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How to Sell Spreadsheets on AppSumo Marketplace

About this Tutorial

Get this tool: Coupon Code Maker to make it insanely easy to launch and sell on marketplaces like AppSumo Marketplace.

Video Transcript

0:00 So this video is simply to tell you how to list your product on AppSumo Marketplace. Uh, absolutely you can 100% start a new product here.
0:08 Here's all my listings, you can see how many products I have. I have a ton of products, I've had a couple here rejected, I've had a couple approved that are no longer on the market.
0:16 Marketplace but Better Sheets is selling well, Only Sheets is selling well, Learn to Code in Google Sheets is selling well, I still sell some Better Letters which is the tool for newsletter creators.
0:29 I have a couple sort of listings here. What do you call these? Resources. 100 Tweet Starters, 100 Twitter Templates. These are all on AppSumo Marketplace and selling at some point, right?
0:42 Great thing about Marketplace is that they sell and I don't have to do any of the marketing myself. But look at this.
0:47 This is how. How you get on to AppSumo Marketplace. You create a listing and then the literal purchase is through a code.
0:54 You can see here. Codes uploaded. What is that? What I have done and I think is one of the best systems to do is I've created a product on Gumroad itself.
1:04 It's free. They take a percentage of sales but you can also create ah coupons. 100% one-time use coupons on Gumroad and upload them here.
1:14 But when you upload them here you need like a thousand. Actually I think minimum is a hundred but I like to put a thousand and then forget about it.
1:22 How did I do this? How did I create one-time use coupons is I use coupon code maker. This is literally a tool I made in a Google Sheet ah and I use it myself.
1:33 I can load up this Google Sheet. I can download my products and connect my products on Gumroad and then in one click generate a thousand one-time use coupons that are 100% off and I get the CSV file or at least a Google Sheet tab.
1:50 I download it as a CSV file and upload it to AppSumo. So, if I have a product on Gumroad, I can sell it on AppSumo Marketplace very, very easily.
2:00 Right now, I'll tell you that you can get Coupon Codemaker 50% off just for taking this course, selling spreadsheets. Ah, if you're a lifetime member of BetterSheets, actually, you get this for free, so, by the way.
2:11 But, ah, go to BetterSheets.co slash tools and go to Coupon Codemaker and get it there if you're a mem- lifetime member.
2:19 If you're not, ah, go ahead and you can get 15% off. It's $30 now. I may or may not change this price later on, but right now you get 15 bucks off, so, get Coupon Codemaker.
2:31 It makes creating these codes super easy. It also, ah, I'll share another idea later in this course about how to use coupon codes on Twitter and all these things.
2:40 Use them to do some really fun promos to get sales, any sales. But that's how you get on AppSumo Marketplace.
2:47 Ah, is, create those codes. Sorry, the first step is create a product on Gumroad. Charge, put the price at whatever you want.
2:56 Create the one time 100% off coupon codes and then upload them into your listing at AppSumo. Very simple process. Uh, and I made it even simpler because you don't have to make those 100% off one time use codes yourself.
3:09 If you do it on Gumroad, like through a few clicks, it takes a few clicks. Each time, if you're doing even a 100 of them, it may take over an hour, two hours.
3:17 If you're doing a thousand, let's talk all day. Um, but it literally will happen in one click using coupon code maker.
3:25 I've used this myself. It's fantastic. Um. Uh, really simple to use. Literally, a couple clicks upload your products from Gumroad.
3:33 Uh, it does it automatically for you, integrates it, and then click create those coupons. And then there's a few others.
3:39 Really, really cool way to get on to AppSumma Marketplace very easily. You will have to go through- a approval process.
3:46 Uh, you will have to create your listing and then submit it for approval. I have to say, uh, some things to know about the AppSumma Marketplace is- it is for entrepreneurs.
3:55 People who are working on their own business. They are owner operators of their own business. Thank you. That's online businesses.
4:01 That's offline businesses. Local businesses. Anyone that's running and operating their own business is on AppSumma. Uh, that is also freelancers included here.
4:10 People who are running their own agency. Maybe it's only them or one or two other people. simple, simple, simple. Small businesses.
4:17 Uh, and some large businesses actually are using AppSumma to find products to use in their business. So any resources you know of like for operating a business or promoting a business is great on AppSumma.
4:31 Hopefully this was fun for you. Thank you and get coupon code maker again. Using the code selling spreadsheets you can get 50% off.
4:37 I'll put this link in the description for. I don't know if I can get it in the description. Definitely uh look in the description or just go find coupon code make.
4:48 Thank you. Or on campyproof.com or bettersheets.co. Bye.


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