So it'll always, always change unless, and now I'll show you in the other video, I show you copy and paste values and it changes this, but it also adds a day.
05:41 All we're doing is adding, taking whatever is in C2 plus one plus one day. And that is it to get 366 days later.
05:51 In 2023, we have the day 366 days. I did, I added one more just in case there was a leap here.
05:59 So this was pretty easy to get all these dates and get the first date and then get every date. Plus one I just added plus one to the one above it.
06:07 That's all pretty simple. Tweet today, how did I get today's tweet? What I did is I put Today Equals today and I figure out what is the date today?
06:18 And then in here we did filter, we just did, let me just make this really big. We did a filter.
06:24 We said, okay, we're gonna filter that column A in create. We're not even going back to the cell, we're just doing the create tab.
06:31 Cause we have all of them. And on the c column, we know there's the date there. So we just say what is equal to today?
06:42 And as that date changes, today's gonna change and the date is going to change on that create, right? So it will always have today's word here in this filter.
06:57 And, and that's it. And then we just grab we index match for the word. So we have 366 unique words made sure of it.
07:05 Those are 366 absolutely unique words. So we can just do index match here. I have another video index match. Go check it out.
07:12 If you wanna find it on better sheets I would go to better sheets.co/videos and search for the lookup. And then I talk about index match in that video, the Randomizer, what is this?
07:26 We are just using Rand dot, sorry, Rand, literally the function r a n d times 367 because there's 367 rows.
07:38 And we're rounding it. Okay, that's it. We're just rounding it. And then this is taking, where is it? An index of the cell tab and both columns A and B.
07:52 So we can have that click to tweet here if we want. We made a little dropdown menu here so that we can have something to edit.
08:00 You could also do a checkbox if you'd like check on, check off. I did a drop down and we can see here, it just keeps changing randomly the number.
08:17 That's it. Okay, for email, this is the tough part cuz it is a little bit of app script if you have not yet.
08:26 If you have, if you have no idea what app script is, I would say go take the learn to Code.
08:33 Course learn to code in Google Sheets. It's free for members. So if you're a member and you're watching this video, you're gonna be able to go and see the Learn to Code Six videos in like 35 minutes total, I think are under 40 minutes.
08:46 You'll learn to code will learn app script. So I would recommend going and seeing that first. You can go to Better sheets.co/courses and it is not Sheet Code, it is learn to code in Google Sheets.
09:00 This one. So just click on this, enroll in it. There are, there are 10 videos, but actually what it is, it's four videos that I made a couple years ago, but I just recently updated this entire course and it's really only these six videos.
09:15 Okay? So all you have to do is watch these six videos and in fact it's really five cuz the last one I talk about more abstract concepts that you might be interested in.
09:22 Once you learn how to code in Google Script or Google Sheets or app script, go watch this, pause this video, go watch that one before.
09:31 If you have no idea what App script is, okay, if you know what App script is, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go up to extensions app script and there we go.
09:40 We're here. So what I did first, well it's gotta refresh now what I did first, I have an on open here and I created a custom menu that is this menu here and it is custom to this sheet only any of your sheets, if you don't have this custom menu on it goes file to help and that is it.
10:01 But this sheet has an email menu and we have three functions that we can use. We just have this ad item, we have the name that we display and then the actual function that once you click that, the function actually goes.
10:15 We have three functions, basic email. We have ad daily trigger and delete triggers. So what we did, what we found out is like in order to do something daily, like send an email every day, we needed to create a trigger, but creating a trigger for a user, it, they would have to go into App Script, they would go to triggers.
10:38 Let me move my face because right here on the bottom right is Add Trigger. And now in learn to code in Google Script and Google Sheets, I show you how to do this.
10:47 I show you all about this how to, what this is all about. But a normal user might not know this, nor should they, right?
10:56 We better users, I guess better we're better youth members. And so what I did is I coded it so that when you add a daily trigger, we are creating that trigger programmatically.
11:10 So just by hitting that add daily trigger, we're creating a new trigger from the basic email function, which the basic email function says.
11:19 Just send an email that says take the tweet of the day on the example and whatever that is, go tweet put into an email and this, that's it.
11:28 So email this mail app dot send email. If you're not familiar with Google App script, this is basically saying get whatever email is in B2 on the email tab, get the value in a two on tweet today, get the value in C2 on the email tab and get the value in the B column two on Tweet today.
11:51 So we're gonna go back to our sheet tweet Today, it's grabbing A and B and then it's grabbing the email right here and that's it.
12:00 And it's gonna send that email, but it's only gonna send the email if this C2 is on. That's right here on or off.
12:08 That's saying, is it on or off? Is it checkbox and say, yes, we're consenting to get this email or is it off?
12:13 There's no email, then we are not gonna send this email. That's a pretty cool function and I love this if function, if you haven't yet checked it out again, check, learn to code in Google Script, Google Sheets.
12:26 But I also do a workshop called Spreadsheet automation. Check that out if you wanna learn more about this. All right, so that trigger that we're talking about, it's create, it's adding that basic email as a trigger and it's adding it, not 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM but on this eight.
12:45 So what we're doing here is we're just looking at, I need, I need it a way for a user to select the time, but the code to know what time that is.
12:55 And the code is from zero to 23 to know what hour of the day it is. So I'm using this time table timetable, not times table, but timetable to take what the user has said.
13:10 I wanna say I wanna send an email between 8:00 AM 9:00 AM and it's changing it to a number, which is eight.
13:18 And so this the value that it sends it at, I think if you can see here one second. Here it is.
13:26 So we're going to C three, we're getting that hour value and we're putting it right here in this hour. So again, variables are, this hour here is equal to this hour here, which is all of this which grabs it from the sheet.
13:38 Again, you will, you will learn this very quickly and learn to code in Google Sheets. Go 35 minutes later, you'll know what I'm talking about here.
13:47 And then what we do is we let the user know that it's been set by putting it right here into B four.
13:53 So I think it's pretty cool. I think it's a pretty cool way to allow the user to set triggers also to delete triggers.
14:01 So the delete triggers function is right here. All of this from line 26 to 33, pretty simple, just goes through all of the triggers that exist and deletes them so it deletes all the triggers because I don't think that a normal user would be going here, creating a trigger and then going and creating more triggers.
14:21 Normal, tri, normal user without knowledge of triggers will just go here, configuration, send email every 24 hours. And that's it.
14:29 As I say in how to use this, I go through this. If you have any questions on how I made this, if you grab this sheet, if you win over to better sheets.co/products you bought, now you got it on Gum Road and you use it and you wanna know any questions about how I built it, feel free to email me Andrew better sheets.co.
14:51 And I'm happy to answer. I might even make a secondary of follow up video if you have, if there's many people have many questions.
14:59 So thanks. Use Sell Daily. I hope you can build something similar. That's sort of the, the idea behind sharing with you how I built it.
15:10 I'm so happy that you watched this whole video, but.