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What is an add on? What problems can it solve?

About this Tutorial

Discover what an Add-on is, what it could possibly do and what kind of problems an add-on can solve. There are much more in depth idea driven videos later in the course. For those who might want to know exactly what an add-on is, this video help you out!

Video Transcript

0:00 In this video I'm going to be talking about what is an add-on and what problems it can solve. So I have created five add-ons, you can see them on the extensions.
0:09 Actually there's one missing here, actually funny enough. But I have them all installed, you can install them yourself as well.
0:15 At this moment in time they are all free to install. Sheet Styles was the first one that I made and it, It changes the background, the entire background of the sheet and the text to a different color.
0:26 So the text color is different and the background color is different and it has presets. Button Styles creates the next one actually I created was Tiny Sheets which was it adds just a little menu function here that you can create a one by one sheet here.
0:40 Actually we can see it right now. That's all it does. But it also can delete all of the extra, all the extra unnecessary rows and columns outside of date, your data set.
0:52 The next one I made was Button Styles. Button Styles creates a three by three button. I'll actually show you that because it's like a really, I love it.
0:59 It's one of the pieces of advice that I've given. In, in prior videos and better sheets. And I then created it in Apps Script so it does it for you in the click.
1:07 So you can get a preset button. We selected a three by three cell range and we just click on neon style and it creates this cool little shadow.
1:16 Great for dashboards, not, not just buttons. But I like to add a link. So I'm going to click on it in the middle and then call it a button.
1:23 Cause a shadow looks, makes it look like a button. You can also make it look nicer if we remove the grid lines there.
1:29 There's also a few other styles and you can just use your own colors if you want. And then, so sheet styles and button styles have this side bar.
1:41 Pint sheets does not have a sidebar. Spin tax adds a custom function to your sheet. So wait, adds it parses spin tax.
1:52 So spin tax is if you have curly brackets and then a variety of sort of named or items that are delineated by pipes, the pipe character, it will then create a sentence and those variations right here, curly brackets and use pipe, spin tax, spin syntax.
2:10 It parses it and then gives you either one variation or all of the variations possible. And so like, what add-ons could really do?
2:22 Is they extend the functionality of Google Sheets. I think of this in three particular ways. One an actual function, something inside of Google Sheets that like, takes some amount of clicks or some amount of time, that's all inside of Google Sheets.
2:40 You can put that in Apps Script and, and put that out as an add-on. You can also create an add-on that integrates with an external either an external site, like an integration, or your own site, if you have your own site and you want it to integrate it.
2:56 So one thing it can do is take outside of information, bring it into Sheets. And then the other thing you can do is take information in Sheets and put it outside to an external source, or not an external source, an external place.
3:11 What this then allows companies to do, and the problems that it might solve, is like integrations. If you know your customers, already use Google Sheets to keep, some amount of data, and you're like, we want that data inside of our app.
3:27 You could have a CSV file, 100%. You could say, just download your Google Sheet as a CSV file, and upload it to our site.
3:36 Or you can create an integration and say, in one click, take the sheet that you have now, and pull it right into our app.
3:42 So we Md, we,. We.. Users of that data are gonna put it in a Google Sheets, rank it, rate it mess with it, turn around, do all kinds of stuff with it.
4:09 So, an SEO agency might say, you know, we'll do the work for you, we'll, we'll create these things, but you need to, you know, at the end of the day, you're going to have to do something in Google Sheets, and we can create that add-on for you.
4:23 Or, the add-on already exists, and you can use this functionality. There is another external thing other than an external site, and that's other Google Workspace apps integrating with Gmail, for instance, or with Google Slides or Google Doc.
4:43 Or Calendar. Google Sheets and Apps Script itself can do that, and Apps Script is really amazing. It is baked into every single Google Sheet, so you can just open the Apps Script of that Google Sheet, and add-ons are coded in this Apps Script.
4:59 So, what's really interesting about the, creation process is that you create the add-on for yourself, and you can use it and see how do I use it, how can I use it, how, what is the usability of it, and then you add a little bit of extra functionality to make it available for everyone, and they don't
5:19 use the code that's in your sheet. You deploy it, so that it is run on Google servers, it is distributed by Google in Google.
5:28 Google Workspace Marketplace? Oh, I hope I got that right. And what ends up happening is it's a free and open marketplace.
5:38 So if you also want to like, create something that you know people are going to be searching for. It has a good chance that people are going to find it and find out about your company.
5:48 So you can start creating things inside of Apps Script, inside a sheet, and then distribute them to every, each of the two billion users of Google sheets.
6:00 We can see actually the, Add-on Marketplace, Add-ons is right here. Get Add-ons. And you can be in this, I'm just gonna make sure we can actually see it.
6:16 Okay, this is better. So now, in this Google workspace marketplace, people will be searching for things that they want to do.
6:23 And for instance, if you type in spin-tacks and hit Enter, my app is, My Add-on is the only one. 52 users, so far.
6:32 I literally just released this thing this week. And then there's tiny sheets. We can see that in the workspace. There's 13,000 installs.
6:44 . Sheet styles. And you can type in the exact, you know, word or phrase. And you can see other types of things here.
6:51 Bulk mail and here sheet styles. 2K. It's already installed in mine. If it's not installed in yours, go ahead and give it a try.
6:58 It's really cool. Got some screenshots. We'll go through all of this of how to build all of this, how to Add your, all of this, everything.
7:08 Privacy, policy, terms of service. We're gonna do it. All. Get ready. Cause now, next, in the next video, we're gonna be introducing you to the actual creation process.
7:17 Bye.