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Lock Your Sheets with OnlySheets

About this Tutorial

Understand what you can do, if you use OnlySheets between your payment processor and the buyer.

Video Transcript

0:00 This video will fully encapsulate everything about only sheets which is the tool that I made when I was selling spreadsheets and as I sell spreadsheets I've updated it, uh, why does it exist?
0:10 How does it work and what you can do to continue to protect your intellectual property here with using it. Only sheets.
0:17 So why does only sheets exist? Only sheets exist as I paywall for your Google sheet because I was just like you probably doing the share, anyone with the link up here, you can turn the, uh, share to anyone with the link.
0:32 And when I did that, this URL up here would be available if I did a video. And I make a lot of videos, I made a lot of, YouTube videos, I made a lot of videos for members.
0:43 And there was a point in which I was thinking that I would offer only videos to a certain part of my membership and anyone like a lifetime member or you have to pay a premium would access the sheets.
0:55 Now, this is really difficult if in the video there's the URL of the sheet that I'm sharing. And so what I needed to do, was figure out how do I give only the people who have literal access to the sheet, access the sheet, but share this URL.
1:11 And the answer was create a script literally a google script that adds each individual buyer as a viewer. So the, share up here remains as restricted.
1:23 It says restricted. If you do not have access to the sheet, you can go to the URL and it will not give you access.
1:29 It is restricted. So what this script does is literally when it gets uh information. In a webhook usually from Zapier, Stripe or even Gumroad you can directly tie it to Gumroad.
1:42 Uh it will immediately take the customer email and add them as a viewer. It also sends an email from your own Google account saying hey you have access because I found out when I was building this the action in Google script of adding someone's as a viewer does not create that notification.
1:59 If I myself went to that share button, added a viewer an email address, shared it with someone. It would send an email but by doing it through Apps Script it didn't so I had to write the code to send an email.
2:12 Then once I released it it was doing well it was connected to Stripe or Gumroad mostly mostly Gumroad but I realized that there was probably a bigger opportunity to use this if I connected it to Zapier so I created a web.
2:24 Hook version and also there was emails about 5% were not doing very well so the update that I made to 2.0 uh includes like a check on the email a lot of emails like Hotmail, Yahoo do not get added so you your the user of only sheets.
2:40 Thank you. Get the notification when it doesn't work properly. That's very important when someone buys a sheet and doesn't get access.
2:47 Uh also there's a way here. There's an only sheets menu here. There's a way to revoke access. You can revoke access to anyone who bought it already.
2:56 This is easy to create memberships with if you're giving them access for a month or two months or until they stop paying kind of thing.
3:04 Also when I realized this is one of those weird weird thing you never realize until you start selling sheets and start protecting your sheets is a 600 person limit to share a sheet.
3:15 So only sheets what it will do is if it gets to that actually 550 it will create a new copy and start sharing that.
3:23 Actually I don't think it's to share that. It does create a copy so you can go in and re-share it.
3:27 Uh different settings. Let's go. Really simple to use. Literally you just set up this in settings. You connect the sheet URL, the access level, a permalink which you yourself can set if you do it through Stripe or Zapier.
3:38 But also with Gumroad it's like literally whatever the code is of your item in Gumroad. you say if you want an e-mail notification or not you can even rewrite the e-mails.
3:48 The e-mails are super simple right here. Your sheet's purchase. You know how to access to the sheet. You may want to rewrite it, edit this here.
3:54 Or you might not want to sel uh include an e-mail notification. You can also select your type. You can select a type of spreadsheet slides document folder.
4:02 Uh all that type of stuff. You can bundle products together. So if you create two separate sheets but sell them as one you can bundle them together.
4:10 What it will do is it will share the first one. If it's bundled it will go to the next product and share that with the same exact person.
4:17 Some people were asking about only sheets. Uh when I released only sheets what? It's 1.1 or 1.0. They said for every single purchase of a sheet I want to create a unique sheet for that person.
4:29 Okay you can do that now. Say yes or no. So literally it won't share the sheet itself. It will share a copy of that sheet with that person.
4:38 And so now in your drive we'll have every single person's unique Google sheet that you shared with them. It's really really interesting how people have been using this, how they've been using it with slides full.
4:48 There's a lot of people are bundling products with folders and now I also have that bundle option there. So yeah, only sheets is very useful.
4:58 I will make a coupon code for this and you'll be able to get it for 50% off if you don't have it yet if you're a lifetime member of better sheets though you get it absolutely free at better sheets.co slash tools.
5:11 So now by taking this course selling spreadsheets you now have only sheets for 50% off use the coupon code selling spreadsheets.
5:19 You can get here by going to better sheets.co slash tools or you can go to only sheets.bettersheets.co and uh get to the government page put in the coupon code selling spreadsheets and you can get 15 not 15.15 dollars off but uh 50% off uh enjoy, use it.uh Let me know how you use it.
5:41 I'm really excited that people are using it and it's really useful to create a paywall for your Google sheets. Thank you very much.


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