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Learn about how to add and delete Triggers very quickly. I’ll teach you how you can send out an email regularly using Triggers.
I’ll walk you through how you can receive an email about tasks that haven’t been done.
Learn about the needed variables for the Mail App to work. In this lesson, I’ll walk you through how you can email yourself or other people the items in a to-do list that hasn’t been done yet.
This lesson will teach you how to email yourself by sending some texts. Learn how to get some data from your sheet and send them into your inboxes or other people’s inboxes.
One of the things to learn: We can only have one onEdit() in our entire spreadsheet file. I’ll also walk you through on how you can use Event and Logger to get cool information.
Let’s talk about the IF formula and the differences. Learn how to insert a checkbox and all the other things it can do for you.
Learn to log any variable you want and get notes inside your log. Debug your code to understand what’s going on and find out where you went wrong.
Learn how and when to use Bracket Notation in an array. No memorization is needed!. You’ll also be able to see the gap between what it is that’s missing.
Learn about the syntax of the For Loop. Find out how to do fantastic automations.
Learn the basics of Arrays – how to create one, how to reference rows and columns of data in a different way, and how to get an entire column or row in Apps Script.
Get Values is done in the Apps Script. In this lesson, you’ll learn what changing .getValue() to .getValues() do. You’ll also learn about Logger and For Loop, which I mention here briefly.
This lesson will get you started on your first trigger. It’s the first real spreadsheet automation you can do. Fun stuff!
Learn the difference between getActiveSpreadsheet() and get ActiveSheet(). Don’t get confused. Learn more with this lesson.
Make A1 not so limited. Learn more about A1 Notation and how it can be changed to row, column. Do more with A1 Notation.
Learn about the strategy and concept of the SpreadsheetApp. Understand rows, columns, and cells better.
Learn to write codes in Apps Script. Understand what SpreadsheetApp is used for. Get to know getActiveSpreadsheet and use it correctly.
We’ll tackle the importance of parenthesis, as well as when we should not use them. Learn how to make a functional function with parentheses. I’ll also teach you how to fix an error you might get with using parentheses.
Learn the importance of camel case.
Learn how Dot Notation allows you to go deeper into the functions.
Dive deeper into the world of variables. Learn what variables do. Learn how to assign information to variables.

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