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Who you are matters

About this Tutorial

Bring your whole self to make a sellable spreadsheet. You want to be a reseller, not a seller.

Video Transcript

0:00 To be honest, I probably should have called the last section or last module What you suffer through is what matters?
0:09 Not what you know matters, but what you suffer through matters because now I think of oh all of my suffering and the spreadsheets that I made to solve that suffering, that's the kind of spreadsheet I want to sell.
0:19 In this video I want to talk about who you are and I think that who you are matters. I think who you are and how you present yourself, how you do anything is how you do everything kind of thing, but I want you to bring your whole self to make the spreadsheet.
0:36 Meaning, ah, we're going to talk about at some point in the future, selling on that sales page, your journey, consider that, but also consider that you don't want to be in the selling business world.
0:48 You want to be in the reselling business, and in the reselling business someone has bought from you and will buy again, and you want the best chance that they will, and you want the, basically the highest surface area for someone to make the choice that yes, they want to buy again.
1:04 I think it's a mistake to have a small surface area and think I don't want to give them excuses to not buy when in fact it's the opposite.
1:14 You want to give enough reasons that like, okay, if somebody doesn't like your videos, maybe they'll like your sheet. If they don't like your sheet, maybe they like your videos or how you think or how, what process you have or a, or separate sheets.
1:27 What I did when I sold better letters, which is a suite of sheets, is I didn't sell one exact sheet.
1:34 I said, oh, I am helping. Newsletter operators, which, of which I was for about two and a half years, I operated a spreadsheet, a spreadsheet that was a newsletter, a newsletter from a spreadsheet, and then I shared that spreadsheet that was better letters is the spreadsheet that I was using for two 
1:50 and a half years to curate my content. On a weekly basis, super easily. But I didn't stop there. I said, oh, I'm helping newsletter writers who might be in a situation that I was about two years ago.
2:05 So I shared some videos on how to get ads, how to sell ads, how to how to curate, not just like the physical manifestation of curation, but like the ideas that I had of how to curate and how to write about that curation.
2:20 Because it's actually a pretty simple process to curate information, add some context to it. And write about it and create a really, really simple newsletter that even AI can't do, you know, these days, now that there's AI.
2:33 Where it can, it can't really synthesize the information, and holistically, it can only like, take an information, summarize, at, right at the end.
2:42 At this point, it's the end of 2023 right now, maybe in a year it will be synthesizing, I don't know.
2:48 But I want to force you to think, or not force you, push you to think that who you are matters and bring your whole self, bring your whole self, your whole body.
2:57 To a spreadsheet that you want to sell, consider that you're going to bring your process, that you're going to bring your expertise and experience from years, but how do you manifest that?
3:09 How do you express that? And that's a question that I can answer now, which is through Loom videos, these videos, kinds of things.
3:16 You'll see some Loom videos where my, my face is in the bottom corner. I share those with buyers all the time.
3:24 And what you can do to test out this theory, if you don't think this will work and you're like, you know, I just want to have an easy way to test this, what you could do is create onboarding videos where within the video, you share your thought process.
3:40 And that way people will be buying the sheet they think is going to solve my problems. They get along with that, the sheet and you with your experience and expertise and you might share something.
3:52 Always ask for some feedback. Be like, hey, comment down below anything surprising, anything interesting that you didn't think about before that now you are thinking about with this sheet and you can always deflect to the sheet.
4:05 You can, if you're sort of shy on camera, you can create loom videos without the video or what I like to do is I was very self-conscious about a year ago and beyond, before that and what I would do is I would think, okay, I'm only this tiny little circle on the bottom, the, the main, 95% of the screen
4:28 is this sheet, is, is this loom video and I'm just this tiny little circle, so I don't need to like, be completely prepared, like, prepped primped I don't need the absolute best lighting here, I could get good lighting, and that would make it better, but I don't need to.
4:46 All I need to do is show up, have my face there, and I'm want to share with you this one experience that I had which was two experiences sort of the same idea.
4:56 One, someone emailed me and mentioned, like, I, we've never talked, we've never conversed, they just bought my courses, bought a sheet, and saw the onboarding videos and was like, it felt like you were chatting with me, it felt like we were in the same room, and I thought that was interesting and I thought
5:16 that was interesting that they shared that with me. I was like, yeah, I guess, I guess we are sort of in the same room when we're digitally together and my face is right there and I'm staring at you, right, but only in the tiny little corner.
5:28 And then I want to share with you this other experience that I personally had. I was trading loom videos with someone, we were working asynchronously, and they had a question and I wanted to answer it so I made a loom video.
5:41 They, in return, made a loom video to me. And about a minute or two into the video, they were in the bottom corner, they were talking and they took a short pause because they, like, expressed the thing they were asking about.
5:55 I started answering them. I just literally started talking to the screen that was like, wait, this is a loom video, this is not a zoom, this is a loom.
6:02 And that put into my body and put into my mind the same empathy and feeling that others have with these loom videos.
6:11 But even if your space is in a tiny little circle on the bottom, you really have a good connection with people who are buying.
6:20 So consider that, that that is a really good way to sell a spreadsheet is add a bunch of videos and add a bunch of onboarding videos.
6:28 And also, I think I'll mention this later on the sales pages, you can also add on a one-on-one consulting or onboarding video onboarding session.
6:37 If you are insecure about like, will people know how to use this? Big question and a totally fine question to have is, will people know what, how to use this?
6:48 Will they know what to do? And you can solve that by just being like, here's a bunch of loom videos, step by step, 20 minutes.
6:55 I think only sheets that I sell has about 20 minutes of video. Or you can install it in less than 20 minutes.
7:02 Actually, ask people, how long did it take you to install this? They said less than 20 minutes. So consider that, bring your whole self to the spreadsheet.
7:11 And I'm really excited in the next video, I'm gonna talk about not just, who you are, but how you think, and how you can bring that to a spreadsheet.
7:20 Bye.


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