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MAKE Your Google Sheets Add-on MARKETABLE

About this Tutorial

In this section we'll put our marketing materials to the test. We'll go through the ENTIRE process of asking for approval, getting rejected, and overcoming rejection to ultimately publish our Google Sheets Add-on to the world!

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, so we have created a website and we're gonna check it in this next section. We're gonna check that the add-on works.
0:06 We're gonna record a client ID video. We are going to do all of the things that we need to take this add-on that we've created, all of the materials we've done, and put it onto the marketplace.
0:19 Generally speaking this is a two-step process. The two steps are you need to get the OAuth consent approval, the OAuth approval, get that consent screen done, and then you need to get the marketplace SDK and get approved on the listing.
0:35 Now those two things are definitely like the two phases, the two big, phases. You don't necessarily have to do them like completely in order.
0:46 So over the course of this section of the course, we are going to first obviously make sure everything works, make sure the website works, and we're going to do this thing where we have to record a client ID for the OAuth approval.
0:58 Little tiny thing. That takes literally a minute. But we're also going to set up all of the parts of the marketplace SDK, as you will see, all the listing elements.
1:12 We have all of that stuff done. We do not have to wait until we have OAuth approval to start that process.
1:18 We will, however. Wait until we have OAuth approval done until we request approval of the marketplace listing. Let me tell you one little story, is that the first four add-ons that I made, I did that.
1:36 I waited until I had the OAuth approval, and then I did the marketplace approval. And it always felt like a long time.
1:45 This last one that I did, I actually clicked on the OAuth approval, had all the marketplace stuff done, and then clicked on review for marketplace.
1:53 What happened was that obviously the mar- well, I didn't know that it was so obvious until it happened. The marketplace approval was re- rejected.
2:02 And if I- if that had happened the first time that I did it, I probably would've felt terrible, and I probably would've stopped, and I probably would've felt stuck.
2:09 But the rejections are just like what- they will tell you when you get rejected what you need to do. So getting rejected is not actually the- a stop.
2:19 It is merely a pause, a speed bump. You just read what they- they want from you. Sometimes it's literally they just ask you a question and you reply to that email.
2:27 But one of the things in the marketplace approval that they ask is, oh you don't have OAuth approval yet. OAuth approval was a day later, and then the moment that I had OAuth approval a day later, I just re- replied to that rejection email and said, It's the- We're ready to go.
2:43 And then I reapplied for the marketplace approval and it was so fast. So I wouldn't necessarily say this is a trick because I wouldn't necessarily do that again.
2:52 I did try it and it sort of worked out in the end. But if this is your first time creating a Google Sheet add-on, I would not recommend it.
3:00 I would recommend doing all- of the parts that you need to do with OAuth approval, clicking that button and then yes, putting all of the information in the marketplace stuff and waiting.
3:10 I would recommend to wait. But in this video you'll see. So you don't need to just watch these videos, do the OAuth and stop watching the videos.
3:18 What I would recommend is watching all the videos, doing all the stuff and then hitting the- approvals at the right time, doing the OAuth approval, clicking that button first, waiting for the response and the actual approval and then going for the marketplace approval.
3:34 But letting you know you can do it out of- out of sync a little bit if you're okay with getting a rejection email.
3:41 Let's get going. Good. Cause in the next videos we're gonna look, we're gonna check the add-on works. We're gonna record a video.
3:47 We're gonna make sure the website works. Website works now. CPM.bettersheets.co. Anyone can go to that is public website and you can see that the slash hashtag support works.
4:01 There it is. C policy. So we're gonna use these links later on in this section. Bye.