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Profitable Sheets

11 Tutorials

2 hours and 49 minutes

Everything I've learned on how to create and sell info products in google sheets. What we've gone over in this workshop. And translating the guide I wrote into 5 minute videos and introducing new concepts of making sheets, dealing with different information, more examples, and promotions.


Strategic ideas, examples of sheets you can sell or create as lead magnets
Created a simple tweet starter sheet. Tweet directly from this Google Sheet. Free for Members.
Create a hook writing sheet with SUBSTITUTE(). Create an engine to write tweet upon tweet upon tweet. Bundle up 100 hooks/formats and sell it. Go ahead, make sweet tweets in a sweet sheet.
Create business names quickly with this Google Sheets trick.
Get crypto prices into a Google Sheet.


I would not think that I would enjoy sales tax calculators, no one enjoys sales tax calculators, but when it's in a Google sheet, it's really exciting.
We are selling a Google sheet here. We're selling information, we're selling curation, we're selling the time and the effort and the energy and the focus around, uh, this kind of information that of course information is free online. But we'll make it better.