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Marketplace SDK Install and App Configuration

About this Tutorial

Yet another confusing step in this whole process. In our cloud project we will have to search for, and enable the Marketplace SDK. Watch as I do it in this step-by-step guide.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, so if you're watching this video after the last video, the last video, we, I probably did a little time jump and said, oh, the approval is done.
0:08 And, or there might've been some other videos here. In this video, what we're going to do is we are already back at our consolecloud.google.com.
0:18 So let's go there. Let's go actually to the. The PI services. We need to fill out the marketplace SDK. Now this is really, unfortunately hard to describe.
0:30 So I want to show it to you in Google cloud. We are going to search for Google workplace work. Place marketplace.
0:44 It's going to be SDK. SDK. Sorry. And there it is. Google workplace workspace. I don't know why I said workplace workspace marketplace.
0:57 Huh, that is a mouthful. We're going to click on that. We are going to click enable. That is what we need to do.
1:05 Now we're going to go and fill out this whole thing. We have all of our things we need. We should have all of the things we need.
1:13 You can absolutely do this. I'll repeat this even though I've said this before. You absolutely can do this part before you get the OAuth.
1:21 Screen approval, you can submit for it. Then fill this out and then wait to submit this later. So it's really good if you have pushed through.
1:29 Like I said before, push through, get this done. I want to do one thing. So we're going to do app configuration right now in this video.
1:38 And then I think in the next video we're going to do store listing here. Those are two. Parts of this.
1:42 So we want it to be app public. Yes. We want this installation. In this case, we want individual admin install.
1:52 This is one mistake I made before is I clicked on Google workspace add on. Do not do that. Keep scrolling and only add.
2:01 Do sheets add on. Now this part we need to go into our function, our add on, go to app script.
2:08 We need to get this information. We need both the project script ID and the add on script version. If we have not done this in a different video, then do this now.
2:18 Go up to deploy new deploy. Our select type is going to be add on. You can write any description you want here.
2:30 Does not matter. I'm not going to write any description. Hit deploy. This is our deployment ID. We don't need that.
2:40 I don't think. What we do need, however, wait, do we need that? What do we need? We need our version.
2:49 Oh, that's what we need. Deploy. Let's go back up to deploy. Let's click that button. Manage deployments. We want to scroll down.
2:58 We have this library. This is not, this is version one. Is this the deployment ID we need? No. Add on project script ID.
3:11 Oh, I know where that is. That should be in our settings. Project settings. Sorry. Scroll down. ID script ID. This is a unique identifier of the app script.
3:21 So we need. To copy that, put that right there. And then is it on here? It's not on here, but in our managed deployments, we need our version number, which is this case it's one.
3:34 And so we use that one. We put that right here, the script version, literally a number one. And scroll down.
3:41 We have our OAuth. Scopes. I think we need to add our scopes here that we need. It'll include this user info.email and profile anyways, no matter what.
3:55 Go over. We have saved our OAuth scopes here. Container ID. Add a scope here. Current only. Spreadsheets. Okay. Our developer information, trader status.
4:15 Sure, trader. Developer name, better sheets. We need an actual. Mailing address. We need to put in the website, yep. Which in my case is BetterSheets.co.
4:36 Not O, co. Development email, andrew at bettersheets.co. Application, again. We have our website already done. So this is super easy.
4:47 We can put in a Google Analytics ID in there. I don't know if that really does anything. Let's hit save and see if we have, if we have any errors anywhere.
4:56 Nope. And so that's the app configuration. Might be the hardest part is figuring out that the ID is here. Right there in our project settings.