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Welcome to the captivating world of Readable Hex Codes! In this video, we dive into the intriguing realm of colors represented by hex codes. You'll witness the magic unfold as we explore the delightful hues of "Coffee," "Decade," and many more. With a click, we'll reveal the true essence of these hex codes and bring them to life on a Google Sheet.
Create a simple checklist checker that shows us the first unchecked item in a task list.
Learn the Quick Fix! Replace Text with Blank Cell in Google Sheets Hassle-Free. Say Goodbye to Data Glitches. Super helpful when you need to find and replace in google sheets any text.
I'll show you how to set up a super powered checklist that can act like a micro manager. It emails you hourly with the top unchecked item on your To-Do list.
New Tool for you: Fast FAQs. Create a quick 10 question FAQ for any new product or new feature you want. Even great for topics and theories. 
Sheet uses your own API Key from Open AI to power an AI FAQ generator. Then you answer the questions in the sheet. 

Once you've written the proper answers you can publish directly to Ghost, along with FAQpage schema structured data that is optimized for Google.
Wanted to share with you some opportunities where you can optimize your listing and get the most people installing your Add-on.
We did it! The Add-on is approved. You can now go find the Add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace.
We get our Add-on rejected. Oh no! But wait, stay calm. We'll read the email and see why it was rejected.
After you get OAuth consent screen approval you can go ahead and submit the store listing for review.
We will write our Store listing in this video.
Yet another confusing step in this whole process. In our cloud project we will have to search for, and enable the Marketplace SDK. Watch as I do it in this step-by-step guide.
This is what the request granted email looks like! 
Phase 1 of 2 done. The next thing we need to do is submit our application to the Google Workspace Marketplace.
We got a reply from our OAuth submission. It says "Action Needed" In this video we'll go over the action needed and I'll show you what to do.
We'll finish up the OAuth consent screen form in this video.
Here's the exact OAuth Consent Screen YouTube Video I made. I took this and uploaded it as an unlisted video.
In this lesson we'll check if the add-on actually works and record a client ID video. A weird little thing that I've now done a few times so can hopefully show you how to easily do it without getting frustrated.
In this section we'll put our marketing materials to the test. We'll go through the ENTIRE process of asking for approval, getting rejected, and overcoming rejection to ultimately publish our Google Sheets Add-on to the world!
Create a Carrd website for our Add-on. In this video I show you the exact template I use to make this process smooth as butter.

Get yourself a Carrd membership and copy the template here: https://24ddb0a6ef0fc2ca.demo.carrd.co

The website needs to include:
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Support
We need to take screenshots of the add-on in action. These will be available for users to see how the ad-on works with in the Google Workspace Marketplace. We'll also use these same screenshots later on for launching and on our website. 
Create a banner. This is the thumbnail image that will appear in the Google Workspace Marketplace

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