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Add-on Web Site

About this Tutorial

Create a Carrd website for our Add-on. In this video I show you the exact template I use to make this process smooth as butter.

Get yourself a Carrd membership and copy the template here: https://24ddb0a6ef0fc2ca.demo.carrd.co

The website needs to include:
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Support

Video Transcript

00:01 Welcome back. I am glad to have my face back here. We're gonna create a website. This is gonna be the face of our add-on.
00:08 We need a website to have a few things and you can Get this template that I created with exactly it should have all the text and everything and do exactly you can follow along what I do and change it for your add-on at this card.co slash build slash 24 DDB 0A68E 0FC2CA.
00:32 Okay, so and it all automatically if you're not a paying member yet of a card which is $19 a year for actually there is a $9 a year version but it says here must be on pro standard or higher due to the features used by this template.
00:48 I don't know which features those are but for some reason you will need to pay $19 a year if you want to use card and if you want to use this template and you can use this link.
00:56 This link should be in the description of this video or somewhere in this course. We'll have a link or you can sit here and try to type that URL but yeah it also says I'm a member of the referral program at card so this link will automatically activate my referral code just FYI a little disclaimer there
01:14 . All right we want to go to my I'm going to go to my dashboard you'll see this is the same thing I do.
01:21 All the time so I have sheets styles dot better sheets dot go I have tiny sheets dot better sheets dot go I have spin tacks dot better sheets dot go all of these same almost I did a different something different between sheet styles and tiny sheets I think you'll see this install button is here I do
01:41 . Probably I probably should go and actually add that here it is down here my mistake has a big screenshot you can see the single screenshot I made oh and even that's I should probably crop that URL out here's tiny sheets this one crops the URL out spin tacks again it looks oh it's different right
02:02 but if you scroll down there's a lot of text but then there's the screenshot so I'm using the screenshots in the website and you'll see later in the when we do the marketplace SDK which is gonna be fun right but yeah I will make a copy in my here I have a template see it says template and I will use
02:28 this template so you will hopefully if you if you're following along at home get to this exact spot with exactly this text here hopefully if you do not have the text let me know and I'll fix it all but this image should be logo we have our logo already made if you've did it in Canva we have we're keeping
02:50 a folder here so it's super easy to keep all we're keeping all our materials in one place here's a logo I'm just gonna load up this logo except what I needed to do though here I'm gonna call this CPM custom actually I'm just gonna write CPM there and right here in content spinner instead of content
03:15 spinner I'm gonna write custom function now here is one of the most important things you will ever have to know and you won't ever have to fix this later like I did you have to put TM after Google Sheets if you display it on your website I have built by BetterSheets.co you'll probably want to have a
03:34 link to your site I put these as subdomains on my website BetterSheets but I still want my branding to say BetterSheets.co if somebody comes here because this page is actually going to be linked to later on you'll see I'm going to write I'm not going to spend on screen time writing this but I will rewrite
03:54 these between now and when you see this again and like magic we have edited our text what it is what does it do it adds a custom function I will probably actually oh I forgot CPM there we go so I will probably add to this later on but during the process of like making it making this add-on and
04:21 getting it onto the market place I need the bare minimum I need to just have it describe what it does I have these benefits and then with spintax I ended up putting a lot of sections in here later on but one I got I got a couple more things to do and I want to show them to you so in this install 
04:38 button in card I will delete this and put in a hashtag hit done and then I will also edit this free and call it coming soon I will do this until it is approved and I have the link to the marketplace and I'll put the link to the marketplace here but I will call this coming soon install coming soon and
05:00 all of these buttons that say install free I will edit to be exactly the same so I will edit to hashtag for the URL that just means it's gonna when somebody clicks it doesn't go anywhere it's gonna go to this main site and I'm gonna come in soon hit enter done now here's an interesting thing for
05:19 spintechs I put three screenshots I don't need those so I can actually delete these three images or not three but two of them I'm actually gonna put just one here I'm gonna upload this which one will I use let's see I have this data one this type one I sorta like the type one better for this particular
05:40 use case we'll see how this looks I might not use all of this yeah that's totally fine I can come back and edit this later or even add more and duplicate it I'm gonna call a sepia all you can I can have a link here if I want it and I'm gonna change this install to coming soon changes URL to hashtag 
06:12 done okay a couple more things that you probably will want to change you probably want to change the better sheets Facebook pixel if you have a Facebook pixel it's good to put it on here privacy policy I'm gonna let today is May 26th 2023 and I have the word spin tax in here so I'm going to command f
06:34 and find spin tax and edit that to be surely this probably should be it should be the name of the add-on custom functions use let's look for more spin tax and it's no longer there so done so what I do is I just have a blank sort of a mad libs kind of thing right this privacy policy I I did at one point
07:16 actually read this whole thing and I actually got it from like a privacy policy creator like a like a generator and I just figured out that there's just a few names here that you just have to edit out and then for the terms of service I did exactly the same thing I got some terms of service it actually
07:37 is here this is a HTML version of it and I'm just gonna look for spintax I think I don't have I think I did changes to better sheets so you'll probably want to change this from better sheets to your name of your company so that's privacy policy and the terms of service all in one video and I'll just
08:07 go let's do support two for any questions about this Google Sheets add-on again see the TM trademark is up there you'll probably want to edit your email address here if you're using this exact website what you'll notice about this website and I output you might not notice and I'll point it out to you
08:26 is that it is broken up with these controls which say support this is hashtag support what this means is that I can create a new url by just so is this site and has a back button so it can go back to the original site something you'll also want to notice before we go too far let's go to the top
08:56 so we have all of our parts cpm we need have background I like to change the color a little bit between these because I'm going to make many different add-ons I like to sort of change up the color as I can so I know my amount of difference so I know it's really is different I'm going to make this one
09:17 a little brighter than the there is this tabs up here we want it we definitely want to change this the share image I'm going to use the banner here except for the icon I'm going to upload the logo it's going to be a favicon as well except if you want to put your google analytics ID you can cards
09:47 really cool really like it a lot I'm going to call this CPM custom function add-on description calculate cost per melee in your spreadsheet and you can publish it to a card.co URL I'm publishing it to a custom domain and I will call this CPM.bettersheets.co and I will double check everything we got 
10:19 a logo we got this let's just make sure we don't have spin tax anywhere I do want to make sure I did when I copy this that it actually is a new thing just sort of taking the template the format of it all all these buttons go to what they need to go to privacy policy goes to hashtag privacy policy terms
10:39 of service goes to hashtag terms of service and with card I do that with a control this this section break so that actually makes what it ends up being looking like different pages and has a back button so you're never lost or orphaned at all right everything looks good I am gonna have to go and change
11:00 my d dns settings so that is one thing that I will do and not show you actively I'm just just that's gonna be your own I use I might use a different registrar so just change your dns settings follow these steps that card does but once we hit publish we have to hit publish first and then I'm going to
11:22 go change my dns settings and we'll have a website