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Connect to a Google Cloud Project

About this Tutorial

This part can be very confusing. So I show you step-by-step how to do it.

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, so we have our App Script manifest file, we have our code done. One key thing is that we need to connect our App Script to a Google project.
0:12 I'm gonna get this wrong. Google con- no. Go to the project settings, scroll down past IDs, and here we'll see Google Cloud- platform, project, GCP, project.
0:23 App Script projects use Google Cloud Platform to manage authorizations. So we need this. Hit change project and we need a GCP project number.
0:34 Okay, we're gonna go to console.cloud.google.com. I need to change my- a user to the actual user of my marketplace. Second.
0:45 So this is the last project I made. I just logged in, haven't changed anything. Last project I made. If you're trying to make a project, you've gotta go to cloud- console.cloud.google.com.
0:55 You should already be registered as a Google- Google developer, I think to get this. But all we need to do is go up to, like, select our project, go up to new project over here in the top right corner of this modal, create a new project.
1:11 I'm gonna call it CPM custom function, keep my organization all the same. And it will take a moment or two to actually create this.
1:26 Right now, if you see it on the screen, I'm working in Spintex, Content Spinner, that was the last project. You'll see this project number, this is what we'll end up needing.
1:34 So, it has been created, but now I'm in an old project, this is very, I've messed this up before, where- I didn't actually click on the select project.
1:45 Select project. We are now in CPM custom function. I've done nothing else other than create it. And I have this project number here, this one night.
1:53 We're gonna copy that to the clipboard, don't copy mine, go ahead, copy yours, mine's already taken, and we're gonna put it in this GCP project number.
2:01 Select project. And in order to change your project, you will need to configure OAuth consent screen. This happens every single time.
2:09 So let's go configure our own OAuth.