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Automatically copy a spreadsheet tab to a whole new spreadsheet file, get the url of that new sheet, and make sure the new file is values only. no formulas. A member asked this question and I'm happy to answer it, code it, and let you in on the answer in this short video.
Use Google Sheets to quickly find pages we can optimize. Using data directly from Google Search Console. Also check out the simple formula combination: AND() with IF()
Quickly make a daily email to myself with a motivational quote.
Build a website from scratch using a little bit of Google Sheets as the backend. Using Carrd to build a html website from the data and display a random quote every time you refresh the page. All the code including the HTML embed is in the sheet below.
Move a range, or a set of cells, to a new area with a simple formula that's just "curly brackets". Very easy and simple to use once you know it.
Copy text output and input into a google sheet from your OpenAI API calls. Great way to save AI text into a sheet or start to create your own AI writer, or even clone ChatGPT
Understand what you can do, if you use OnlySheets between your payment processor and the buyer.
Tips and tricks to make sure people don’t resell your sheet. Or if they do, catch them. 
- Brand the heck out of your Awesome Useful sheets
- Add your business info everywhere (I mean everywhere!)
- Consider selling more than the sheet (advice/consulting/onboarding/auto email series/videos)
Get this tool: Coupon Code Maker to make it insanely easy to launch and sell on marketplaces like AppSumo Marketplace.

Repliers are buyers. Regularly build an email list with freebies, and giveaways so that you can resell later. This email list is a secret that I think only the six figure sellers selling spreadsheets actually do well. There are two known examples of Etsy sellers making 6 figures. Both of them mention email lists in their interviews.
You’d be surprised about the questions you get asked once you start selling a Google Sheet. Take each and every one of those and turn them into marketing materials. Turn any and all questions into FAQ’s. Update your FAQ’s and your marketing frequently.
Understand the perks and nuances of marketplaces like Etsy, Gumroad Discover, and AppSumo Marketplace. How to sell the same sheet on any online marketplace.
Promote and Profit from Your Google Sheets
Walk through real life examples of landing pages of spreadsheets for sale, and the actual spreadsheets.
Check out a CRM built inside of Google Sheets called SheetifyCRM.com
Create a prompt to OpenAI with an array of cells
A master class on merging cells. How to merge two cells. How to merge multiple cells. How to merge horizontally, vertically, and why.  Create groups. Create headers. And how to merge automatically. Members get the sheet and the apps script down below.
Reasons you may want to avoid the tiered approach, if you’re looking to sell your first spreadsheet. A tiered version can cause more confusion than you can ever imagine. You’re so familiar with your sheet, you know the ins and outs. Buyers and potential customers do not.  You can almost always change just about everything at nearly any time.

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