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Get introduced to Apps Script functions and functions syntax. Learn how to write new functions, how to name functions and call functions from your sheet.
Learn how to automate spreadsheets with Apps Script. The pre-course videos equip you with the fundamentals of coding before you start.


Google Sheets has a new way to do dropdowns. Is it naughty or nice?
Unknown Range Name means we've typed in a formula the wrong format of a sheet name. I show you how to fix that and some other errors that might pop up.
Get a random winner from a list of names. Also great to randomize tasks to do.


Learn to automate an email, with data, from a sheet.
Create a start time and end time and duration of that, with a little bit of Apps Script.
Checking data? This script changes bg color of entire row as you move your cell selection.


A calendar template designed like early Craigslist. A brutalism minimalist style calendar.


Quick intro to a better experience of using Google Sheets


I built a twitter clone in Google Sheets

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