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Find the first value in a row.
Discover how to Save Your Sheets Every Week Automatically


Create a simple facebook ad mockup with image and primary text in a google sheet. Get character count too!
A funky way to password protect some data in a sheet, 3 ways to do it: with IF(), Apps Script, and Encoding
Covering some of the basics I skipped over in the part 1 video.
Get this epic script that automatically edits two tabs and keeps them in sync.
Learn to set text wrap, overflow, or clip.
Organize leads, life tasks, chores, assignments, anything into a kanban or trello board.


Turning an infographic into a useful Copy Writing cheat sheet


Free min game to learn 3 keyboard shortcuts, get it at https://kampheyapproved.gumroad.com/l/escapespreadsheethell
Created a daily email with a motivational quote in the subject.
Search and find duplicates that are spelled differently.
Create relational databases with index/match

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