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Marketplace Store Listing

About this Tutorial

We will write our Store listing in this video.

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, in the last video we did the app configuration and now we're gonna switch over to store listing. Again, we are doing this in anticipation that the OAuth screen is going to be completed.
0:12 This is one of the most complicated things because the information you need to fill out for this store listing is under- Language.
0:22 I don't know why. But you just toggle item English and now we have our application name. For some reason it's here because we want to do CPM custom function.
0:32 We're gonna write a short description and a detailed description. I'll write those off screen. Come back in a moment. And so as you can see I have a short description.
0:40 And a long detailed description but I did not really write too too much here. Again I'm sort of doing this both for speed but also like simplicity.
0:50 They don't need to be that long if you're only adding a bit of functionality. In this case we're adding a custom function.
0:56 But in your case you might be adding much much more and want to explain this in- store listing. You might want to explain it.
1:03 You could also just explain on your website and know that people are going to come here for once they come from your site.
1:10 It is free of charge. If you are planning on adding paid features, just add it here free of charge with paid features.
1:19 It is unbelievably so- much more easier to edit a completely approved app add-on than it is to get it approved in the first place.
1:28 So if you know you're going, if you 100% know you're going to add paid features, just mark it here free of charge with paid features.
1:34 This does not impact the approval process at all. And you just want to get it approved. You might not even have the.
1:41 Features to be paid. It's okay. Just select it here. This one, I have no plans to make paid features. So I'm going to call free of chart.
1:50 Choose that this category seems like you could optimize for what people are really searching for and what categories. I'm not that, that sure.
2:00 You can see the categories. And see, there probably is some, a little bit of optimization you can do here, but based on, you know, just where it is in the Google workspace marketplace.
2:12 So for this one, I'm going to select mark. Sitting and analytics. Yeah. And now we've come to the part where I'm so glad we have done all of this stuff before.
2:30 We have our icon, our logo, and these are all squares. And then the final one, which is a little tricky, is the card banner.
2:37 And it says right there, 220 by 140. So if you watch that video, made your car better already. Two thumbs up.
2:43 And if you have your screenshots, you can add as many screenshots as you want. Again, this is the store listing.
2:47 So whatever you put here is going to be public and on the store listing only. You've already created your website.
2:53 So like the first thing that people see will be your store listing, or so will it be your website probably, and then your store listing.
2:59 Here is a little trick, a little, thing to make your life so much easier. All of these icons, there are four of them here, not five.
3:07 There's five things. There's four icons and one card banner. Just put the same one, even though it's all 120 by 120, I think.
3:14 We're going to browse. We're going to use, get our icon there. That is. Click and drag it in there. We only have to do this once, but we do have to select it each time for all of them.
3:29 We're photos. I think you'll see all of my past ones here. Select it, select. It is the exact same photo.
3:37 It is the same dimension, so we're just going to use it again and again. This is a little trick because it looked daunting before when you're like, oh, I have to make four versions of this?
3:48 Nope. You do not have to. And make sure the last one, card banner, is not the icon. We are going to do the same thing we just did before, but pick out this CPM banner.
3:58 Again, super simple design to stand out in that mark. Place the screenshots. We're going to do the exact same thing.
4:10 We're going to use both of these. So we're going to do one first, then add a screenshot. And I think, I'm going to double check.
4:22 What was that? The typing one. Data screenshot. There we go. Upload that. Now you can add a promo video. I haven't made one when I submit it.
4:39 I want to wait until it is approved and on the marketplace, And then I'll come back and edit. I can edit this and I can add that YouTube video later.
4:45 I always do that if I had a YouTube video at all. We already have our terms of service. We already have our URL policy.
4:52 Check it out that not all of these are required. So we already have a support. There we go. Post. Install tip.
5:04 You can just write something here. Enter equals sign then. This is just some required text here. All regions. And then.
5:23 That is done. It is saved by the way. I think it's automatically saved. Let's double check that. Let's go back.
5:32 Nothing is saved. Oh my god. Oh, they're safe. Oh my god. I'm so glad we just did that live. Okay, we gotta do that all again.
5:42 Wow. Do not do what I just did. CPM custom function. I'll, There's the save. I don't know why that disappeared before.
5:51 One second. Okay, now I have refilled out everything as before, or almost as before. And now we have the save button.
5:57 I don't know why I missed that before. Did not automatically save. Do not consider this automatically saved. We don't have to, Click the publish button yet.
6:07 But we can wait, and we have already done the OAuth consent screen approval. We have submitted for that. We're waiting for that.
6:13 You can, and probably should, with the first time, wait until you get that approval done. You might have to go through some rounds with the emails, and you might see those videos if I have some rounds.
6:22 And then come here once that's done. And publish to submit your store listing. But we have to save. Make sure you click save.
6:30 Alright, bye.