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OAuth Scopes

About this Tutorial

A little bit about how to write scopes and where to write them. For your own add-on these might change. 

Video Transcript

0:00 Okay, so honestly this process of OAuth scopes might seem intimidating and it might seem actually really hard. I will show you how to get through this.
0:09 In particular my spin tax custom function had these two OAuth scopes. They will have spreadsheets.current only and then script.container UI.
0:20 So I just will copy paste this into, just to keep a record of it, into my editor, into my Apps Script manifest file.
0:31 I will add a comma at the end of here and add these OAuth scopes. I just want to have this in my Apps Script.
0:36 I want this as well because this particular part of the OAuth consent screen. I need these OAuth scopes. I'll show you sort of a trick to do.
0:47 If you go and add scopes, you're going to have to go through these and figure out what to do. Don't not worry about it.
0:56 Do your research beforehand. Make sure you have the right scopes. And then come down here to manually add scopes. That URL that you have in your OAuth scopes, again, I'm just making a custom function.
1:09 I need only spreadsheets. Currently and I need script.container to have that alert. This script container is the problematic one and we'll get through that.
1:20 You'll see how I will just add to table and there it is. It just shows up. Sort of like magic.
1:27 I sort of don't even like this process because I keep thinking that I'm doing it wrong. Like, do I really just add to the table or I always try to like search for one.
1:36 Let's see. I always try to search for it and it just doesn't come up. So just manually adding to the table.
1:42 Here they magically show up checked. Great.. And that's it. Click update for the scopes. That is all you have to do.
1:53 You think you have to like fill in information here, but you don't yet. You might have to give some reason test users skip it.
2:01 They even continue and here's OAuth consent screen all done. We have not provided any of this. We will come back to it.
2:09 I think we can come back to it. I think that's it. It is done. So now we should be able to go to our project settings, change project and get out.
2:23 Or number. Where is it? Let's just click on APIs and services. Nope. Gotta go to cloud overview. Here's our project number.
2:35 Let's go to our GCP project number. Set project. And it is done. We have set our cloud, Google Cloud Platform project.
2:48 Again, Apps Script projects need to use us to manage authorizations. We will come back and later on in the course.
2:55 We have, we have to make all the logos, all the banners, screenshots and all that. And we'll make a website.
3:00 It's super easy. At least the way that I've done it. With card and I have a template that I just copy each time and I add a privacy policy, terms of service and all that stuff.
3:09 You will see how I do that in the next section called Make it Findable.