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Add-on Screenshots

About this Tutorial

We need to take screenshots of the add-on in action. These will be available for users to see how the ad-on works with in the Google Workspace Marketplace. We'll also use these same screenshots later on for launching and on our website. 

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, for this video I'm gonna go screen only so that I can get a good screenshot. We wanna get the screenshot of the app in action, or the add-on in action.
0:10 So here I have the CPM function that is shown here. This might not be that great of a use case of it, of just literally cost views, but I do think that it shows well how to use it.
0:23 But it doesn't, it's gonna look like a plain sheet, so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna use my sheet styles.
0:28 I'm gonna, this is probably just personally something that I would do. You might not do this, you might use a blank white screen.
0:36 I'm also going to increase the font a lot. So I'm gonna and I'm gonna change the format of these things, yeah.
0:47 There we go. So this actually shows the cost and the views. I might also delete this and do this a couple different ways.
0:55 So right here I can see the CPM. I'm gonna increase the size. And now. It shows that there's CPM here and it shows that this is the end result.
1:06 I'm gonna hit shift command 4 on my Mac. And I'm gonna take all of this as a screenshot. I'm also going to do one more thing is equal CPM.
1:23 I actually want to make this a little bit smaller. Just type it in CPM. There we go. Now it looks like a custom function, right?
1:31 I mean it is a custom function. So I'm going to take another screenshot of that and show that you can type that in.
1:37 The data might look better in another way. Like maybe lots of custom views instead of having like just this. And then going CPM.
1:54 And saying cost views. And then we do format this a little bit. You know, we can create a situation that you actually would end up being in where your custom function actually is useful.
2:15 So something like this. That, I don't want that number. So I created another screenshot which has more information, more cost and views.
2:28 And you can see the CPM, like, you wouldn't want to, you couldn't just copy drag this all the way down.
2:33 You can see the CPM is in use. So I'm going to take a screenshot of all of this here. So I do want to point out, that one thing I did differently with the spin is that I went back into Canva and I added a background and I just cropped the screenshot.
2:51 I like this better because then I can actually describe what's going on and why it is even useful. Or you might not even need to have all of these.
3:01 I had three different fun, in this one so I did do that but I might do that again here for this Okay, in Canva.
3:08 So again once I have this already done I'm going to go over to file, make a copy and I'm just going to start with this template already done.
3:18 You can make your own template and use it again and again. I'm going to literally write CPM, CPM up here, calculate cost per melee and then I'm going to replace this.
3:35 I'm keeping a finder folder of material. So I think I'm going to actually use two of these screenshots. I could actually only use, I could go and only use one of them but I'm going to use two of them and create two CPM.
3:54 Auto complete X like a native formula. Just say something like that. This is totally just me doing this right now.
4:07 Figuring out that it's probably best to do something like that. I'm going to crop this down into something that looks better than this.
4:18 Maybe something like that. We will edit this again. Having camera like this, it's super easy to edit. We don't need to.
4:31 Keep all of that stuff. We can tell it's a Google Sheery. There. Acts like a native. We can delete this one.
4:41 We can call it. CPM native. Calculate we need to edit this. I want to include. Let me get it as close as possible and include that line that's a CPM right there.
4:57 That's great. Can probably cut this down to. So include that a bit and let's clean it up just there. This is great.
5:09 I mean, it looks super simple, right? And it's supposed to be simple. We're not trying to sell it right now.
5:15 We're just showing a screenshot of it. And in this particular case, I am showing it with a little text and a little.
5:23 More branding around it. The other ones that I did, the screenshots were literally, I just took a screenshot of it being used.
5:30 And then done and done. You could do that as well. But I did want to add a little bit of branding.
5:37 So that's it. That's we're gonna download these screenshots. All of. Of them and put them in our materials and we'll use them later.
5:46 We put it on the marketplace.