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A Few New Spreadsheet Business Ideas

About this Tutorial

Learn how to import DropCatch data with 100,000 domains into a Google Sheet. Find out how to get a filtered list of domains with sheet in them. And how to generate ideas of what to build based on these found domains.

Leveraging Expired Domain Names for Google Sheets Business: The speaker discusses using expired domain names to create and sell Google Sheets templates or tools. He demonstrates how to find domain names related to 'sheets' and suggests creative business ideas around them.

Importing and Analyzing Data in Google Sheets: The process of importing CSV data into Google Sheets and manipulating it to find specific information (like domains containing the word 'sheet') is showcased. This highlights the versatility of Google Sheets in handling and analyzing data.

Idea Generation and Business Opportunities in Google Sheets: The speaker, Andrew Kamphey, provides several examples of how to generate business ideas using Google Sheets. He suggests various niches like WordPress-related spreadsheets, balance sheets for accountants, and even educational tools like math workbooks, demonstrating the wide range of potential applications for Google Sheets in various domains.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hey, this is one of my favorite videos to make. It's a recurring theme here at Better Sheets. I'm gonna come up with a bunch of Google Sheet business either Google Sheet to templates or tools you can make in Google Sheets that you might want to sell.
00:15 This is one of my favorites. Things to do. We're gonna use domain names that are gonna come up in expire domains.
00:23 I'm gonna use drop-catch here. We're gonna open a Google Sheet and we're gonna do this. This should be really fun.
00:27 For Better Sheets members if you're watching this on YouTube and you're not a bed of sheets remember this video is also available on Better Sheets and I will include the exact spreadsheet that I'll show you here that I make.
00:41 I'll be including that for free for members. Alright, let's get into this. I don't know if we even need to log in.
00:46 Let's see. I go to dropcatch.com. Let's click on downloads. I want drop auctions and I want drop, actually back orders.
01:00 I want dropping in four days. I want a CSV. Let's download this. Okay, we have a blank sheet. We've already downloaded it, but let's upload it right now.
01:10 Import. This is like, if you don't do this with CSV files and you're only opening CSV files in numbers, I have a problem with you.
01:21 You could be doing this. You could be putting them directly into a Google Sheet. Alright, we're uploading the CSV file.
01:26 What do you want to do? We want to replace spreadsheet, we want to replace current sheet, sure, detect, convert to numbers, dates, and formulas.
01:34 No, we don't need to do that. Let's import that data. Let's get it. Let's look at those domains. Let's see.
01:40 There should be a few thousand domains. We're just going to look up domains with the word sheet in them, and then I'm going to give you a bunch of ideas.
01:48 I'm going to, this is totally improv'd. I'm going to come with this on the fly, but I am. Andrew Kampfey, I run BetterSheets.co.
01:55 I've been coding in Google Sheets for ten years. I've been doing Google Sheets for ten years. Three years before that I knew Excel VBA.
02:02 Now I run BetterSheets and also coming out very soon. If not yet, I'm creating a course called Selling Spreadsheets. BetterSheets, where I walk you through the entire process of coming up with a sheet or finding a sheet in your Google Drive that you can sell making it sellable, then putting it out on
02:19 marketplaces and if you haven't yet, you should get two tools. One I make only sheets which is a paywall for Google Sheets.
02:25 And two, coupon code maker which makes 100% off one-time use coupons in Gumroad so you set up one Gumroad page and then you can put your product over on AppSumo Marketplace and get it sold and actually sell some things.
02:39 Alright, let's see, let's see some domains here. What domains do we have by the way? Oh my god, 105,000. Not just a few thousand that I just said.
02:48 We have 105,000. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go for everyone here. I'm going to do a find, search for, we're going to search for sheet.
02:58 Text to search for is over here in A2. Starting at zero, I think, I don't even think we need to do that.
03:04 We're going to get hashtag value. It's gonna, if it's a error we want if. Error, we want nothing. Yeah, let's do that.
03:19 Okay, we want nothing. And now, should get something at some point. Because we'll have some that have she did it.
03:24 Let's search. Yeah, we found one already. There. And we're getting a number. So, let's wrap this if error with nothing and if this is greater than zero, or greater than or equal to zero, just guess the first word.
03:41 Actually, no, greater than, has to be greater than zero. Value if true is going to be greater than zero. It's going to be, hey, this is a sheet.
03:50 If false, let's just do blank. Okay, let's fix all those again, and now let's search for hey. Oh, there was one, and now this has sheet in it.
04:03 So we're going to go over here. We're going to filter range is going to be the a what are we going to filter by?
04:12 We're going to filter that e is equal to hey, but also we only want coms for this. Let's just only get that comes.
04:21 She is equal to calm. All right. Let's see what we get out of this. Oh, we got some ideas already.
04:31 Great. You just realized our high have some issues with capitalization. So let's just lower all of these. I'm going to lower this a two.
04:43 And we're going to then search in this one. We're going to do B two, we're going to search for sheet there.
04:49 So we don't have to do too much. But let's array formula this see if array formula array formula works here array formula, a two to a boom.
05:06 There we go. We got all. All that in one go. And can we array formula this as well array formula?
05:16 Let's see B2 colon B. We're going to get an error. Let's just delete everything there. There we go. We have array formulated.
05:25 So now every time we find sheet, yeah, even if it's a capital S we're going to find it now. There we go.
05:34 Worksheets. Football sheets. Yeah, there we go. Now we're cooking with gas. Oh, we found a bunch. Fantastic. Let's look at these.
05:49 So we took 105 domains and we found the ones that have sheets in them. We don't have as many. Not many as I thought we would get.
05:56 I think I did another video like this and I got like 20 or 30 but this should be well enough for a nice video here.
06:03 Okay, we got wpspreadsheet.com. This is a fantastic WP is a fantastic m- set of letters in a domain for WordPress.
06:15 Okay, so this would possibly be people who are looking for WordPress-related spreadsheets. You can create WordPress-related spreadsheets if you're doing like, I don't know, WordPress- SEO.
06:28 Hey I actually created Shaman which is connected to AI and creates a blog post and then automatically posts that to Ghost.
06:38 But you can use the WordPress API and take automatically created AI generated stuff and post directly to WordPress. And you can probably do that really well with wpspreadsheet.com.
06:51 Right? If you're in the business of connecting APIs. So if you want to learn that at BetterSheets, I would recommend two courses.
06:58 This is Spreadsheet Automation 101. It gets you acquainted in about three to four hours with Apps Script, just coding in general.
07:06 Just three or four hours a nice Sunday afternoon. And then I would also recommend Supercharge Your Spreadsheets, which on BetterSheets is a course that goes through how to access APIs.
07:17 There is also an AI integration course on BetterSheets, and that, those three courses combined in about 10 to 12 hours, you'd know enough to build this kind of spreadsheet, which is just basic text, send it to me.
07:32 Send it to an AI, open AI, get some text back, and then send it over to WordPress to post automatically.
07:39 You can even use the shaman sort of setup that I have, but that goes to Ghost. That goes from AI to Ghost.
07:48 We're watching this on YouTube somewhere. I put all of those courses all together in one called Master Spreadsheet Automation that's available on Udemy for like $200 all in one course on BetterSheets.co.
08:02 That's three different courses, but I put them all together. And yeah, I think just a bulk publishing kind of writing, WordPress, and then post directly to WordPress would be great at this www.spreadsheet.com.
08:17 But there are also some tools you can create that are like calculator or SEO related things that people will do.
08:24 They might not want to pay like $100 a month for Ahrefs, but they might want to like load their Google Search Console data.
08:33 If they're running a WordPress site, there might be some data they can get specifically from WordPress or about WordPress that you can create a nice little worksheet in a Google Sheet and make that a tool and sell that to WordPress related sites.
08:48 It also doesn't necessarily have to be always WordPress like a hundred percent. WordPress related, it could be that these are spreadsheets that are for people who use WordPress, meaning they are geared towards online businesses, online writers, bloggers, that kind of stuff.
09:10 The next one is Mathland worksheets. So worksheets is pretty general, but spreadsheets and worksheets are very similar and you can probably create some really cool math puzzles, math games, you can create some math workbooks.
09:25 And make them in the spreadsheets, sell them as downloadable digital products and mathlandworksheets.com. It's pretty cool. Let's see if that is a thing.
09:33 Mathland. Let's see if mathland is a thing. I always like to check if it's like a brand name. Yeah, it's a video game.
09:40 Mathland game. So maybe avoid this or make it related to this game in some way. If this is the highest intent that people are searching Mathland for because it's a well-known game.
09:51 So it seems like it's on Nintendo Switch. And it doesn't seem that big because it's only a hundred and- 50.
09:58 At least Ahref says it's 150 volume. Yeah. I would not touch this. Probably stay away because it's a branded name.
10:10 Ca- cah-hays? What's ca- cahays? Okay, so what is ca-hays football? See if that's a thing. Is it? It's not a thing.
10:24 So if you want to name your thing ca-hays football maybe that's a thing if you know it, it looks like Okahiro's NFL sheets.
10:33 So apparently this might have been someone's name. I'd say away from this too. Not that great. Balance cheat sheet. This would be a great worksheet.
10:40 If you're already like a CFO, CPA accountant and you're working with spreadsheets all the time and you created an interesting balance kind of thing.
10:49 Double entry bookkeeping. I would say take this web, take this URL and run with it. Create some balance sheets, create some freebies that are easily downloadable and you could probably be ranking for balance.
11:02 Spreadsheet really easily with a balanced cheat sheet on the dot com. I think that'd be really fun. Bamboo sheets expressed definitely for not spreadsheets but bedsheets so I would say away from this.
11:12 This one, it's she eats, she eats. Itals, kitchen, probably someone's kitchen. Stay away from this. Happiness spreadsheet dot com. This sounds wonderful.
11:25 This would be a great little happiness. Let's see if this is an actual name, a brand name, happiness spreadsheet. Accidentally retired.
11:36 Gets a tiny bit of volume for happiness sheet. Let's see if happiness sheet. Or happy sheet, happy spreadsheet. These are probably all key words that happiness.
11:51 This might be fun if you create a kind of what is it called when you're tracking nps? MPS score. So if you create an MPS score sheet, which I actually have a sheet that I sort of showed in a tutorial, how to create an embedded URLs that directly go to a Google form and then someone can submit their nps
12:18 score. If you take that, like the thing that I created, take it and call it a happiness score spreadsheet, go ahead and sell it at happiness spreadsheet.com.
12:27 Go for it. Make your own sheet music. Definitely not spreadsheet related unless you really are like a musician. You're like, Oh, I make, I make sheet music and spreadsheets.
12:34 This might be a wonderful URL for you. Sheets. I don't think that's anything to do with spreadsheets. A sure sheets Azure is probably, yeah.
12:48 Cloud services on Amazon. Sorry. Microsoft Azure is cloud services like AWS. There is like, oh, I think this is probably the color Azure might be might be fun.
13:04 Just take this as a brand name. If you're into, if you're starting to sell spreadsheets yourself might be a fun little.
13:11 Brand name. If you are related to cloud computing, this might be that weird Venn diagram where you combine spreadsheets and web cloud computing.
13:21 This bedsheetamazing.com. Definitely stay away from that if you're doing spreadsheets and not bedsheets. Sheets, crafts. This is fantastic if you're creating templates, if you're looking for a new brand name for your Etsy store.
13:34 If you're like, hey, I have a few templates. I don't want to do it under my name because maybe I have another job and I want to just make this as like passive income on the side.
13:42 I know I just want to see. What selling spreadsheets is like? What is it? What is it like selling spreadsheets?
13:47 Who sells spreadsheets? Right? Oh, there's a few hundred people in Etsy selling them. And again, there's a course coming up from better sheets called selling spreadsheets.
13:55 So figure out how to sell spreadsheets here. But sheets crafters. We'll be right back. It'd be awesome if you are designing new spreadsheets.
14:04 I would definitely recommend it. Let's see sheets crafters. If somebody took that already, it'd be a shame. Oh, sheetscrafter.com. Okay, there is one.
14:14 Cra- sheetscrafters. Crafters.com and this is sheet- sheetscrafter. Okay, so maybe I would stay away from this because it's already a domain and sheetscrafter.
14:31 After, let's see if they'll probably show up and if their domain also shows up for crafters, the whole word sheetcrafters, yeah, it's sheetcrafter.com.
14:43 So yeah, you probably can avoid this, but there might be something like, let's, okay. At name.com and see if there's like sheetcrafting.
14:50 If you're in the, like the whole craft world and you love the name craft, craft sheets might be a good one, craft sheets.com, easy.
15:10 Oh, it's a thousand bucks. Maybe we want to avoid that. I don't know, but crafting is a fun name and somebody already did it.
15:17 She, oh my god, there's also spreadsheet crafter. So this might get a little they have Christmas sale. Nice. This might get a little confusing between spreadsheet, craft, spreadsheets, crafter, sheets, crafter, and is there a sheet, crafter, sheet, crafter.
15:38 So yeah, maybe you want to avoid that as well. And Giza, Giza, Giza, bedsheets is also taken. So I hope you got stuff from this video, some ideas.
15:49 One, it's a great idea to go check out Drop Catch every couple of weeks. Two, it's a great idea to just go through these, get your creative juices flowing on what kind of domains are available that are really nice.
16:01 I think WP spreadsheet is amazing domain name. I think balance cheat sheet could be an amazing domain name too and sheets crafters.
16:11 It's obviously good because there's two very similar competitors already and happy. Oh my God. And probably the best one out of this is happiness spreadsheet.
16:19 If no one's picking that up, let me know in the comments. And if you're watching this video a year later, if it's 2024, I'm making this video December 2nd, 2023.
16:31 If you're watching this video a year later and nobody's bought happiness spreadsheet, I might go ahead and buy it. That's a fun one.
16:40 Let's make more. More happy spreadsheets. Oh my, probably happy spreadsheets is better. Let's see if that's available. Right? Some of these start giving you some ideas.
16:49 Happy spreadsheets. Happy spreadsheets.com. It's not available. Happy sheets. Cuz I make better sheets. But somebody should make happy sheets. Happy sheets.com is not available.
17:03 Okay, they're taken. But yeah. Should give you some ideas. I hope this gave you some ideas. Thanks for watching. Bye!
17:10 See you next


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