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10 Google Sheets I Wish Someone Would Make

About this Tutorial

if you're looking for ideas on what sheets to make I think this video is going to be super, super helpful to you because I'm going to explain not just the sheet I want and what it does, but over the course of all of these, I think you'll get a sense of some really interesting ideas on how to make sheets that sell.

Video Transcript

00:00 All right, this is 10 Google sheets. I wish someone would make an, I would actually pay for. So in this video is going to be 100% bias, 100% opinion from me to you.
00:15 Um, if you're looking for ideas on what to make or how to make it, I think this video is going to be super, super helpful to you because I'm going to explain not just the sheet I want and what it does, but over the course of all of these, I think you'll get a sense of some really interesting ideas on
00:35 like the basics of getting a Google sheet that you can sell, um, getting the basic format down done, and then get it to sell, get it into pain hands, which I am willing to pay.
00:48 I'm willing to shell out the dollars for this, uh, for these sheets. Um, and then you'll get, you know, get me to pay for it.
00:58 You'll get me, uh, to give you feedback on how to make it better. And I think I want to get across to you.
01:06 Who's watching. If you're not able to build Google sheets now that can sell, um, ideally this video should help you get, get that first idea, get that first idea out into a Google sheet, put it on.
01:18 Gumroad put it on some site that you can sell to someone. Um, but let's get going, right. I wanna, I want to get these ideas out there into the world because I want to pay for them.
01:31 Uh, you'll see, over the course of all these, uh, all these 10 sheets that there Is, um, maybe a Common theme that I'm looking for, an expert, someone who has done interesting things before and is now putting that expertise into a Google sheet, into a format that I, as a consumer can play around with
01:54 use, not just get right, a course or a video course is really good for just exposing knowledge to someone. But these, I want to get someone who's an expert at that thing.
02:07 Get them, get them to give me the numbers, to tweak the things to do, and then let me do it.
02:14 All right. Let's let's get started first off. It was really a fun one. This is a really fun one. It's going to be a board game creator.
02:21 Yes. I want a Google sheet that I can make a board. Damon. I know there are things like tabletop simulator.
02:28 Um, this is a full power suite. Um, you can live in, became, you can create a game and make it, um, here's tabletop, uh, playground again, it's a full on app, um, software that creates a game you can play, but I am looking for something where I really understand if, if you, as a board game creator verdict
02:50 created a board game and you know, the math behind Good games, um, Then build that into a Google sheet, put all the math in there, right?
03:01 We know we all understand the math behind rock paper. Scissors is each one of these three beats, the other one, and it has a 33% chance of winning.
03:11 Right. But put that into, um, the idea of like, uh world-building. And so I think one really cool starting Point is, um, Obviously the math, but this is a 400 prompts on world building.
03:29 And I love this Google sheet because one, it works, it works phenomenally well, like little tiny progress bars. So you go through it.
03:36 Um, it's a really good design, um, but it gives you that idea that there's so many worlds to build now from this, I can build a world, but now I need the math.
03:48 I need the math behind a good game. So I think, um, if you are a, if you have built a group of a board game before, if you've created a board game and you understand the math behind that one more game of where you got it, I think one easy way to start this sheet to create it is to, um, put formats of
04:08 games, right? Take an existing game, say monopoly, um, and, and just break down all the math and say like, here's literally the list of all the math that's involved in this game.
04:19 Dice rules, where things go, people have broken down monopoly before there's there's experts who play monopoly, understand where the winning features of it.
04:27 People know the math there's magical gathering has a lot of math poker has a lot of money. There's great poker simulators, um, that are pure math.
04:36 Those poker simulators could definitely be, um, made into a Google sheet. Um, and there's a lot of poker, especially Texas Hold'em is a really small game, right?
04:49 You have two cards to start with. You have five cards that are community and all of them, that's all the math, right?
04:56 All the game and ship and the meta-game you don't really have to deal with until you want to like be good at the game against other people.
05:03 But the game itself has basic math in it. And I think some enterprising board game person could create a Google sheet where you could essentially take formats, right.
05:15 Formats of say poker or, um, or rock paper scissors, and meld them together into a really fun board game. Add in that story elements, Um, and, and create a board game.
05:26 I think That would be fun. Um, again, I'm looking for this sheet. So I would think if I could be able to export The sort of cards, Right.
05:38 And if I could export say 50 cards and I know all the math involved in and how they beat Each other and stuff, um, Something like dominion or, Um, uh, not star Wars.
05:51 Oh my God. Star rounds. I'm just thinking star rounds has basic math in it. And the creators behind that know the, there, they dealt with the math, um, through play testing, right.
06:01 If I could, you know, say like a d*** building game, but make it a super simple one so that you can say, okay, I want to create 12 cards.
06:12 There's four cards each. Um, and you're going to draw one and you can pay for things. Um, what is the math behind that breakdown on the math?
06:20 Um, I think that's a good way to start A board game creator in a Google sheet. Okay. Moving On or finder.
06:27 Cool. One second. I'll get you some links. So you might think that Fiverr has already dealt with this, right. Fiber has, Um, their search bar.
06:39 Right. But The way that fiber works is that you have to know exactly the skill you need to the key word.
06:47 And this works sort of good on both sides. The searcher understands the word website design. The profile has website designer and they get matched.
06:58 Right. But if you want to acquire a team of say Three to five, five, Vermes, five rovers around A project, what are those skills that I need?
07:09 I would love to know Based on a project, what Skills do I need to find a fine on fiber? Right.
07:18 So just to say that again is, I want basically a project based search tool that I know like a checklist is the easiest way to start the say, I want to write a book.
07:30 Well, I need a, um, someone to interview me and write, write about a journalist slash writer. I need an editor to editorialize that I need a book design layout person, right.
07:44 And then, then I need a book cover artist, an illustrator. So those are four people, four types of people. And I don't necessarily know what are the best keywords to find them.
07:55 So someone who has hired maybe a bunch of people on Fiverr, couldn't make this sheet could say, start off with a few very interesting projects, right?
08:05 Uh, I want to start a podcast, or I want to write a book here or the four types of people that you would need to hire.
08:12 Um, maybe you need to do promotions for that. And that could be a whole section of social media, email copywriting.
08:19 And then here are the three key words and a link to get them. So that's it. That's where I would start with, I would put together a project and each tab have a link to the already key worded Five or search.
08:33 Um, And then I would get that into the hands of a hundred people, get some feedback, get like, Hey, did this save you time to find the keywords to find them?
08:44 But when hiring, what did you go through? So maybe there's a hiring checklist. You could break down the hiring process on fiber.
08:50 This could also work on Upwork where I find it much easier to create a Google doc that says, do this task for $25.
09:01 And then after that, I'll review your work and maybe give you more work. Um, which is a very weird way to, to hire people where normally you look at their work, you interview them for an hour, meet them, discuss, and then hire them for a long time.
09:15 Whereas I really just want to get fast to the work. So give you a sample paid date, um, gig. And then from that, see who I want to hire for a longer term project, more and more gates five, or could be the similar way, right?
09:32 Could it be like also this, this is the other thing is created perfect job description, right. From generate a job description for your project, right.
09:43 Um, that could work for an all part, but a firefighter I think could help really well. Um, again, this is something that I would pay for.
09:49 If you have to know the key words based on a project, I will give you like three projects I want to do.
09:56 Well. I already said, write a book, start a podcast that has a host of different Things you need to do.
10:03 So one thing Is probably rebrand a blog. Um, three parts of that I know are, well, I mean, illustrations, maybe, maybe even within the illustration, I need like a design framework made.
10:19 So just give me like 10 illustrations of these blogs. Um, I need Sort of a little bit of SEO help, right?
10:27 Um, I would need a designer to just spend 20 minutes to an Hour or two, perhaps I'm looking at my and insight and saying, here's the color scheme.
10:42 I would love that. Like someone was like, oh, Here's the color scheme you should have here. Um, Perhaps because there could be a good checklist to hire 10 to 20 writers.
10:53 I know that sounds like a lot, but like on five writers should be able to like hire a lot of people to do the same task versus write a blog or take a book, taking an existing blog and do something with it, visualize it right.
11:05 Can I find this, uh, illustrator like 10 illustrators take An existing blog and illustrate it. So That would become an illustration for that blog post Plus Twitter posts plus Instagram, um, that would work right.
11:23 That would work from, that would be a lot of work to find 10 to 20 illustrators that do that kind of thing.
11:29 But that's what a five finder could do. What are more pieces that I want to, Um, if you're looking for more ideas, Five per sort of gives you the framework.
11:39 If you look at their popular services here, like logo design, it gives you the framework of how to hire someone.
11:51 You need to select the style and then you have some options here, right? These are all within fiber. And I'm not saying to recreate this, but this could give you a nice visual design idea of how would you build a fiber finder for other things or it's project based, right?
12:09 This is if I just want to find a logo person, but I want to find a local person for a project.
12:15 I want to find a writer for a project. I'm going to find a local person and the writer for A project.
12:20 So this, I think could help You, right? If I want to write a book, but I don't want to write a book.
12:27 That's like 20,000 words. What if I wanted to arrive, um, 20,000 word essays And I want to have, um, break that down, right?
12:39 It might be a system Like this, right? I want to create, uh, maybe tweets, right? I don't, I want to do 20,000 words divided by 200 on average, too, a hundred characters.
12:51 I guess That's characters. I'm about to buy six, right? I'm looking for 600 tweets, bad That goal, right. I want to write 600 tweets.
13:03 So I need like 50 from 12 people. Not bad. Yeah. I think if you are a good project manager, I think a five or finder is a great, a Great tool to sell on Gumroad.
13:20 Um, if you Know how to break down projects into their atomic elements and delegate that I Think a five or five, there would be awesome.
13:30 So if you're Creating something like this, the price I would offer, or I would like to pay if it were just a link, right.
13:39 If it was just like lists of links, I'm not going to pay anything for that. That's That would be a re I don't mean that in a really bad way.
13:46 I mean, I'm going to go, I mean, like that's a great lead magnet Then if you were like, Hey, I have a hundred people Who got this free lead.
13:53 And I got feedback from them that said like, oh, I need this next thing. I need this next thing. I want this, I want to hire this person or this thing.
14:00 Um, then create a larger sort of process oriented, um, info product, Google sheet, and chart. What would I pay probably 19 to like $29, depending on how easy it is to use, if I can use it in basically thinking 19 bucks, if I buy it.
14:21 And I use it in a hire 10 people within a damn spending, Something around, um, at least $50 on five, or maybe more, Only a hundred, I'm spending a hundred bucks, but you've made it so that it took a day long process into 20 minutes, Right.
14:37 That is worth Easy, 1929 bucks. Um, and I got my project on, right. Um, and I spend another hundred on that Or 200, um, if then I use It continuously and update it basically on, based on like more projects, right?
14:55 You could be talking 99, 1200 bucks for say, depending on the size of the project and my budget, right. If I'm spending $500 on a project and I'm getting it done on Fiverr, Um, you can charge Me a hundred bucks and I'd be happy, right?
15:13 If that take took a week long process turn and put it down to a day or a month long process And put it down to a day, if you are A good project manager, this could even be a great lead magnet charge people like 49 bucks for this document, the ones that want more like, Hey, I did this and it took me 
15:30 a week, but I'd really like to just delegate this process to you for 500 bucks A week is a really good thing.
15:39 All right, Next step map maker. So Matt swing, so this is gonna sound really strange thing is I would actually like, it's more like a lit maker of visual route maker.
15:50 I want you to take a visual route and pixalized It themselves. This idea came From a personal frustration with building a travel Google sheet.
16:01 Um, like, um, like a travel guide in a Google sheet. I, I kept thinking like, how could I visualize in a Google sheet, this travel?
16:10 And the only thing I could think about was a map, a map in which, um, but pixalized, I've literally tried to find, um, software that will take a picture and turn it into what a Google sheet.
16:27 The only thing I found was to an Excel sheet, um, there's like a great sort of Ted talk slash like lecture Of this person Taking, set up, making cells in an Excel sheet, basically red, green, blue, and then taking a photo and putting it in there.
16:43 Um, I think it's actually a, it's simpler than that process. Like if I don't want to take a route from say, Los Angeles to New York, New York to Los Was, um, a fairly common and fun route or routes.
16:58 And I want to put that in a Google sheet, that's going to be basically top header portion and pixalized to like stops, right.
17:05 Um, maybe 10 to 20 to 30 stops along this 43 hour route 2,800 Miles. You're going to stop, you know, every country miles or so on average, um, Hundreds.
17:17 So that's like 28. Yeah. 28 30 stops. Um, what's interesting is if I know the route I can sort of easily just I'll get in and do it manually, But if I didn't know the route and I wanted to have sort of the visual element of hunt, it's going from New York down to Los Angeles, or, uh, I wanted to have
17:39 a map that showed this tiny route. I think it's pretty hard to pixelate maps right now. And if you found a good, um, software, do that, get hub through some JavaScript, could do that and turn that into a Google sheet.
17:53 I think that'd be really fun and I would use it. I would use it to make trouble, Um, with sheets.
18:00 And I just need the map portion because it's a software. I bet I would use this. Like I would spend easily five to 10 bucks per use.
18:08 So I want to make around, You know, 10 to 20 Travel, Google sheets over the next year or two, I have sort of a lot of backlog of travel experience.
18:20 And I just want to make these Google sheets that expound some of the more interesting parts of travel, like a few cities that I've been to, then I'm like, oh, here's a fun way to travel through the city or visit the city.
18:33 Um, one really funny Way you could make this bigger than just Selling to me is take like Airbnb should have a visual representation of like the area, like a neighborhood.
18:52 I think they do this. I think Airbnb has like neighborhood travel guides, but if a single Airbnb host wants to make, make one, I think they do that.
19:00 Um, but sell right instead and not sell it, but then give them free to every Airbnb guest. And then they have, I've looked for this to myself.
19:09 I'm like, I want to have a visual representation of the, the, um, neighborhood around my Airbnb that I'm hosting. And I want to put little links to things on there.
19:21 And that's where a Google sheet could be like really awesome. Take this sort of pixelated version. Like, you know, What, um, what a Bus map or a public transportation map looks like.
19:31 Right. Very sort of pixelated version of an actual city map And links Like good restaurants along the route. And it's going to be very, um, you know, up and down like a very pixelated that I think I can get to be a great asset for, um, Airbnb hosts to be able to quickly map their location and then plug
19:54 In a bunch of links to restaurants or activities, And absolutely show that travel time or Distance time between them. I think that'd be fun If you can do that in Java script, you can do that in Google script.
20:05 All right, next one API maker, Ooh, this one is tough. So I created only Sheets. And, um, and that is code.
20:13 That is a script that you use to sell, uh, access to Google sheets. And they combined Gumroad once somebody buys a on Gumroad, it gives them access to a Google sheet.
20:26 Um, and I sell, I sell The, the, the script so that you can use the web app, but I have a web app for myself, and I've done this as well with a telegram bot.
20:40 I have the web app and other people can use this web app. That's on my sort of server on Google.
20:46 Um, and this could be a really easy way To get a simple API click tracker. So I have also created in a Google script in a click tracker.
20:57 Uh, you can get that. I think there's a YouTube, a YouTube link, uh, to basically have me diddly in a Google sheet.
21:04 Um, what's interesting is if I wanted to think if I thought of an API and I didn't really want to get to get the hosting, I didn't want to set it up all the way.
21:14 I could do it in a Google sheet in a Google, but how can I measure the uses Of it? And, and that's What I think a Google sheet is really good for here.
21:24 It should have like a really nice dashboard that just shows the number of uses. Um, You could even Combine it with like Stripe, if you have Stripe, if you know how to do Stripe integration, and you can do that in JavaScript, do it in a Google sheet and then sell access to that.
21:40 Um, I think you could make up pretty penny For people who want to prototype API APIs don't necessarily have the full coding experience to know how do I make an API.
21:52 So again, it'd be like measuring the youth, like having nice dashboard in a Google sheet that shows usage revenue, potential, um, number of customers, that kind of thing.
22:01 Speaking of API APIs and Stripe Integration, I would love someone to create a great Stripe dashboard in a Google sheet.
22:10 And this is probably someone who understands The underlying new sort of Stripe, but just really good designer. Someone who understands, Um, just Great business operations as well.
22:25 Like if you can design for business operations, I think you'll have a huge career, but someone who's like having fun in a Google sheet and just want to create a really good dashboard thing.
22:34 It's super monetizing. I've created a Stripe Web hook in Google script. It's available here on get hub for anyone who want, um, and allow someone to, so this Would be the tech behind it, but really for this Google sheet that I want someone to create, I really wish someone Would do this.
22:54 If someone has really good design skills, right. Um, understand Business intelligence, you understand, Alan, do you understand the difference between actual MRR and what Stripe MRR tab shows you There is, there's something weird going on where in Stripe it'll show you your Emma MRR, but it like does
23:18 a couple of calculations that slightly different than if I was just calculating it myself. And if you understand That difference, I think you'll be real and you're not design.
23:26 I think you'd Be really good at making this. Um, and one Part of the Stripe dashboard in A Google sheet is month to month Changes, make it really easy to recreate a report For say, bank log-ins Or just posting in public, maybe a build-in public dashboard where the Stripe dashboard is your own personal
23:51 one, but you can take screenshots And, or PDF downloads and share them with people. Um, It'd be a really fun way for a designer to create Like an open page or, um, for their Startup or other people's startups nor well-designed building public or open page, um, might not get you more customers necessarily
24:14 , but does get you more attention. You know, what, if you had different tabs of like an investor update, like instead of updating, you just build it as built in public, If you could easily Download a PDF from this Google sheet that email all my investors once a month, um, or backers or shareholders, 
24:36 not Cheryl stakeholders, people who are interested in the health of the company, financial health of a company, right. Um, that's going to be yes, investors, but it will be also be employees.
24:48 It also be people who might be your customers or enterprise Customers. I don't know. I think someone who has a good business design background could do a really good job of this am pricing-wise what would I pay for this?
25:06 I mean, I don't check Stripe often. I should check it more. You know, what, what I really love is if somebody built this and could quickly make, and I can help them with this, if this is the weird part Is a script that automatically emails Me a link to download a PDF.
25:27 So Instead of having to go check this dashboard in Google script, you can create a daily email that send you a link of The, um, a URL.
25:38 And then immediately is a download a PDF that would be, or a screenshot or numbers in a, You know, that is super easy.
25:45 If you're a better sheets member, there is a great video That is super popular among members where it shows you how to create a daily email reminder that I could add to this.
25:59 Um, man, What would I pay for it? That's a really good question. I don't know. I Mean, it would definitely depend on the maturity of the design, if it had Like three or four features that I'm like, oh shit, I would use this every day.
26:13 Right. That's going to be A $50 thing. If it, if it's like, oh, I use this weekly or monthly only that's 12 times a year, I would spend 12 bucks on it.
26:23 Right. Um, but I think that gives you a nice idea of what you should price it at. Our next one is super personal.
26:31 I would love a Google sheet that acts as a personal or family CRM specifically to strengthen relationships, um, being remote, being a synchronous and with the pandemic for the past, over a year, um, it's really strained, um, familial relationships, not just with like Parents and Aunts, uncles, grandparents
26:57 , but also with very close friends. Um, with my own Personal, uh, lifestyle of travel, I've created lots of very, um, short-lived relationships that I would love to like continue and catch up.
27:16 And I find myself every few weeks emailing, um, of a couple dozen people with the subject line catch Up. And I think someone who has high emotional intelligence or is really Good, um, or like occupationally Is in like therapy, family Therapy or something.
27:35 It was like, how do we, how do we divert people away from therapy and get them into like a really nice bond with all their family and friends.
27:43 They would know this, someone who knows how to keep up with people Daily or weekly Through digital means, think of why this would be a Google sheet is two reasons.
27:59 One, it could one the simplest thing. Here's a list of ideas on what you can do on zoom with your family, like things other than just like telling me what was happening this week.
28:11 That is one of the most mind boggling things to me is that every single week, so I have a personal, this is a total personal thing.
28:18 I have a weekly call with my parents and every single week, what happened last week And I'm like, nothing. I Lived my life.
28:28 I worked in all my business. Like, what Do I do I have to tell you either the best thing that happened or the worst thing to happen?
28:35 Oh my God, I, I got sick for a day or we went to Disney world. We didn't be on as well, but you know, um, I went to the beach or I went for a long walk.
28:45 It's like the best thing that happened. I would love a list of resources on what can I do with family, friends that is not just talking or sharing personal stories, personal stories, starters, or activities like, uh, show Intel.
29:03 Um, one really good thing that happened over the last like Few weeks Is that my parents were, we'll find a photo of me and share that story Of me.
29:16 Um, that's really Good. And to record those would be awesome. I should be recording those. And something like that is a really simple tip or tool trick that you can put into a list of resources for personal family, starting to keep up with people.
29:31 So I think a basic version of this, like I said, it could be an idea generator or a list of resources, um, of cool things to do with family or friends On zoom, um, things To do between those times of face-to-face contact, right?
29:48 That could be a year that could be months that doesn't even have to be pandemic related. Right. It doesn't have to be like, I haven't seen my parents for over a year.
29:55 It could be like, oh, I haven't seen him for a month. And even without the pandemic, there's people that have long distance relationships with friends, family, um, that need to be strengthened the next order of hardships, sort of beyond that, right beyond just the list is giving you the tools needed
30:15 to actually keep up with people daily or weekly reminders is one thing we can do that with a Script or Just emailing yourself.
30:26 But also you could put a URL, say you had a list of email starters, like instead of the email that says catch up, can we hop on a call and catch up?
30:38 But what our lives are like giving me like 50 other versions of that, is there a way to keep up with people that is without jumping on a call, right?
30:49 Is there, um, are there email, subject lines that I should use with my family, putting a single URL in one click to email, you can do that with Gmail.
31:01 You can create a URL that opens my Gmail and start drafting that email message. So I have a winter template sheet, a hundred Twitter templates, and right next to each one is a one button click to Twitter.
31:14 It opens Twitter up and it had, it's called a Twittering. Like you can do that with Gmail as well. And I'm actually working on sort of a sheet that does that for like sales or outbound interview.
31:25 There's a few different ways to do that, but to put in my family's email addresses and then be able to one click email them, like that would be really, really cool.
31:36 And I would honestly say like, I would pay a SAS product. This is updated and it's useful and changes every month I would pay like 20 bucks a month if it's because at least right, that that's what the worth of my family is studying.
31:56 Oh, that's on here. Um, but if it's like a one-time product, I paid $39, $49, depending on its complexity, if it's super simple and it's just a list of resources yeah.
32:06 Make it free or five bucks or a dollar or 10 bucks and what the sales. Um, but yeah, I think, I think this could end up being a really good pricing SAS product that you can test in Google sheets.
32:21 One example of this, actually I looked for personal CRM and it just feels like these are not That Like sales oriented, even though it's a personal Rolodex, like all of this is information about people, but it's to better empower sales.
32:42 Um, which I think all CRMs are like, and what's the pricing on this? Let's see like 90 bucks a year, $9 a month, $90 a year.
32:51 If I'm actually able to integrate crease the strength of my personal relationships, um, through a Google sheet, I would spend double this.
33:02 I'm not looking to sell anything. I'm looking to have a better life, right. A better experience With my parents digitally.
33:09 And during those times when I can't be face-to-face Along with every other, Um, idea here, I have A personal vendetta.
33:19 Now it, that is the wrong word. I have a personal reason for this. I need a community manager helper or Abe, or I'm not just a dashboard.
33:28 Okay. So community management reports are fairly common. You take what your, your community is the stats behind them and create a report Here.
33:38 You can get this dash. This is a, you can get a community management report template, right. Um, and create a dashboard here, but I'm not looking just for a dashboard specifically.
33:50 I am looking For levels levers to pull, what levers can I pull it? How hard can I pull this? Yeah.
33:58 Throughout my community. Right? You are watching this video right now on the better sheets, YouTube channel, every subscriber here, we have over 1000 right now.
34:08 Um, it's a number, but it's of people, right? That's 1000 people. Um, uh, Twitter. We have Facebook, there's a Facebook group.
34:21 I love Google sheets. Go check it out. Um, Twitter we're available there. Um, better. She's also mainly the community is people who are getting my emails and have access to the videos.
34:32 Right. But I want to get out to read it. I'm going to get out to Check talk. People made the here what I needed to be on Tik TOK.
34:44 Um, and I Don't have the skills right at this moment to know what levers exist for community management. What levers should I pull?
34:55 Um, And I think A dashboard in Google sheets Is just not enough just to Know the stats, the growth, um, isn't enough, right?
35:06 What, what give me ideas, like, how do you build first off build community is one thing, right? Community growth is one thing that's fairly straightforward and there's a lot of resources for that.
35:18 But how do you engage? How do you, um, get to people in your community talking, um, as part of a new, uh, newsletter.
35:26 So I'm granting who's on it for like three years. And I had a few levers to pull like office hours, Um, like Happy hour meeting times, meet Ups.
35:37 Um, if saw pretty pandemic, You could do those and really build a community that way, because it, community is individual people, but then together.
35:45 Um, but yeah, what are some projects that I can do? Hackathons build a thumbs? What are those levers that I can pull the community creates themselves, like creates amongst themselves, or I just empower or enable that that's what I want here.
36:05 So this is pretty hard. I think because community management is fairly new. Um, it's, It's not just social media management.
36:14 It is, um, Activating different tiers of your community. Um, customer success, stories, Community, Uh, events. Um, It needs to be someone that understands a lot of those and also understands how deep can you go?
36:33 Because some things there there's things I want to do here on YouTube. Like I did a few giveaways. Those are fun to do, but I can't do them every day.
36:41 Or should I be having to give away at the end of every video? Nope. I don't have a giveaway at the end of this video, I'm giving you, I'm giving you away these ideas to make you money.
36:51 These are 10 Google sheets. I'm giving good ideas, I'm giving away. Um, And if you're curious about community management, I think this is a good place to start is create a nice dashboard for community management and then stress start putting resources in a list and get that out to a hundred people.
37:12 Which of these resources did you actually use? How hard did you pull it? Did you do Facebook? Did you focus on Facebook for a week?
37:19 Because truly right now I don't have enough things to do. If I said on Monday morning, I want to start working on my Facebook group and I want to really empower them and create a great place for, I don't know what to do.
37:33 Um, I don't know what I would fill 40 hours in a workweek for. Um, when I do not know what I would do.
37:40 So could you just give me those things to do I go do them and then I report back, how easy is it?
37:46 How much did it gain? Um, though those are levers, Right? A lever is not just the result. You get it.
37:53 How hard can you pull it? If I can pull a bunch of levers a little bit, and then the aggregate over the, that is growth rate.
38:03 I'm not knocking. I want to be able to pull a couple of lever really hard. Sometimes I want to spend 40 hours on something.
38:10 Where do I start? Um, yeah, free tier. This would be a list of resources or a directory. And then, um, pricing wise, I would say, because You're really just empowering me to do the work.
38:24 Like, I dunno like 20 bucks, maybe $15. It was like ideas to do the community. If it, I don't know how to do the work, but if you could, well, I price the Twitter templates at $15, right?
38:44 Maybe a little bit more. If you have some, if you're Ready, really, really successful community manager. And you're like, I'm putting all this knowledge in charge 30, 40 Bucks, um, at least Alright on the next one online course planner.
38:57 So I have created a course better sheets go to better sheets.co buy lifetime access right now. Or you can buy monthly access.
39:07 Online course, planner is not an online course. One. It is, if you are a student of life and you want to, to say, learn Ruby, learn programming, Verde, community management, learn, um, writing.
39:23 There are a number of online courses and there are products out there to figure out which course should you take.
39:31 And you might be familiar with these kinds of things like you to meet.com is a great landing page is a great place to find courses I should take.
39:38 Um, great. I have like three courses I want to take, I want to, I want the intro or tutorial or YouTube videos.
39:46 There's like, I was recently learning am learning Ruby on rails. And there are you type in Ruby on rails tutorial and then YouTube.
39:53 And there are a dozen great For our 10 Videos, eight hours. I think Travis, it has an eight hour Ruby on rails crash course or an hour long one.
40:07 This Online course planner is to manage that process, manage myself, understanding the tutorial. I want to basically park on a 36 hour journey learning Facebook ads.
40:20 All right, give me some freebie templates from AppSumo. I want, um, some free, like I want to do 12 hours of watching YouTube videos and then I want to pay $50 to a hundred dollars for learning, you know, the advanced Or walkthroughs or tutorials from people.
40:37 Who've done it before. Um, so all In all, you know, I wanna plan that 36 hours of Facebook ads. So yes, right now there's sort of some, this idea of like Yelp for online courses where This is on kernel and this guy Had this idea, like, no, of course.
40:58 Well then I'm totally been tried course talk. And I think he even mentioned at the end, he's like, this was attempted in 2012, but peers didn't do much right now, of course maker.
41:08 Um, check out if you're building courses for Technical makers, you can do it easy with course maker. Um, so there's more And more courses now than there was in 2012 way hard, My God exponential Increase of courses.
41:27 So there needs to be a way that, okay, I fell in all the courses I want to specifically, I want to know how much time is each one going to take and how many sections of checklist stuff, right?
41:40 Gamify the experience actually Doing the courses you want. You as A Google sheet, you can have progress bars, checklists, um, like what is the experience of having a counselor at college map out a four year degree?
41:54 Can you replicate that into a Google sheet for say fundamentals of Java script or, um, one of the most interesting things I've noticed in web development, Twitter is this ending amount of like tweets that are just like zero to 10 days, learn HTML 10 days to 20 days learn CSS day 20 to 30, learn Java
42:21 script. That is your 30 day course. Right? And I'm like that doesn't help at all. That's weak, it's like 200 retreats and I'm ready.
42:30 I am no better off now than I was before. In fact, I think I'm a little less informed about how to learn web development because of this tweet, right?
42:40 Like could you and actually map out the time it takes over 30 days, do I have to spend an hour a day, two hours a day, 30 minutes a day?
42:49 There was, um, I'll, I'll repeat this again later on in this video, but there's a six minute app. They really get ideas thought that is like at six minutes every single day.
43:01 And you work on your accent. That is it. It's a six-minute workout done in the, um, what, how can I learn JavaScript only one hour a day.
43:10 Could you plan that out over the course of say 10 different materials, right? Blogs, YouTube videos, paid courses, masterminds, um, accountability groups, um, cohort classes, stack those all together into a 30 day plan.
43:27 Put that. Yeah. And I think he got A really good, um, really good Product. How much would I pay depending on how much I'm going to make off of it.
43:37 If it's a 33rd ship, 30 for 30, can you create a course planner that is 30 days of better writing?
43:47 And can I use it? Cause I already pay 10 bucks for that. If it's learning Ruby on rails. Right? Right now I'm running Ruby on rails.
43:53 And I had to draw out, she's talking about virtual learner. I had to draw out a map of my, for myself.
43:59 It's over here. Um, you can't see it checkbox and really gamify that experience of okay. Getting through these sections. Oh my God.
44:06 I'm 50% of the way through now. It's an easy, oh, the next 50% is going to take twice as long because the longer sections.
44:13 Okay. That's good to see visually. Right. Um, I pay more for a coding one because hopefully it's someone who's bedded, you know, a bootcamp Or a freak and really put The work in to figure out how long does this take reading this material, walking through these YouTube.
44:31 Do you use YouTube tutorials? I did a four hour Ruby on rails tutorial. It took me two days to get through a four hour Ruby on rails tutorial, be realistic, be really simple, not simplistic, but realistic with time management.
44:48 That's What I want out of an online course planner, moving On. All right. We have now the perfect mastermind. Oh my God.
44:56 This is such a, this is such a pain in the neck for me. I feel like mastermind are super useful, right?
45:02 It's like-minded peers, a group of people getting together that are similar or one or two steps to hop above Or behind people.
45:09 And even if you're one Step behind someone, you can give them value, right. By having a different brain, a different perspective, a different point of view.
45:18 Um, and this is where I think masterminds That I haven't been a part of it broken down where they need To really every single person needs to both give something and Get something out of perfect mastermind.
45:33 There are tools for this, right mean, we've, I've seen a lot of this as mastermind jam. It's a state accountability and business mastermind With accountability group.
45:43 I've joined a few of these, um, comfortability group for writing For businesses. Um, I've joined free groups that sort of devolve into a chat chat group.
45:55 Um, most of them start synchronously, a cohort of people doing the same thing In a specific time. I think the key here of having the person perfect mastermind in a Google sheet is to be asynchronous.
46:11 How can you create a synchronous communications between a group of people that are similar in some way, maybe similar in their journey or some more in that they really need to be able to help each other.
46:24 And that's how I think the hard part is the mix Of people. Um, What this sheet means, the, my, I can't create it and Why I want someone else to create this is you need to be a great one people person, but to a great facilitator, knowing how people match And knowing the psychology behind that match.
46:44 Um, I have a Google sheet as part of better letters than it is a coffee matching thing, but it's super dumb.
46:55 I mean, it's literally dumb because all it does is match everyone to one other person. It has no filter. No, that, that's what I mean by doll.
47:03 It's a really fun little tool to use. If you want to Create a coffee chat for your like newsletter subscribers.
47:08 So really A creator, a community management Level, but The script itself is dumb. It doesn't know these people, it doesn't match them.
47:17 Right. If you say, let's, let's use a Writing group, for example, you Should be able to bring, uh, a host of different people Together that fit puzzle pieces fit together, right.
47:31 Um, writers that are Trying, and then become more visual visualizing and trying to write more, um, editors who were trying to write more editors or writers or wanting to edit more, give them the tools to match Each other really well and produce Work together.
47:47 I think collaboration is, um, something that I've never seen with mastermind. It's usually just like get on a half hour call or an hour call and just chat.
47:56 Um, but that Wasn't, I think it's you so much, and that's really more Of a mentorship, right? Um, what are the puzzle pieces that a good mastermind could Produce them?
48:08 I don't know. That's where a good facilitator, A good people person will be really excellent at this. Um, Depending on if, if this is to create a mastermind or if this is a match sheet, I would pay different things, Just tools and tips to how to be a good, How to be a good person in a mastermind.
48:30 How did you be at that? That would be a good sheet. Um, the list of tools and resources for that, Again, free to come up If, if Good.
48:40 So I have better runners. It is too. It is a bunch of scripts that make it real. I really like click, click clicks a bunch of clicks to Create the newsletter.
48:51 If you could. We do that with a mastermind. If, if, if you could put into a Google sheet, all of the scripts and ideas and, and execute them, my God, you're talking like 40 50 box out of this, like right.
49:05 If I could plug and play, put a sheet, put it on my Twitter and be like, Hey, join this sheet goat, take a look at the sheet.
49:13 If you want to be part of the mastermind, join here, click there. Um, Yeah, read the box. Um, I'm raring to go.
49:21 I would love to do this. All right. Now we're getting so personal and we're talking about my weight. I am overweight and I need a body weight, fitness planet.
49:34 I don't need a personal trainer. I don't need a membership to a gym because I'm not going to gym. It's a fricking pandemic right now.
49:43 Um, I don't want to buy it. Wait, I don't want to buy anything. I just want to clear a space in my office.
49:50 I wanted to clear a space next to my bed and just start working out. Okay. Why is this a Google sheet and not just a YouTube video?
50:00 Well, I tried to read through Reddit like bodyweight fitness community here. There's calisthenics here, hybrid counseling. One of the first people, one of the things, very first YouTube channels that I've actually put into practice because he breaks down, um, into here's how you stop.
50:20 You understand that fitness is a journey and everybody starts somewhere And then builds on that. How you create a Google sheet for this track stats, give the start a good Google sheet is going to be useful from the beginning And through my body weight, track my track, my actual weight track.
50:43 How many Pushups am I doing? What type of pushups am I doing? And then add one every day, Give me a plan.
50:50 So not just track, this is not a body weight finish tracker, which is sort of simple. I can make that Google sheet, like self.
50:58 What is it that I should be doing tomorrow? You wake up and have a plan in front of me that says, okay, yesterday I did 150 wall pushups.
51:08 Today I'm need to do 150 wall pushups Plus 10 setups, or What really, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go check out hybrid calisthenics.
51:20 He gives us a plan to say, okay, do 150 wall pushups. If you can do that, then do 140 elevated push-ups.
51:27 If you can do that through 50 pushups, uh, from the ground gives you that full length. Yeah. Makes it super easy to start.
51:36 I don't have to think. I literally just started this like few weeks ago. Um, and it's, it's absolutely empowering and enabling me to actually do fitness and I'm losing weight.
51:48 Um, and the plan Right plan is to lose weight. Give me the track to lose weight. If the plan is to build muscle, figure out a way to give, give me the put in the muscle.
51:57 Um, what are the other health benefits that I should be able to see From bodyweight fitness? Put those in a planner.
52:06 Um, give me that plan. Show me that every day increments I need to do a little bit more each day or take a rest day.
52:15 I am doing right now because I haven't been in the gym for few years. Um, I'm doing no rest is okay.
52:24 Put that in the saying, Hey, if you want to go hard, go seven days a week. Here's what you do.
52:29 Here's what to do to avoid burnout. Here's what to do to avoid, um, getting injured, right? If there's no rest days, how does your body Recuperate, okay, you need Eight hours of sleep or I noticed sleep.
52:43 I don't know. This is, I need someone who would essentially be a personal trainer to create a Google sheet. That is a personal, is the facsimile or a Xerox copy of a, um, uh, a trainer, right?
52:59 I don't need to be trained. I just need to plan. That is what this is. And I'm really, really excited.
53:04 You know, a personal trainer is going to be like 150 bucks a month, um, for a Google sheet that does the work for me for say the first 12 months, just until we get out of this pandemic, right.
53:14 I would pay a hundred dollars if it, that person really knows what they're doing. And this really gives me a daily task list and I can increment right.
53:23 Give me that feedback. Okay. My body weight is going, getting stronger. I'm going to the next level, I'm doing more pushups and doing sit-ups now, what are, what are the other body weight Things I can do?
53:35 And then give me also like one great thing that I did about seven years ago That got me working out in the gym was not Even doing the gym exercises.
53:46 I had a friend Who gave me exercises I could do around the house with objects that already at right things like pick up a table, Put a back, Fill a backpack with as much weight as you can put it up on a high shelf.
54:02 Things like that around the house that I can do, Um, that Increase FNS. Do that 50 times do a step you're one step, okay, you got a stair stepper.
54:13 Here's what to do. Um, that would be Incredibly life believing and make a healthier that made me a better person, a person, a healthier person, a more alert person during the Workday and make sure I'm drinking six bottles of water a day.
54:29 Um, that's what I need in a Gooch. So this was 10 Google sheets. I wish someone would make. And I would actually pay for, of giving you all the ideas behind them.
54:41 Why I need them giving you prices for each one that I would pay for it. If you're an expert at that thing, again, I'm not necessarily looking for someone just to build a Google sheet.
54:51 I am looking for an expert in that thing that will also build a Google sheet and I would be really excited to pay for.
54:58 I'd be really excited to use. I would be really excited to give feedback, to build the Google sheet. Well, this gives you some ideas as well.
55:07 The exact thing that I say is something you can create, or you don't have the experience, but look at your own experience.
55:13 I gave a lot of ideas on how to get an initial, like free sheet out there to get it in the air for people giving you some ideas on how to create a little input product is to charge 10 bucks for, and I'm giving you a few ways to think about how should I charge for a Google sheet.
55:28 If the Google is going to do a lot of stuff for me, charge a lot, charge a hundred bucks. If the girl she just gives me resources, that might be a lead magnet.
55:36 Um, again, going through, get, give me the math behind a board game. Give me, give me the ability to find five or people based on the project.
55:45 Give me your own really cool visual pixelated visual map. Give me an API dashboard that really helps me charge or see usage of an API that I can, I can usually build an API in a Google script.
55:57 WebEx. Yes, speed. Here. We have apps straight. I created the, I created the, um, code it's in get hub for you to create the Stripe integration.
56:10 I want someone really good at dashboard to build the dashboard for me in this pandemic, man, my personal and family relations have been strained and I don't know how to keep them up.
56:21 I send emails, but you probably better than me if you're, if you're really good at this stuff. And speaking of being good at this stuff, if you're a community manager and you want to build an info product, help me manage my community.
56:34 If you are very knowledgeable about taking online courses to know, and it can project manage them, build a planner for online courses.
56:43 If you are great at building masterminds, let enable me to build a perfect mastermind in a Google sheet. If you are a personal trainer and really good at breaking down like hybrid calisthenics did on YouTube break down.
56:57 How can I work out in my own without a gym without paying a hundred bucks a month for a gym or even 20 bucks a month?
57:05 I, if I go to, um, 24 hour fitness, right? 20 bucks a month, um, how do charge me just the entry fee?
57:13 Oh my God. The worst thing about gym memberships is that there is a initiation fee plus a monthly membership. Charge me just the initiation fee and give me a bodyweight fitness planner that I could spend 12 Months on that's 10, 10 Google sheets.
57:27 I wish someone would make, and I would actually pay for it. Thank you so much. Bye. And subscribe.