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How you think matters

About this Tutorial

Consider selling spreadsheets as selling your process. How you think matters just as much as what you know.

Video Transcript

0:00 Welcome back spreadsheet sellers to another video here, this video is how you think matters. I'd like you to consider that selling a spreadsheet is actually like selling your process, selling your workflow, selling how you do things.
0:19 And what that means is that we are going to design a template or you might have even designed a template already or even been using a spreadsheet and the spreadsheet itself is one thing.
0:34 But if you are able to sell your process, if you are able to sell your workflow, your the way you do things and communicate that effectively through videos, through the design of the sheet itself, through some text, through a Google Doc that goes step by step on how to use this Google Sheet, then you're
0:56 going to have very, very happy customers. You're also going to be one step ahead of those who are designing a template that they themselves don't use.
1:08 So I do urge you to try to consider selling the template or a spreadsheet that you already use yourself in your operations, in your business.
1:17 That does not mean that you have to. You must always use the spreadsheet that you sell in your own business.
1:26 You may be a consultant. You may be someone who has worked previously in a in a job and you're now designing spreadsheets or workflows or something where you're not the hands-on operator but you're like hey I wish I had this.
1:43 What's really cool about that is that it really is putting yourself and your mind top and the spreadsheet second right and you're saying hey like here's this problem that we had and here was a solution that was right at our fingertips for years and I didn't even know about it then I know about it now
2:00 and I do believe that this is gonna work for you. What's interesting about that process too of selling is that the moment that you have a couple of customers that you have someone who's bought it and these customers could be friends who you gave it away for free to try it out.
2:16 You immediately, once you have those customers and those users, have case studies and I would urge you to gather those very quickly early on especially if you are building a spreadsheet from scratch and you're trying to sell it to someone who you're not the same operator as them.
2:34 Which happens a lot. If we sell spreadsheets to people who are like ourselves a year ago they probably wouldn't be bought.
2:44 Because a year ago we didn't buy this spreadsheet. Right? We learned how to make spreadsheets. We learned how to do the formulas.
2:52 We learned sort of all of these pieces of it. And so I really urge you to think about not make.
2:57 And I'll say this again and again. I urge you not to focus on the fact that it's a spreadsheet. But if you can sell your process, your workflow, and it happens to be a spreadsheet, I think that's really powerful.
3:13 Inform all of your marketing and all of your marketing, ah, tactics and strategies, meaning you can sort of sometimes give away some spreadsheet, sell your process, or give away the process and sell the spreadsheet.
3:30 That could give you an infinite number of blog, ah, ideas, or content ideas on YouTube, on, ah, I was gonna say Vimeo, but that's not, not, not many people use Vimeo now.
3:45 TikTok. Ah, but also consider, and I will drop this now as probably one of the most unique marketing, ah, ideas I have, is you could probably do a course on Udemy.
3:55 I'll talk about that much later in the marketing section of this course. But if you are really matching your unique process to a spreadsheet that you're selling, I think that makes the two, that combination is something that neither had alone, right?
4:12 Your process is sort of a few bullet points or a bunch of videos. And a spreadsheet has no expertise and no experience when people are like, how do I use this, why would I use this?
4:24 And I think that the, if you can communicate properly, your process, your day-to-day process and why you would do these things in this particular way and not other ways, again, that's going to mark, that's going to be great for your marketing, it's going to be great for your sales page, it's going to
4:40 be great for you producing a spreadsheet that absolutely is sellable, and it will combine the spreadsheet which you, again, we don't want to be selling a, spreadsheet, we want to be selling an idea that happens to be a spreadsheet, a solution that happens to be a spreadsheet.
4:56 So thank you for watching this one, I think the next video is going to be similar to this, but I hope it, it, it, it helps your mindset a little bit more, a thinking outside the box and thinking about the kinds of spreadsheets you may want to make, and that you could probably make more spreadsheets than
5:17 you ever imagined. Alright, bye.


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