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How to Turn a Simple List into an Epic Lead Magnet

About this Tutorial

I got this lead magnet via twitter. It's simply a list of faceless youtube channel from a Faceless Youtube Academy. But I think it could have been a lot better. Let's explore ways to make this particular lead magnet into an Epic one.

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00:00 The lead magnet we're making better today is literally a lead magnet I got myself, and I wanted to get way more out of it, and I wanted to show you Where my thoughts are on how this could be better Devon can up is apparently a faceless youtube channel expert and he's given this list of 200 faceless youtube
00:25 channels that are making over a hundred thousand dollars a year I imagine or total and it is a Google Doc it is literally a list ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm for become viral and for a faceless channel academy someone who is trying to share their expertise and for all intents and purposes
01:48 this looks like something that if I'm getting it I may be interested in taking his course or get training directly from him and so I want to know that this person is beyond a doubt understanding what is a faceless channel and how it works and what its doing and how I can create a faceless channel myself
02:08 right? And to do that through a freebie through a free giveaway is fairly hard right this is a list its okay but I myself as someone who is interested in this and trying to study faceless youtube channels to understand what they are doing I really really want in more so lets look at their site for a 
02:28 moment and see what is sort of going on right so this is faceless channel academy.com and it doesn't tell me much more how we leverage simple youtube videos to generate passive income blah blah blah without ever showing everything cool show me now i actually clicked this i signed up for it to watch some
02:46 training it was not very good becomeviral.com seemed even better than faceless because it like is who they are and they apparently are working with or creating these channels but it gets this is all like fairly top level or face level surface level sorry and i can't really understand how they are an 
03:10 expert even when i read they're about us and i even looked at their success stories and i even watched their testimonials i think on the success story one here's the video that i just watched it was like a 20 minute video that i dont think it really said much anything it was sort of just a sales thing
03:27 so like honestly i dont think they really wanted to put much work into this but if they do and theyre watching this then here im gonna explain how google sheets i think could absolutely make this freebie an absolute amazing tool and that too Google can then actually get you real people who actually want
03:49 to buy your tutorials buy your training and follow you yourself more all through a freebie so i put everything into a google sheet first of all and the key here is to how to express two things your experience your experience and your expertise but we do that with contextual data and augmenting an initial
04:15 list so we got this list right here got the URL from this these are all embedded URLs in these like links right and one of the hardest things in Google Sheets to do is to take this URL that's inside of here I just copy pasted all these and I show you in another video so there's another video called extract
04:34 else from Google Sheets and it is ahh this umm here I'll show you extensions app script it is this particular app script theres a funky way to use it this function get link you have to write this function or copy it from the video that I have and then use it and I did that and so I got every single URL
04:56 I then added see its just this and about to get a link directly to the about page to make the next few steps much much easier so that's one thing I will tell you just go watch that video get extract URLs from google sheets buy better sheets and you'll get these URLs from here that makes it a lot better
05:16 but let's talk about what we can do to add to this initial list again what we got was just a google doc of links so youre saving me 10 to 12 hours ish if you instead of just saving me time if you expressed your expertise and shared a unique take away from each of these channels i would be all over your
05:42 i i would be i would be absolutely indebted to you right from that giveaway so what we can do here is categorize these that's a pretty simple thing takes some amount of time a little bit more than just copy paste urls to understand what are categories what i could also express through these categories
06:02 is the idea of niches right what niches are people already doing then i could look at just categorize them by revenue right maybe there's more specific revenue than six figures and seven figures here i could add the view count so on this about page so we go here and this takes a few moments right once
06:23 we have this about link we can take it and it'll pop up here lets go here we have this about 96 video 78 million views so 96 videos what is it 76 views?
06:49 I think i got that wrong 78 so 96 and 78 million i'll just round it there and then i have this average view counter here i just did this with if is blank and round there you go so it's hiding here this if is blank is the cool part it's hiding here until i enter some numbers and then it's round ending
07:16 d8 divided by e8 so its getting us an average view count so maybe i wanna organize these by average view count or sum up these categories to say whats the highest view count for a per category what is the most the biggest niche here right and those things in that analysis from clear data could give me
07:39 something to write about i could have some tabs here where i write about these findings ok i looked at these 200 faceless channels categorized all of them i got their video count view count average view count i found out which of these categories has the highest average view count i looked at these categories
07:56 and summed up all of their views to find out the total market value of all these faceless right what findings did i find from this what i would also do might do and what i'm doing in my own personal use of this for my own personal exploration of faceless youtube videos is i'm taking the very most popular
08:18 youtube video from each one here just understanding what is the number one top video from this channel what's the title?
08:26 Alone. So I'm then going to read through all these and I might even put this into like Chet GPT myself because I don't know this and I'm gonna ask like Chet GPT what are some interesting take aways from all of these top youtube videos umm one thing that I did notice just from the first one two three 
08:44 four five is that the channel was not necessarily bringing new information to light for that category so if you were like umm interested in Rinaldo right or sports you might already know these things.
09:04 What it was doing was sort of I don't even want to say explaining it was sort of bringing to light these fairly well-known things but to a much broader audience beyond this category it actually seems to be videos about something niche someone who may may be interested in that niche that is not deep in
09:29 that niche so this is like Marcus Aurelius right and it has some title which is like gives some some question of curiosity gap and this is a very popular thing in YouTube channels and YouTube videos and between the YouTube video and the title is to have some curiosity gap and I noticed it here the US
09:51 government hid this about the Vietnam War so you know okay I may be interested in wartime information I may be interested in US government stuff and I don't know the answer to this and if I do know the answer to this I might still click on it because I'm like did they get it right so even if I am deep
10:06 ten times Ronaldo shocked the world I might be like hey I follow you Ronaldo a lot did they get this right bam I'm gonna click this not telling you the answer its giving you this curiosity gap umm this lawsuit I like this title number of some money taken developed zero game delivered suit filed so like
10:30 what video game is this I might actually know this video game and I might even already have read the story but I don't it doesn't tell it doesn't tell me in this title this is the game that was never made right and that might be a title that I might myself come up with is the title the video game that
10:48 was never made right but thats not interesting that doesnt create a curiosity gap Marcus Aurelius the man who solved the universe this actually does create a curiosity gap even though it is about Marcus Aurelius or from him of his work the man who solved the universe what is the problem so the curiosity
11:06 is not the solution but the problem okay solve the universe what was the problem of the universe that was interesting just in these first few ones and so if this person who created created this umm this list understood these ideas maybe could contextualize them create different categories of video title
11:31 formats could say key take away from this channel is curate reddit articles because I think actually one of their actual channels they manage or work with worked with is taking controversial reddit posts and showing them on youtube and so like if this is a channel about philosophy that like you can just
12:00 read about it and then like explain it so say that say this is philosophy explained this documentary channel takes the where do they find these ideas where is their sources is it reddit is it quora is it smart stack not smart stack stack social no is it hacker news is it what where are they getting it
12:24 and what are some examples in addition to this that you could do as a faceless channel so if if it's curating reddit can you go and curate hacker news could you curate twitter could you curate twitter right right or twitter tech twitter is it news like business stories umm there's also a couple here 
12:45 that are like newsish the economist here umm are they taking business news orientated business stories and explaining them or regurgitating them or recontextualizing them umm what are they doing to this and what can you what can I take away from this these are all questions that this person who created
13:09 this list could be added into here's a key thing about a here's a key takeaway I want to give to you is if you think this is takes a long time and you're like well I'm I want to create the lead magnet but I don't want to put so much work into it until I know that its a lead magnet that people want so
13:31 heres heres what I would do and Ive done this many times actually with lead magnets is create the initial version of the lead magnet as minimum and this is it right a google doc with all these leads links but I would say make a google sheet put a little bit of effort into it and then release it put it
13:49 up on gumroad for free so you capture peoples emails and then give them updates be like hey I just added three more columns to this three more pieces of data a hundred pieces of data 600 pieces of data I just added I just scraped all of these for this and then I created an analysis you can release a 
14:09 leak magnet over time over many many launches right you first launch it to your mail list you can then launch it to on Twitter then you can launch it on Hacker News if you then productize it if you put in little formulas and tools in here like maybe you put in some kind of AI generator from this connected
14:32 to AI if you haven't yet check out adventures in AI on betasheets.co it's a course that I you I share with you how to put AI into sheets and I should go through a lot of different projects and show you lots of cool different ways to do it Thank you.
14:47 Right those could all be launches of this particular lead magnet you don't have to create a lead magnet and then done you can launch it over and over again so I think this could go a lot more deeper into this and I would love it way more and heres also another piece of information about lead magnets 
15:08 in google sheets you might not know you can sell them you dont necessarily have to give everything away for free if youre like hey heres this here's this column and im gonna put my own expertise in there im gonna go through each and every one of these im gonna review it im gonna have a video reviewing
15:23 each and every one of these 200 channels and share with you key takeaways and it could take about 20 minutes you know 20 to 30 minutes each to make each of these loom videos and i dont necessarily wanna give this all away for free you dont have to create this for free send it out there and everyone who
15:38 gets it send them an update and be like hey i just started making videos i created the first 5 go watch those for free if you want the next 195 sign up for 50 bucks or 99 dollars or 299 put a price on it and say it's it's the exact same list but it's augmented with all these 20 minute videos and then
15:57 each every time that i have a key table i'm going to add it to one this other lesson right so in total you're going to get 250 videos from this it'll be 50 bucks go ahead and support me and support this and the thing is this is one going to give you an extra revenue generate you extra revenue but two
16:19 its going to generate you even deeper leads better leads because a lead magnet for free is going to get everyone and their sister and then the lead magnet itself is going to be useful so then you'll be able to get actually people say hey this is awesome share it make sure you have your name in here what
16:38 they did is at the very top they had become viral they had this too many video to say watch this to understand how to use this they did not explain how to use this list theyre just like here is a list of faceless channels want to build a faceless channel using our systems I wish they really shared more
16:54 of their expertise and their system and said hey this channel shows this part of our system this channel shows this part of our system and had more of a expertise on an authority I would trust them more but I would put their if I was making this in a google sheet a lead magnet for them I would have tabs
17:14 explaining some systems maybe I would have an example of system 1 system 2 system 3 or system part 1 2 3 4 and then links to the system I would have a start here tab I would add a line at the top and have their name there I would have their name at the bottom too or even every 10 I do that with the 100
17:33 business ideas that I give away for free every 10 there's my bettersheets.co so the reason is that this leave magnet should be so good that people share it people download it copy it and then share it the moment they do that you want that person knowing where it came from.
17:51 I would even put onto extension Apps Script a little note. Hey, this is from, you know, facelesschannelacademy.com. And I created these functions to help you and help me run this little sheet I added this function to the like uhm it's generating six figures how did we figure that out oh we took the number
18:10 of views and we divided it by X number right probably a dollar per view umm or no dollar per thousand views So.
18:18 We understood oh we've seen these RPMs on our channels so we assume that its the same on these channels here's an average and we also you know do 80% of that share those little tips and these little things and these functions in this sheet and your sheets so much cooler for it right alright so i hope
18:40 you got something from this video sorry my voice is killing me its new years two days after new year's eve don't get me started i did not party other things happened that i lost my voice but i hope you got something out of this video if you did let me know what you got out of it let me see your lead 
18:57 magnet that you're making even better and if you're interested in this faceless youtube list you need to go to twitter and ask devin for it im not gonna give it to you from me get it from him i hope his lead magnet works out and i hope he does make it better i hope he does share with us you know more
19:18 expertise cause i really care im studying this i actually made this version to study for myself but i dont have the experience that he does i dont have the inside and inside information and i dont know if these are the right niches the right categories i dont know if average views really matters i dont
19:35 know if the top video title matters or if its the top ten or top twenty and its a lot of work right i could probably add make a little script to get this top video title i could probably scrape it easier here but its 200 and i'm having a little bit of fun going through each one of these and seeing really
19:52 what is working worked for these people and what can i do to make better sheets better alright thank you for making your believe magnets better


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