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MAKE Your Google Sheets Add-on WORK

About this Tutorial

In this section of the Add-on course we'll be making the apps script work as an Add-on.

Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, in this next section called make it work, we will be writing the AppScript to create the add-on. You will see how simple it is that I use AppScript that is going to be just doing some math.
0:11 We're going to return, take some inputs and return some calculated number. This is ludicrously simple for the sheer fact that you can see there are so many things to do when you actually have a completed add-on and you want to deploy that.
0:28 That is what the main, this main course is about is all the stuff after you have this add-on. But I don't want to leave you on the hook, so at the end of this course I do have some, you know, ideas on how to.
0:41 Build on what to make, some ideas of why we would make it, some problems you might be trying to solve.
0:48 We're going to be creating a math function. That means we're not going to be taking input other than in the custom function.
0:54 It also means we're not going to be creating a sidebar at all. So we are just going to make something work.
0:59 I would recommend. By far, beyond anything else, if it is your first time creating a Google Sheet add-on to do something similar like this, put out anything that is a proprietary calculation and you'll see what we create in this course is going to be the CPM function.
1:21 I would recommend doing something similar so that you get through all of the parts because each time you create an add-on, it gets easier and easier.
1:31 Little by little, you'll go through this process and you'll need this checklist again and again. So, let's go and create a new sheet.
1:38 Sheet.new, I'm creating a new sheet in my, Google Workspace that is already called Better Sheets. If you, however, create a sheet and the Apps Script with it that is not in the correct workspace, you're absolutely able to go to Apps Script, copy the script, and then put it in a new sheet that is
1:59 actually on your workspace. That is totally, possible. I did that when I messed up and accidentally wrote the Apps Script in a completely different work, user.
2:10 I just copied it and put it into my own and then deployed it from there. So it absolutely is possible.
2:15 If you make that mistake, do not worry. We just need to write the code and then deploy it at the, in the, user that we want to deploy on.
2:23 Alright. So we have a new sheet. Let's go and actually write the Apps Script in the next video.